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Meeting with a

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Spurn have observed this woman still in waiting lists on registration. She as something immediately differed from the other passengers, nervously predictably tickets or some gloomily expecting its waiting lists. Woman simply teetered. She NOT waited its waiting lists. She the every moment. On it simply cannot be was not pay attention. She the entire all atwitter from within somehow majestic light, although to the arrogance in its figure, posture, movements not was. Spurn seen its only with backs, but that this was for Nimera. Such impression, that stand in this scripted waiting lists just made woman an unprecedented pleasure. Spurn with amazement pointed out, that, too, as something spreading shoulders and roused degistirmek head. When woman turned in its side, spurn realized why she directed on it attention Big brown eyes were shining with soft light and as if talked other, Oilers these not vernutsya- not it is important where you, in waiting lists, in the sky, on earth touch life, enjoy Ideology.

Being veiled women 6600m weeks old hat, but she so many faced people and she has such a the good memory on faces, that she not somebody, but pointed out, that hardly would since forgotten about meeting with of the required woman. Soft smile on their mouths this women as if snimalo tension whole days, and spurn smiled it, although views their not met. Need to say, that neither one spurn drew attention to the the Queen , as spurn its panel called pro themselves. Several men around it watched on it raised a and almost blagoveyno. This not was weights glance or glance lust,, this was glance knight on its the Goddess. About!. Goddess it suited more, she any Divine that whether.

Given registration, spurn climbed in hall expectations, thrilled about wanting to's the troublemakers minutes tomleniya in a closed space people. As it are weary these destined. This convenient clothing. Of course, in jeans fly conveniently, but when spurn on the morning in a hotel before way out dreamt on themselves in a mirror, she indeed - quite not very attractive and unladylike. But conveniently. This but constantly won in battle with talk , and was cause of Natashinogo discontent a, camping on K. In conceals souls spurn hence thin taste a real women and it were very are close images womanhood. But the whether spurn not very loved themselves, then whether she never seen things, about which can be said and conveniently and good but when each spurn movement cupboard conveniently already was razveshano on hangers, like and sought rather account the it in hands, and here is over talk still need to was to think Her thought have to be distracted by movement about seats. Immediately several man jumped in and this could not not be unnoticed in other passengers. It turns out, immediately several men marshal, to to cede place Goddess then. A would CNN thought spurn, such a something beauty. Looks at the, as give Woman watch lovingly and grateful, she something told everyone from vstavshikh, and all was smiling ear in smile Yes, I have chance there is no become such , spurn indeed. And after all its being veiled not worse looks this beauty - growth have them one, eyes one color of, hair Only spurn any look wiped out that whether. And hair the Belles are about glowed health and gently nispadali on its shoulders, spurn same not managed yesterday to wash it head and its hair were are collected in uneven tail Yes and the entire external kind of Natasha did spoke about how, that not very the and need to it sit, she and so well stand

Student needed to read journal, and have girls emerged opportunity see its closer.

Interesting, why in trip to wear the boots on the interviews. Spurn evoked the, as it was awkward in boots on the interviews well laying on the street, by being late on work, as this acute nose heel tightened it fingers a host day and made a face. Boots and occupation were not on such furky, as Are Natasha's, yes and nose their zakruglyalsya smooth, framed, so that not was need podginat fingers within. Even sitting were in sight how woman conveniently and comfortable experience in shoes. Dear LIFE DENIAL , it occurs to why something weeks, although summarily its tens of steam awkward shoes cost perhaps more

Women on woman was affectionately call bardovogo color of with delicate white colors cherries. It talk a chord with its naturally tanned well-groomed skin and such a same color of, as women-waving. Was whether she young? This question as something not had meaning, because the entire image women was so is in harmony, that like simply be near with it. On right-wing drawn it was general fatter " the ring. This surprisingly, ring as I have , it occurs to weeks. I the been mulling, that it rare, are there is no, it turns out, too, meets.

Here declared landing and spurn busy to up on it. Then it has lost woman from mind, itself has gone in jet and long sat, waited, until not looms all passengers. And why need to was come kicking, would still until the latest not bashing we not're going to fly. Spurn was Campaign on themselves, on last passenger, on cabin attendants and at all on any, who would have now the apparently it on eyes.

Of last enter this woman - surprising deal, until she commanded on up on it, unhappy with views and amazement and relish. Yes and she herself, too, pro themselves thought Nu okay, times this she, then nothing

Woman commanded on a number of and smiled at. But was in sight, that she smiles their somehow last and simultaneously all around. She Working alongside EU Natasha did and told Hello. Spurn said hello and Europe has turned away to window. Woman lifted affectionately call White a jacket and spurn felt warm gentle waves of, emanating from women. Weeks became warmly and governing. She roused eyes and gasped. On it was such, which spurn she has dreamed buy already years 10. But why something not unfiltered hands. She even been mulling sew this such, but so and not gathered the Tenant, overlooking the glance Natasha did smiled and told , too, very likes. Long wanted such have, but all not drove forward, and here all had tried and was the trip to the dressmaker. She sela alongside Natasha and Lidia graffical. Spurn with passing even looked at it on name. 21st, and she this graffical've given last week. Glance Natasha did alighted on drawn women. Spurn could not deflecting glance. On its drawn was braslet- long-cherished dream Natasha did, but he cost whole state of, and spurn only sometimes was just admiring them in the shop window ! Heh, why so-- one all, and other nothing

Woman "and I book.

Read? asked she.

Yes, smiled. Spurn felt superiority before this unreal Woman.

I, too,. Now here is Canada. So much a new is a

Woman witnessed a girl for mournfully Natasha did on bracelet.

A this gift husband - eyes women there'll be that sparkle warmer and devoted light.

Interesting as looks husband and occupation it occurs to weeks.

Incidentally, they help. It turned out, that its, too, name is spurn. Nu modicum in this I it seems on it thought spurn.

Woman again has deepened in reading. Not, journal that whether take watch its. Spurn even looked at it on woman and here its glance fell on fingernails yes that such! -stolko reason to envy! Here is would weeks such fingernails. They were strong, small, but neat and brilliant - this was the option, which weeks raze not has ever managed achieve from-for its stupid habits an eye fingernails. Spurn Europe has turned away with unrest.

Nu when same already I imbabers work over their-and habits intrude!

Then they drinking coffee and chatting away comfortably. Student loved to talk to the, and its was surprisingly pleased listen to its speech was beautiful and the correct. Spurn opening his mouth conducted my reporting its narratives about how she before gruzla fingernails, about how she before adored wear convenient clothes and about how she cut your hair short and what she has were longer hair. And so same she learned, then have of Queen a favorite husband two worshipful daughters. And she now not works, and Hypnotizes children, and until this worked and many. And most the main thing is, this woman SChASTLIVA! Woman accurately not told it this, but for it this talked its eyes, fingers, each cell and every whisker politico was easily to speak with each other. Weeks it looked, that they long are familiar, that she always its knew and now fierce old friend after prolonged separation.

They together laughed at me and discussed fashionable trends, beloved color of and cosmetic procedures. It turns out student, too, struggles with tsillyulitom, only unlike Natasha did she has pushed this until outcome, given several rate envelopments, and not as spurn ranging and posing

Call appeared very brief. They poured together. Spurn proposed to meet in city of and popit coffee. Student with relish agreed to. She wrote its phone on of last page magazine and spurn not looking marked

His in a bag. Natasha met husband. Spurn

Introduced live debate his with its new a school friend, and husband as something strange and jostled looked on it. Spurn not managed about this think, camping on K. It need to was stray. Women hugged it out. Spurn told - wish you rather get home. Its new girlfriend smiled and told me have nowhere to rush, I always homes.

Arriving home, spurn little dizzy home affairs, the woes, husband and critiques alike And only through a few days she Lidia from bags journal. Spurn even looked at it on cover and but died down. Journal was called "" Happy woman " October, 2012 year.

Spurn slightly not ask me how I felt from its assumptions and has become of the right flipping pages, while looking for records and occupation spurn "and I journal and, at the moment, on wall on your haunches -

The beautiful smooth, handwriting on of last page were written name of and surname the most Natasha did and its mobile phone.
From issuing from 03-04-2009
The hoax Love - this means.

http://subscribe.ru/digest/woman/relati … 92805.html



Will continue meeting with a? :) on the phone-- they found interesting article with denied. Under New year their do at all in the most times 8-)

of Application Who I?

Needs write 20 proposals, every of which begins with the use of pronouns I. Write need as can be faster, not fiercely without much consideration.

1. Ya

2. Ya

3. Ya And camping on P.

Witness, as and whom you themselves represent.

On what search you began to to experience difficulties in determining his I ? That you seriously impair?

What role, characteristics, classes you have become write, earths prompted themselves, after as managed their difficulties self-determination?

Been, that in conditions crisis and need solve a complex problem question about sense his life an adult decides in primarily. Unsolved question about sense existence or loss of familiar living values disqualify his domestic spiritual web, on which nanizyvayutsya all other living aspatial. If man lives without awareness of sense his life, then have him sooner or later arises a sense of years and waste his existence, is happening lowering breathing tonus, and comes depression. In other words, he becomes vulnerable to effects devastating unfavorable factors life and work.

If man believes in the, that in his life present sverkhsmysl, its faith he creates domestic conditions for preserving his helping health, because himself man initially am confident, that neither one thing heaviest event in his life not passes wasted, around the builds systems, hidden from human consciousness sense existence. In other words, have human not arises sensations years and futility suffering, experiences of imagination and commitment losses.

of Application fortified breathing path

Should ponder, what image or the matched would understanding breathing path participants anti-anxiety classes.

1. As can be to imagine style, in which you live and worked at determined whether?

2. If draw it your circuits path, as would you presented themselves on this road?

One successful business man, actively ltd its career, so presented their living path: I'm making Rising in career so same, as rock climber trudges up the in mountains, all higher and higher! Any tracts of his of mountain path I propolzayu, any I dart, and in some places literally lezu on a steep a rock, risking and knowing, that the bottom gap.

Periodically I stayed on meeting and'm resting. Sometimes I look back from a distance around and see the beauty mountain of nature. But even in minutes vacation I know, that ahead difficult path to the top and until the end of I never'm relaxing.

After, as you presented their living path, think over those, as would you like change his image? That would like recolor , wipe, repaint? What would a new image your breathing path grassroots you more? That can be was correct in your life, to she match its the way of breathing path, which you likes?

of Application 70 years

Search homes a cosy and relaxed place, in which you no one would prevent to ruminate. Sit feel more comfortable, close your eyes and imagine themselves, somehow you will in 70 years. Try to imagine themselves as can be more specifically, in all details.

As you dressed? That you commit? In what environment you are? Who alongside you? In what mood you are?

Think with positions 70-year-. What important values in his life you could now call? That for you, 70-year-, serves the most the main, sake of what is worth to live?

Open eyes and porazmyshlyayte.

As would you could organize now his life, to as can be transmission of these values was restricted in your life? Perhaps, from any something affairs or occupational needs to be jettisoned, to free forces and time for chief? Perhaps, in his life something need to reconstruct, to not lose basic and important for you values and goal? Perhaps also, that their the main needs and desires, associated with entertainments leading values, you can realize only provided full but concentration and better targeted at their achieving?

Perhaps, now you understood, that his life need build so, to nor on minute not forget, that for you is the most the main and important, and always guide their efforts on implementation of precisely chief and an important.

Defining sense his life, man can to experience internal contradiction meanwhile, that him want, and those, that he should to do. Rubber, which long below, will help reflect on the subject and do for themselves important conclusions.

Psychologist F. Zimbardo coined many important issues, on which he recommends to answer everyone man, zadumyvayuschemusya about sense his life.

of Application marshals month

Imagine, that you can live only one month the latest month in his life! In money you not are limited and feel themselves well healthy man.

As you will spend its the latest month? That you will to do? Far you will? Who will alongside you? As you will spend its the latest day? What words will to speak on your the wake? That will after you?

And now the good news! Fate offered you still many years ten, twenty-, forty, sixty! As you are going conduct these years?

of Application Consider their living plans

Composing plan his life on the upcoming year. Answer on this a series of issues.

1. What are your three the most central objectives in this year? Write their.

2. That you can (or must) to do, to achieve these goals?

3. That you already commit, to realize these goal?

4. What, on your view, will become your life and work after achieve these goals?

5. As you will themselves feel after achieve these goals?

6. Who will alongside you after, as you reach its goals?

Methods regulation emotional spheres

In modern practical psychology there are special direction, goal which serves designing funds, wide and exercise on formation self-monitoring, and also declining fatigue and stress from overwork. One such trends serves visual psikhotekhnika.

The main factor this direction is visual image, which man deliberately creates in his imagination. Concrete content generated by visual way of is sated emotional dismissive life human, those, what the details and images he remembers, that him it is important and costly in his memoirs of.

Acquisition wide regulation emotional spheres and obtaining tangible psikhotekhnicheskogo outcome stems with implementation next conditions.

1. Regularity of psikhotekhnicheskikh exercise (the first positive results arise through a few days).

2. Assessment and choice those exercise, which appealed and drags effective.

3. The use of exercise on the morning, immediately after sleep or on the evening, before nightmare, and also under creating intense moments during the day.

4. Expectancy exercise must be in average from 4 until 15 minutes.

of Application The

Rubber directed on lowering subjective relevance troublesome situation for human, achieving them domestic of calm and adequate relations to the existing issue. Fulfilled in for 10-15 minutes.

1. Want me convenient pose of, close your eyes. Try to imagine the next images-pictures of the.

2. Think about its problem that in the last time worries and suffer you more just. In fill this problem for themselves in two-three nutshell.

3. Imagine face human, with which you recently discussed its problem. Recall, about than he spoke and that you him responding. Vosproizvedite in his imagination environment room, time and content conversations.

4. Under aid his imagination try see situation with hand, as if you have become the outside observer. For example, you see themselves and his interlocutor reflected in the mirror. Enable in this picture your closest neighbors, known or relatives. Which problems and unresolved questions there is have them? That their suffer and what obstacles them account for to surmount in life? Imagine house, in which you live, and people who live together with you.

5. When your the expands and will become for you otchetlivoy, enable in it your misconception about city of, in which you live, think also about the entire country, its huge reaches and humans, sharing cities, sela, villages. Expanding its imagination, imagine now entire our Earth with its continents, oceans, and billion living on it people.

6. Move further to broaden pictures of the : Think about our numbers system huge which burns the Sun and planets, revolve around him. Try feel infinity Galaktiki and its's lackadaisical calm and even indifference to existence any something small human beings, sharing Earth.

7. By continuing keep in his imagination this anxiety caused vast depth Space, again think about its issue. Try to formulate its in two-three nutshell.

After carry this several exercises people usually share their impressions:

I was able draw comfort from, when sensed, that my the problem slim compared with a huge and majestic cosmos!

This well. Reflections in the course several exercises were for this human useful. The problem, realistically the existing have him, unsupportable be such huge, as him seemed before. Presumably, an exaggeration relevance its problems had depressed his and seriously impair craft a sensible decision.

I surprised by that the problem at all unsupportable for me exist! When I was able feel vastness and eternity Space, in late several exercises under re-return to its problem I could not its to formulate.

Such an outcome indicates, that the problem this human was caused by his utomleniem and internal strains. As only he a bit rested and calmed down in the course reflection, proposed in this exercise, the problem indeed unsupportable for him exist.

My the problem has become for me not such important, as only I thought about how much people are the our country and at all our planet and how many people, indeed suffering!

For this human useful was contemplating is, that he not one in his suffering. He thought about how, that have many people there is still more heavy problems, and sensed its unity with these people. In the same time him managed understand, that in life can be even more complex situation, than the kind, which he is experiencing.

was so well in Cosmos! And quite not like to return on Earth!

This attitude to an exercise shows, that man sought to simply draw comfort from expense of domestic case from their problems, interim departure in the worlds dream and fantasies. On while, this him will help, but to return in reality and to resolve its problems would still need.

Wu me nothing has changed. My the problem has remained for me such same relevant, as and in the early several exercises. The kind wording problems, which was in the early, has remained and in late. I accurately so same formulated problem after the return of from Space.

Such an outcome says about many ways.

First, this man so swallowed its indeed complex problem, that reflection about other humans and Cosmos in for several minutes for him clearly not enough.

Second, quite possibly, he already has coped with his problem own forces and fulfilling psikhotekhnicheskogo several exercises was for him not so important.

Third, perhaps, he needs other means lifting tension. And this normally. There is no funds, which help all and always.

As we already talked higher, psychological methods strictly are individual and necessary seek those, which help precisely you. Importantly consists in is, to manage their feelings and find precisely their means self-regulation.

of Application Dental cabinet

That Spain for those who at work and in life is experiencing elevated the anxiety and anxiety.

A manuai by

1. Think about how, that you signed up to the dentist a doctor. In that day, when appointed your visit, you are going and go in zuboproteznuyu a clinic. Enter in verandah doors, climb up on ensured floor and open the door in the plaque cabinet. Are looking on clock, they show set you time.

2. You'course there's and sit down in chair. Right from you glass the cart with medical instruments, you are looking on them and feel, as if these cold leave objects unpleasantly concern your gums and teeth. From Left bormashina, a malign breath which, as you seems, you already hear. Word, under inspection Part cabinet your internal tension gradually increases.

3. Obey from you the door, and someone enters. You not unable be turned, as nurse says: Today doctor will not come. He a bit have a cold. Let us, I will try to rewrite your do on another time. You a sigh of relief sighing like that and get off from cabinet.

Psychologist K. Shriner, the author this several exercises, wrote, that in life many of us behave so, if they in zuboproteznom got. We're nervous over here, worried, stressed, trevozhimsya, that ahead something bad and worryingly. Still nothing not happened, and we in advance already are experiencing and fear misery.

And need only wait and watch, will happen whether event, which can us to derail the. Perhaps, nothing bad not will, and we only then understand, that for good reason worried.




Lena, thank you for article. Very on time. I, casually, on all questions answered and in anybody order,
And effectiveness action higher.



Is happy, that it turned out useful :)



Flax, already February soon end , and we something in 2010 still "with themselves" not met. :rolleyes:
Can bird what?. For "'Market in itself"
To Stimul-Cash.
Thank you.! :flag:



Hmm. Tanja, sports? Or that softer? What in general will wishes? :)




what are the in general will wishes?

Flax, and this as in game the synchronization, that for soul accorded. Pull down for thread -Another a ball lasts. :rolleyes:
RS. This, that skorpione that-gives? :blush:
Thank you.



Tania T wrote:

This is, that skorpione that-gives?

Yes, it seems. Psikhodrama, based on highly lovely medieval Book of "Religion-hunts" :flirt: Wu whom nerves strong?





Wu whom nerves strong?

Here is and consider.



Here is exile:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Now short, essentially. Technique, of course, powerful and parliamentarian Janan Aritman (a leading should be super pros, because would forswear using very deep Gipsy), intended for work in group and well raskryvayuschaya ties in group (for example, persecution of victims). Advise its can be those who has survived betrayal and unfair charges. The bottom line, that copycat inkvizitsionnogo process allows understand, that despite the, that you fell and you painful for (acknowledged I howl blame) you still remained alive. And understand this not brains, and the body, taking. This allows us process-traumatic, experience. Ah here is in short so.


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