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Eclipse and day birth

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When zatmene have Moon Illusion -
Light a narrow astonishing streak of on the edge of -
Us frightening in this moment, but know -
She again will break from of darkness are apparent.
Lena Khasvort.

To mention the now, cannot be not concern the one important themes. As same affects the eclipse on people, except infants born directly in this day? As has shown practice, people, zodiac in day eclipse, often empowered out of the box qualities. They well possess a, trust itself, and little are exposed to ideas and of views with hand. They bear in itself nature of eclipse, a particular feature them program. Himself fact birth in the eclipse, suggests, that life human largely of weakening with events, which impossible avoid and situations that cannot be change.
The birth of in day eclipse - this is one of indicators of doom wouldn fate rights. But this not means, that human entire life will pursue misadventures, simply have people, except infants born in the eclipse, smaller level of freedom, them harder to something to change in his life, she have them as would programmed.
Orbis eclipse - plus-minus 3 days, but and born plus-minus 10 days from eclipse feel on itself his action. In life this may manifest itself as the wall, not puskayuschaya somewhere rights. Alone perceive its painfully, they and straightforward and are, until self-destruction. Other - belong to limit freedom will safer, but there is the danger for them terminally could give up, fall asleep.
Because influence eclipse can manifest itself as some pristine challenge in establishing some sphere life, man need to understand, in what precisely. For what? To accept this as some ???? and not seek to that any change in already besetting situations, after all all efforts will wasted. In this helps analysis situations and events, taking place in the 18 and 36 years. So as man, born in the eclipse, captured so-called cycle Sarosa, then and the similarities living events can be tracked with period, equal this cycle - 18.5 years.
Suppose, if precisely in this age human view it as betraying each, means, fatalnost will pursue his precisely in sphere fences. That to do? Not come kicking in closed doors, and look carefully around and analyze. Can be man need friends quite different type of, than the which his attracts or same from this losses person should extract lesson, explicit some its negative. And then in next point cycle the situation can be charged, but not such critical
If man was born during solar or lunar eclipse, his life pofarbovan importance specific series of Sarosa, to which belongs this the eclipse. Thus, he deeply stems with this a series of Sarosa and will act as a means its expression. Consider this on example known rights.
Scion British throne Prince William was born during eclipse, one that treats series of sarosa Stiglitz. 2N. A series of sarosa Stiglitz. 2n extends until. She is experiencing last stage and will give even a few small private kogda about Southern pole. She began in 792 year and will conclude in July striking year, when the prince to William will 54 year. This series of connected with razlukami or the abrupt end of the alliances. Questions separation and of separation should be vetted by in attention those who was born during activity this series of sarosa. In essence, life, zatronutaya this a series of, often symbolizes the split, gap or disconnection. Living challenges will vysvechivat ability to to act quickly, allowing old structures be wrecked, but under this understanding, as create new forms from remnants of old structures.
The, that Prince William, the future King Britain, is part of this series of sarosa, assumes, that he may be the last British monarch current of style. Perhaps an unexpected ruin role monarchy in society, when William will lie on a throne of. He can prove before choice: Either very quickly adjust, either be smetennym together with old structure.
Is considered, that precisely people, born in the eclipse, those or some way destined to to influence predicted by these the blackout, the existential events for state. Some Astrologers consider, that the most strongly the eclipse affects those area Earth, where it was visible. To example, an astrologer Charles Emerson showed, that seeming path eclipse that preceded born future leader, points region on earth, where the most strongly will be felt his influence.
So Karl Marxwas born in day heat eclipse 5 on May 1818 year in German city of Trier. Not despite assumption Marx, that his ideas will have influence in Germany and France, this not happened - seeming path his eclipse lay from-Elector of Trier through Russian empire until official peninsula, managerial & scientific their geographic zone, in which ideas Karl Marx would gain practical embodiment of.
Path eclipse Alexander Envigaanodyne on Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and over in India, accurately denoting land, which he in thereafter Won. When Alexander Grand became deepen in India, emerge beyond lines his eclipse, his army refused continue to military company.
Line eclipse, the prior born the prophet Muhammad, has passed from west North Africa through Mecca and Medina to the western shores of New Guinea, stated area, in which Islam has had the most strong influence. When troops Muslims tried to win Europe, they twice were stopped in Vienna. This was preordained those, that they too far retreated from central lines eclipse.
Learning these examples, unwittingly come concluded that the spread of ideas and influences for territory, defined line eclipse not sanktsioniruetsya over and because itself Destino discourages their advancement of.

On ways affects people the birth of in Sunny or Lunnoe the eclipse.
People, zodiac in solar the eclipse, often are founders the new directions in science, the arts, philosophy.
Born in a lunar the eclipse people increasingly intertwined. In his life they can many conflict and years to come lie in search of partner. Fate is committing their and gives them the right on conflict domestic or external. This whiz and talented people, which want to defend, engage in the crux of the, canvass. Here are some examples known people, except infants born in days kogda:
[b]Rene Descartes(31 March 1596g.[/b]) - a distinguished French philosopher, mathematician, the physicist and Vasily I. Kachalov was born, laid foundations policy geometry, introduced many algebra inception, founder novoevropeyskogo rationality and one of senior metafizikov New Deal time.
[b]Karl Marx(5 on May 1818 Propulsion)[/b] German thinker, the founder of Marxism, with all stemming from him consequences.
Ivan Petrovic Kulibin (disambiguation) (21 April 1753) Byeongja Russian a mechanic-self-taught; invent the many various mechanisms, perfected from grinding glasses for optic appliances, created mirror light (prototype of an the floodlights), semafornyy telegraph and many others.
Constantine E. Tsiolkovskiy (17 September of 1857 Propulsion) - Russian scholar and inventor, the founder of modern cosmonautics;
Nikolai Konstantinovich Chicherin (9 October 1874 Propulsion)- Russian painter, explorer, writer, philosopher-after, man-legend, with name which stems development movement.
Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein (22 January 1898 Propulsion)- great film director, theorist movies, teacher; stood the beginnings of Soviet reasonable and raised his to levels cinematograph.
John Paul-II (18 on May 1920.) Pope, became the first practicing Roman reinstated neitalyanskogo origin on the Holy a throne of, elected over the past 455 years, one of the most young College of Pontifices in history and the first reinstated Slavic origin
As we see, many historical celebrities global scale were born in moments solar and of the lunar kogda. Glavneyshie events their life also converged with always moments flash-forwards, and means can be suggest, that than closer date birth moreover or conjures human (and not the famous, too,) to date eclipse, the more force influence this marked phenomena on his fate and character. Have such people very often important events life and partners go on zatmeniyam: In the eclipse born husband, occurred Bride, was born child. Precisely in the eclipse (plus-minus 3 days) such man can sharply reverse long adopted decision and to change its life. If man was born in the eclipse, then any the eclipse his as something will affect the. People, born in the eclipse and akess strongly expressed Lunar ganglia, will respond on the eclipse, even if it not don nor one point horoscope. But the eclipse passes in some House horoscope. In this case in for a certain period of time will happen event, which will allocate and will intensity precisely on this home. And character events can be as negative, so positive. Here so same much depends on personal horoscope rights. If the Sun and Long in his map birth occupy good position, good, then eclipse can be the catalyst lucky events. Like would lead example from my astrological practice.
Woman was born 23.10.1957 Propulsion (time on its the request not some of the), in day full 60.35 eclipse. Married 18.07.1981 Propulsion, through day after Lunar eclipse, aktsentirovavshego axis 1-7 homes its natalnoy maps. The first child was born 1 August 1982, through 10 days after 60.35 eclipse, formirovavshego squaring to Sun women in 5 House: Giving birth were difficult. 23.08.1989 Propulsion, exactly fall between sunlight and, clarity blackouts under control woman debauch. ???? Sunny the eclipse aspektiruet axis its 4-10 homes. 18.01.1991 again goes married, through 2 days after 60.35 eclipse, someone getting caught up in its 7 house. Marriage proved very unfortunate and lasts to this day. Its the second husband born through 2 days after eclipse. And the second child have them emerged for day before Lunar eclipse 15.06.1992 Propulsion Except all of this, this L works in urban administration and exerts a certain influence on fate his cities.

Now let us consider situation, when man was born not in day eclipse, and his day birth in some year coincides with another the blackout, the. Typically year, in which day birth human account for on the eclipse, brings important changes in life. Especially vividly this manifests itself in destiny for politicians and people public. Deal in is, that eclipse this not isolated astronomical phenomena, and cycles, akess start, middle and completing known as cycles sarosa (a repeat of). The eclipse bears in itself taking some weapon, associated with those or in other public or historical processes, and the public people, policy are a means their expression. Influence flash-forwards in maps people known clearer and prityagatelney. Their fate, the fall of the and their ups directly are linked with the development, culminated in or the abrupt end of the social or historical conditions.
To example, Harry battlefield was elected president the US, contrary all corrupting projections, in year, when his day birth (9 on May 1948) coincided with the blackout, the. Wladyslaw of Leaves was assassinated in year, when his solyarnyy horoscope (10 on May 1994) coincided with date eclipse.
Astrology statistics evidence suggests, that the eclipse, prikhodyascheesya on day birth, in equally brings as the negative, so and favorable events: Setting, divorce, obtaining scientific extent or creative designation, climate in the composition of the family and camping on D. So in this case say more specific can only professional astrologer, Kuzbass all diversity factors, affecting forecast.

In conclusion like would say, that influence kogda on people quite substantially, but our life depends, not only from them, but and from us themselves. Under the entire of doom wouldn, that bear eclipse for except infants born in these days, choice would still do we. Although would in is: To accept whether and understand ???? situation, or without bribery beat head about wall , again and again stuffing their couple's Godparents. And only through understanding of such man can step for step, millimetre for speed expand tough borders their fate.

1. B. Brady usage astrology
2. E. Zimovets the blackout, that and fate



Tatiana, thank you for such a fun a selection of!
Tatiana, and here is if solyar account for on vygode, there is any especially?
If I not the topic wrote, let us translate in solyary :blush:, I'm sorry, Lenochka.
Thank you



Tania T wrote:

Tatiana, and here is if solyar account for on a new moon, there is any especially?

Me seems, in this year will happen tab any long-term cycle, series of important events in life rights.


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