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Vygode September 2009

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The Malayan a complex a generational flash-forwards this summer again return to the usual novoluniyu. Another meeting sun and moon will happen 20 August 2009in 14 hours 2 minuteson Moscow time in 28 • Leo.

Sabianskiy symbol of on this about holds: "Many the birds on branches large tree of" or "The impulses inspiration, rozhdaemykh the participation in collective ethos experience."

Exactly, has little to write about this Novolunii. Compound luminaries in late mark, until exit from Leo Umstanden aspects of with other planets not makes. Therefore, about serious is as a September to speak not account for, if only not attach the to this maximum number of effort. Accurate and skhodyaschimisya (in orbise) aspects map, too, nebogata: Quadrature (disambiguation) Mars-Uranus, but already is coming to border Orbisa, until exit remains 6 minutes. So that, observe, of course, caution on the road and in other places on subject accidents, accidents, conflicts and camping on D., but all-??? here already and our will, and caution and prudence play role.

Still can be more important quincunx compounds Mercury-Saturn to Vspomnite Neptune sextile: As something zalipaem we thoughts remains ready to its the dreams from and perezhevyvaem, and perezhevyvaem, and perezhevyvaem. And action, causes no. And soon in force will go down squaring Mercury to Mars and the opposition to Uranus: Here already we not perezhevyvaem, and fiercely we, roof-- to each other in minutia. In rubbing shoulders rises his impulsiveness verging and konfliktnost. But now these aspects of can be regarded only in background impact. Quadrature (disambiguation) Mercury-Mars as times mellow to the opposition Mars-Pluto, that will help "aiming" it this a daunting aspect of.

Phases sunny-lunar cycle:

27. 08. - growing quadrature (disambiguation) in 5 • of Sagittarius
04.09. - http in 13 • Pisces
12.09. --falling quadrature (disambiguation) in 20 • prodavat



Flax, is worth still add pro phase lunar family, applies to this Novoluniyu.

Growing squaring 20.05.10 -- 30 th degree Leo.
Http 18.02.11, 30 th Leo
-falling quadrature (disambiguation) 18.11.11, 26 th Leo

Pro Lunar family -- are reading D. Pessin (this for those who still not read its book, who still suddenly not in rate, that this such and how works).



Thank you, Tanya!


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