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Whose phrase?

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Taurus (croissants), by (staff).



Taurus :question: (as the need amenities and household comfort)
Cancer would perhaps made emphasis at the other, modicum from amenities, too, would not refused)



I, too, more to Enshrined inclination is.



Lud_mila wrote:

In what signs have author kuspid 4 homes?

I, of course, understand choice of Tatiana and Lerochki. Mink - this Rak unambiguously. But kuspid have author in Taurus. As correctly wrote Cranberry

Cranberry wrote:

Taurus (as the need amenities and household comfort)

Incidentally, I all these phrase find in de Journal of, in diaries. So that this living examples from life, can be said.



Something we pozabrosili our astrological ekzersisy. Propose a to continue.

We forget, as this helpful and bewitching - questioning themselves on whose something place and try to understand, that he-she-it feels.

– my happiness in good memory. I until intricacies of remember all these miraculous fortune in childhood,
And me need not strongly strain, to to believe in odushevlennost all, to what touched my hands.
I have even soup in plate on kitchen talks)
I find myself hanging-be staring off out-hoke … – You in their surrounding space, in objects, and this not what something
Meditative rubber), this I so live. Always.
From this and is happening the Irish.
It always near with us, need simply wide open eyes and discern his.

Homilies determine energy any signs is handing the author (as always has found in FaceBook). Particularly diligent can try determine where Solne and Long have this Westerners.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Ephemerides training » Whose phrase?