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Crisis the mid-life

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Peter Barnes. The role Transcendental planets in for transit period

The mid-life.

External planet: Uranium, Neptune and Pluto often call transtsendentalnymi planets , meant that they principles across the physical and personal area existence, and across the area mezhpersonalnogo. Energy, associated with these planets, puts us across the limits normal existence.

Planet, protections with normal existence, this the Sun and Long (traditionally the included in list planets ), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The sun and Long the most personal of them, while Jupiter and Saturn belong to mezhpersonalnym psychological function and social vzaimodeystviyam.

Until discoveries external planets the most known the outside limit for universe was Saturn, representing all known the limits in life, including death. Nothing not there is for this point. Saturn symbolizes borders, the limits and all what may be called which curtails and aiaua?uei. Saturn this planet, which until discoveries the transcendent planets, shapes all the limits life and conditions physical manifestations of.

Behind realm Saturn are transtsendentalnye planet, which are linked with forces more powerful, than simply individuals or relationship between individuals. They have deal with collective mental-a humanity, and opportunity transtsendirovat individual egos and connect with more great entity. These planet known to humanity in conscious brought up sense only 300 years. Moreover, test mythology discovers, that they were known on unconscious on level several thousands of years. In Greek myths Uranus was known as ouranos, a crowned sky with stars. Ouranos was father the sky, and was a child Gaia (mothers Earth). He stems with creative and uprising. In Greek mythology Neptune associated with Poseidon, generously god sea, the governor Ocean collective unconscious modern psychology, in which rational the mind replaced intuitive insaytom. In Greek mythology Pluto was presented Gadesom, ruler an underground world, prince death. He stems with violence, enrage, revenge and losses, which checks as death, subsequent mourning and sadness, and adoption losses for order to open path a new beginning and the subsequent better rebirth.

Tranzity these the transcendent planets on their natalnym positions act as catalyst or pobuditel go for the brink of existence, its portion specified material structures life (Saturn), and experience something more great, than you himself. Three external planet belong to a powerful universal principles, which associate us with than something more great, than our individual egos, and allow us transtsendirovat (to remove) our normal restrictions (Saturn).

Specific the manner, in which each grandee will wounded these 3 tranzitami, will depend on location in natal homes 3 external planets, and from aspects of to personal planets. Tranzity external planets, usually associated with, Turkey, period the mid-life, there is their tranzity to their own natalnym positions: The opposition Uranus, squaring Neptune's consort and squaring Pluto. Age, in which these tranzity occur, ranges within decades, from-for ekstsentrisiteta their orbits, as demonstrated in spreadsheet. This table shows age, in which people, born in 20 interned schooling, experiencing these 3 transit. Most people, except infants born with 1940's on the 1980s (now akess age later teenagers and later fifty times one), will have all 3 transit result roughly in 40-44 year. Sequence, in which these 3 transit occur, weaker IP. Born in 1900-'s will to experience transit Pluto the latest, while born in early 1960experience his the first.

further goes the seedling, but under arising she here loss, so look here

40 years are a common time for people for demarcating his-style life and career opportunities. For women common in this time is feel free from concerns today, and adoption important decisions, in which direction move on life.

1. The opposition Uranus

Start with opposition Uranus, Uranus is associated with Awakening, freedom, emancipation, independence, and itself restrictions. In psychological sense function Uranus is destruction barriers egos, provision free expression oppressed needs and desires. Current position Uranus in natalnoy map shows, where and as we search for enlightenment, and where we are the most creative. This is an area, where our individuality and the uniqueness needs in terms. Boggy the opposition Uranus to this natalnoy point will manifest itself in affairs opposite homes, also as and homes, run by Uranus.

Way to, which works Uranus, look like on an electric shock, often described as blow enlightenment. This rapid, sudden, the unpredictable and sometimes a shocking action. His effect can be violating order and damaging in negatively , and / or admirable and stimulating in a positive. Some enlargement extent concern, freed in this time, will depend on, how hard and small-minded has become personality after 40 years life, and from extent, until which can plodding compromise in personal the needs. Perhaps, one of the most shared sudden osoznaniy in this time there is age, awareness that formative years has passed, and a sense of that mortality suddenly is now close. Shock, horror! emerge the first Greys hair, wrinkles all more explicit. Is installing sense of urgency only limited number of time remains for implement their aspirations. The future, on which hoped, already almost passed. Is common for people behave in unpredictable manner in this time. Some are beginning to engage in or try to form a beautiful body, to to recapture its lost formative years. You rebel behavior also there is. What would not were external circumstances, the main theme is the same: Scrapped the structures, which massive its usefulness, and the search for liberation from restrictions who cut true expression of individuality.

2. Squaring Neptune

The second transit: Squaring Neptune to natalnomu Neptune sextile, is on its nature difficult for definitions, because has deal with shortages definition, zatumanivaniem borders. Neptune stems with neosyazaemym, no more form than, the sacrificial and spiritual, idealism and illusion, bewilderment and glamour. Unlike Uranus, whose way to actions there is sudden blow like outbreaks of light, bleeding-on parts of Wall of Saturn, Neptune acts in piecemeal, subtle variation on and arcane manner, slowly like spirals and dissolve it Saturnovy barriers. Stance Neptune's consort in natalnoy map shows, that is horror and subject glamuru, and where an individual ready bring victims. This interpretation of will depend on aspects of, outflows from personal planets.

Squaring Neptune to its natalnoy positions shows time, when ideals, former sacred, become under doubt. This also often time losing illusions, summon from awareness of, that own ideals can never achieved, or that they simply are unrealistic. If ideals are projected on another personality who for example on intimate partner, then very likely crisis in relations. Inspiration, the key word, assotsiiruemoe with Neptune -, often one looks for during this transit through some form of art, such a as music, photograph, drawing or dances. If this transit have been tested in the same time that and the opposition Uranus, form of art can to accept for the unexplained expression of. If he have been tested in the same time that and squaring Pluto, uptight emotions or desires can find its possible expression of. Rational thinking sometimes tonsil, when is happening Transit squaring Neptune. Things more not are clear and clear the logical, linear and consistent thinking not provides decisions. This time, when so important to hear domestic voice, voice intuitive knowledge.

Those who are embroiled in business, can find, that plans Turn in loss of time, and that actions on advancement of products can mask rogue the presentation. Tempted to to address dishonest activities, take easy path , can be very strong in this time. Also there is confused and random activity. Neptune can to lend effect of weakening libido, narrows to personal crisis relatively inability of committing , or simply be less committed in sex, that would cause eyebrows / alarm partner. Flourishing erotic fantasies, sometimes in of clandestine her links, there is another expression of Neptune in sexual area. Both these the manifestation, can be are linked with the hierarchy transit opposition Uranus to Uranus, especially if there is anxiety relatively starters old age.

Some people experiencing sense of futility during this transit loss of hope often as outcome wasted time life on hide for the dollar, without attention to something more far more relevant. Hazy fears the 1949 to the surface, so as anxiety without obvious focus not is unusual. For some the best treatment is enlargement compassion to other, do something a charitable, that platen do a focus with themselves. This may also be time heavenly frustration , vexation on something still, when sense of frustration is installing without visible reasons, dissatisfactions is unknown why misfortune to without reasons! This there is also often case spiritual bankruptcy and the beginning of search of higher sense.

So as Neptune is associated with spirituality, this transit often stems with spiritual crisis, with loss of faith, or with serious doubts in religious beliefs, without difference are whether these beliefs predominantly Orthodox or not. As outcome, many are treated to God in this time, done the idea of superior forces. Some seek mystical the enlightenment in places like India, other find guru and / or join to religious economist Jean.

Neptune also stems with treatment, with easing pressing edges. Transit squaring Neptune to Neptune sextile often is happening during furtrees crisis, and in respect health and in respect of emotions. This transit the mid-life can be time departure and undoing from life, especially if was crisis some kind of, which had an impenetrable force. Relaxed meditative time solitude can be excelled antidote for stress, which often accompany tranzitnuyu opposition Uranus to Uranus. Those, whose maps discover a strong emphasis Pisces or Neptune's consort, who donates Olympics a sake of ideal or the other persona, likely allow itself become the mat just for wipe her legs, therefore bending to ispytyvaniyu those created by different species adjustments. In this case loss of illusions has deal with loss ofs exaggerated sense, too far delimitations in principles, associated with famous Neptune Fountain -. Here must be done their own needs priority. What would not were real circumstances, Transit squaring Neptune to Neptune sextile has deal with perevystraivaniem themselves in accordance with his spiritual goal, however trudnoopredelyaemoy and modicum as any but and sense back in life.

3. Squaring Pluto

The third transit, Pluto in of increasing to Pluto, injects in this all transit time the mid-life very distinctive energy. Types there is strong, t] he and a serious. Stance Pluto in natalnoy map shows area our life, that we are capable transform fundamental way. He also shows, where we vulnerable, where we hide our treasures, and source of our countrys most profound feelings and regenerative forces. Himself transit can last somewhere from one month to eight months, in dependence from accurate positions natalnogo of Pluto and as many times Transit Pluto will pass through this point. Types and a badge of of Scorpio, which he manages, stems with trust and abuse them, with intimacy of your (civil-to-me-see) and with divided feelings.

Sexuality often is the main moment, another disorder associated with tranzitami Pluto, so as he has deal with close intimate??. The flip side confidence and deep neighborhood with other is treason and pain. Hence should the link of Pluto with suppression and revenge, enrage and beshennoy the explosive energy. An old adage, that what we reject in itself, is the, that subordinates us, serves example of nature Pluto. Coercion and obsession with are linked with this planet. Where this planet is located in map, there there is coercion, and the need move. Transcendence, sometimes referred with Pluto, has deal with put its actions, till the night sky those who inflicted the deep wounds and grievances, puts before the face of devil / the shadows within, and brings renewal, recovery and revival.

When natalnyy Pluto aspektirovan noted planets, squaring Pluto will emphasize elements governance and manipulating, often entangling in muscular fight. So as Pluto stems with hidden activities and rest, this transit often coincides with ceremony information about things, former previously hidden. So as types manages sign of Scorpio, this information can include the secret sexual life or abuses trust relatively shared finance. Both area are established cause of majority divorce, and are also an occasion for deeply realized of emotions.

Man under act transit square Pluto to Pluto can be and recipient of this information, and culprit abuses trust. Secret sexual activity possible during this transit, especially if coincides with the opposition Uranus, so as this also transit, associated with emancipation from of washed relationships and experimentation with disturbing and stimulating people. Here can be element of compulsive illness coercion relatively relationships, which began in this time attraction may seem unusually a powerful (types) and magnetichnym (Uranus). The inclusion of hidden sexual activity and rage as part of territory Pluto more easily... it's totally understandable, when is viewed as outcome suppression of overheated passions and expression of Mars, traditional the manager of Scorpio. Suppression of these energies can only lead to their resumption in the other form. Both types and Sunik are linked with the crisis. What would nor were real circumstances crisis, the main theme is, that something amenable to and trails, to something another was achieved. This some kind of death sake of revival.

These extends until my with a concise discussion three important influences, t transtsendentalnymi planets during tranzitov period the mid-life. Need discern, that this Transit period sometimes determine as time crisis , and indeed often this is so, in other he is called time correction in mid-life. Will whether this progress the mid-life tested as crisis or simply a change in direction depends on great number of factors, including aspects of from personal planets to these the transcendental planets in natalnoy map, and way of life in previous 40 years.




A bit about crisis middle age with perspective psychology. Here is a quotation from articles "and 1940 fateful, or as overcome crisis middle age"(fully article can be revere here).

A forty years. That this abroad? That is happening with man U-17 Championship, if are liable family, occur had nervous, someone even tries to to settle scores with lives?

A forty years stems with external and internal factors. Foreign the situation most often is that to this time usually enter puberty and leave Family nest children, and many seems, that sense life lost. And domestic. Churchill spoke, who in 20 years not Romantik and a visionary, and in 40 years not a conservative, the stupid man. Crises for moreover and need, to man mastering a new fist identity growth. With perspective evolution they very are important and was obvious. In psychology very widely known crises child and determinings age. They have all happen enough noiaea: Crisis one year, three, seven years. Amply this manifests itself have children, when have them matured any new opportunities, and psychological skills and skill still old, arises contradiction. All parents know, as case it is difficult with 3-old children, when they become selfish and debate on everyone about. But these negativizm, inflexibility precursors moreover, that evolves identity and man Crosses on a different level of.

In further crises become more experiment which. And the, that crisis forty years there is, although not all researchers his emit, this not myth, and fact. His the negative consequences all known this and depression, and suicide, and alkogolizatsiya, and rebuffed by family.

But any crisis signals, that old themselves before we and should naturally occur something new. Many people, contrary, from crisis forty years go, feverish a new sense and quality, are beginning implement themselves.

Everyone this applies only to men or women, too, are experiencing crisis middle age?

Wu women, typically, this crisis stems only with foreign situation, growing up children. Domestic factor shifts away on the beginning of effects in period, when man is changing and physiologically and psychologically. So have women crisis forty years not has so clear outpouring.

Since than stems, that alone people go from this crisis with was in mergers, and other with losses?

Usually the negative reaction arise have people, which either strongly underestimate themselves and their opportunities, either is overrated. But life always forces to start thinking, that you there is on fact, and often this leads to sharp by awareness imbalances. Sometimes suicide commit people, which on the outside criteria well successful: Known actors, writers, artists and camping on D. Their do it turns out outside real external achievements or exceeds their. Now there is a big category people, described American psychologist E.E. Fromm, do which depends on their market value of Any loss of man only parts of million fortune leads to the life collapse until suicide. Why? Because he valued themselves only then, when his securely are rising. Understanding of of relativity many things, awareness his rights on development, ability to have own views and adequate do allow man overcome crisis and achieved in the updated as a.

The you examples reveal, that crisis middle age more are subject to people with-cut intelligence, so whether this on fact?

I think, that crisis middle age afflicts people, with more developed consciousness, who sit around thinking about about its role in life. For human, have which there is no difference between today and tomorrow , life obessmyslivaetsya, and if he about this lifts prestigiousness, then this very painfully.

How not allow development crisis in backed age or, if he emerged, find from him the exit?

One from good outs from age crises simply patience. Unfortunately, patience, as technique domestic psychological experiences stressful situation, this female trait, not a mans. Sos budget provides for nature. Men almost always are taking any steps that often find themselves wrong. With perspective clinical psychology aside from patience there are and other ways resolution crisis situations. One of them this appeal to faith, the second to creativity. Psychological sense faith this the search for nadlichnostnoy ideas, which justifies and fills new sense existence rights. Creativity also lifts human on a different level of life.

Crisis this good and engine development. Another matter, that order to achieve universal equality need to help cope in painful situation. If signs of crisis there is, if is embroiled in thought about own nerealizovannosti, about grayness life, then better, not over, turn to see or to the psychiatrist, because passive painfully-reflection (computer programming) soul-searching prompted can lead to vicious exits. Specialists know, what accented options crisis, and are at with them cope. Family, wife, too, can help overcome a critical age. People sometimes lacks popular knowledge, to help the ever closer man. Need be a little more tolerant, more attention pay to each other, part of concerns to shoulder. Not need to treat husband as to child, better try to more to speak, to discuss problems, share the emotions. The good family the kind, where, decided with work, husband and wife sit on kitchen and every, if believes please, tells about their problems.

Breaching crisis forty years, man receives new quality, is beginning to understand more interactions in world and perceive themselves as part of whole. He realistically, not formally feels universal values, lives on their principles and markets their. This harder to, than be a conformist, but it turns out, that for psychological health this much plodotvornee.


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