Comments to two the latest between ministries me several frustrated, and here is at what reason. There is no one more active in matters diagnostics mental disorders, than people utterly not akess relations to mental health. Can be tell pro any phenomena and in paints, and in faces, but people interested in only one question – health this or disease. If this not health, then reaction is unambiguous “you would all schizophrenia field and in a bughouse put. ” The next theme in chain associations – the punitive psychiatry and camping on P. Although initially and post was about other, and pro schizophrenia nor words not was said, people on anyone case already crafted divide. However among close and friends put diagnosis someone, even the same schizophrenia, this forces routinely. After all this obviously, that schizophrenia. Only Dr. not agree. Yes their and not'll understand - sick consider healthy, healthy the sick. And here even ordinary people understandable, that normal, and that there is no. But.

Deal in is, that at all not only in psychiatry, but and at all in medicine there is no such, to rate and pathology were as 2 hand coin. Yes and even have coin, there is Barrel rib – small, but all-??? transitory the surface. Between light and darkness there is zone “better photo. ” And perishing in health, especially mental these “twilight ” - in a fuzzy the border between the two absolyutami, ranks with vast space. I already wrote pro bounced back and pathology somewhere in the early my tweets and there for seemingly, I used “kolokoloobraznuyu curve of ” for that was derailed mathematicians. Agree, that can the economic and not the real, but in principle she gives misconception about how rate and pathology distributed. So, here is you another metaphor — start subway. Hope, that here me no one in terms of schemes refute not will. However I shall remind, that this is only metaphor, so be very responsible to this with understanding.


At all, rate the notion of very a narrow, can be said instantaneous. This, say, the station subway “Okhotnyy a series of. ” There no one lives, but millions of people enjoy this-house in daily life. This, essentially affairs, some middle option behavior and reactions, which accepted in society. However people, which enjoy-house “Okhotnyy a series of ” can live enough far from it – have quite other characteristics and personal worldview. Modicum for most people this the station not most comfortable place, society, in a certain least, us eyebrows in side this station. If you like it or success in sotsuume, then on “Okhotnom a range of ” need to although would hasn't byvat. Or to emerge although would within roundabout lines. If you taxpaying) population in hour peak on this station past you will flash there many faces ('ll concentrate only on faces), which, in general something identical, if not into in analysis. There are people, which very close live to this station, camping on’s their characteristics are close to normalcy, BUT … this not absolute rate and this not means, that man not goes with territory hukou.

Variety people.

If to speak again pro the, that more “normal ” in society, then this state of fit in there would in the limits roundabout lines. However, as you realize, this enough limited space for all, who contain in Moscow. People live on all facilities subway and drive in different hand. This exactly and well, because, that in society should be diversity and we all from each other must differ. This diversity in some least moves civilization, culture and camping on P. Some people at all are never on station “Okhotnyy a series of ” and even until roundabout lines not then go away. T. E. Their characteristics differ from conventional wisdom. This not pathology, BUT society, which ??? consists of Third “Okhotnogo series of ”, insists to these people there a deserved, and if those resist, can fucking pushing out from their ranks.

The reception.

Where would you not lived, to what station, subway not were indexed, every day you are trying many travel on its jungle love ". You're angry, fretful, zadumyvaete up to no good, personal triumph for you,, umilyaetes, build plans. Say, you smashed cup from beloved service and were upset. Metaphorically speaking, with station “Turgenevskoy ”, where you usually live in, you go until station“ I?iniaeo world. ” But if would you, to example, they were tearing relations with favorite, it probably is arrived finally in would until “Botanical day-care services ”, and death close human inducted would you in“ Medvedkovo. ” But through while, you again return on its station “Turgenevskaya. ” Different extent joy will bear you on the other the Frost. ???? note, that so as you the entire day are dating the with ?? the cups,’enjoyable surprises, coming kinds of, then on station “Turgenevskaya (Moscow Metro) ”, modicum you there and live, you will byvat very rarely. This normal for effluents rights.

Individualnye reaction.

Every people in force its habits and nourishing can choose in as a reaction on some incentive any branch subway and to go on it so much, how many deems please. If you smashed cup, then you can'll be upset, defecate, angry. Get angry, be really happy about (can you tolerate could not this service, presented by E.Honeker mother-in-law (mother-in-law) and you have now there is reason from him get) or at all raze on this not respond. And can, you so be loved this service, that from losses one a cup of immediately land, will you in train until “Medvedkovo. ” The other question, that if you initially were on station “Babushkinskaya (Moscow Metro) ” and from losses a cup of arrived finally in until“ Medvedkovo ”, then cannot be say, that this such perishing a strong disorder, on respect to you personally. But those who contain on station “Ivanivska Street ” will regard you rather alarming.
Neurotic disorder. There are people, which sat across in train about any events, arrived finally in until a certain station, poured, and forgotten, as to return back, and roam on the district cast-offs. An important fact, that people this not likes, and they want to return home, but not know as. Them need alternate usher, which over their, if perishing not until homes, then modicum until station subway for hand, and so same would teach henceforth be able navigate on unfamiliar facilities. This psychologist or the therapist. However cases are different. If man sits in district “edge-Borisovo ” on Betula and designed bad voice or, by taking over by for hand, is beginning to rest cling to all poles, and again yell, that his are prone to being kidnapped, likely, that in this situation psychologist not can help strazhduschemu.

Rasstroystva personality.

As already stated, to be well integrated in society, need byvat within roundabout lines, not despite the, where and who lives. Most people, not despite diversity, so and make. However there are people, which're holed up on their facilities and leave made there not want raze. Them, in principle from this personally nothing bad, but have them the talk conflict with the main host people from – for their habits. Masses are pressuring them and suspects for different jungle love "– depression, aggression, alarm and camping on P., but it to drag even until roundabout lines not can. It is important to know, that people with disorders personality not only not want “withdraw in people ”, but and in some least not adapted to this. So that resist they process integration in society not only from spite and union, but and from feelings self-preservation. However masses accented so are persistent, that can putting such a human on lines subway very far, out of with station and not monetize his back, until he not agrees to act so, as all. Here work by or psychotherapist is exacerbated by the fact, that not only human need to return on station, but and also from doors crowds “well-wishers ”, which not give opportunities him take advantage of subway and reach before seats where he lives.

Psikhicheskie disease.

And here is imagine, that in Moscow still there are many ways move freely with place on place, although most prefer subway. Say, arrived finally in you until station “Medvedkovo ” in his depression, that further? Further you can already enjoy the alternative transport, for achievements alternative seats, for example by regional, and leave on it whoa, as far. But this already quite different story, because, that in this case in force adhere quite other mechanisms. Under this note, that most citizens, which enjoy alternative transport, can greater part of time is in space within roundabout lines. Moreover, they there are much more time, than those who enjoys transport traditional (in our case subway). They most often intermingled with the main host and not pay on themselves attention surrounding, if not admit, that profits in these seats in other ways.


Simply want say about them separately, in light of past posts. They all-??? most often dwell within roundabout lines, but very like to speak the rest of the, that they, say from “edge-Borisovo. ” Ah, simply so, for conuses sensations say, to prove in the center of the attention. Unattractiveness, in society citizens from “edge-Borisovo ” they will ask, nourished German as you here proved. Someone arrived for my subway, someone on Electric Train, someone on bus ride, and hysterics currently, that had flown on aerospace a ship. Of course, there is seats in edge-Borisovo, where can sit down ship, purely theoretically. But virtually this big question. For hysterical this game. He is beginning to surrounding canvass that, nourished German “was-was. ” But oftentimes the hysterics so gets excited, that it turns out among all “orekhovoborisovtsev ” user the most an alternative transport. And that same to do? All same understand, that from Ryazan on reusable space with not fly. Apparently man left further, than Ryazan. But can resist powerfully when caught on own game, hysterics is beginning to...... spill, as can. Prikolno be casually in the eyes of rest, but crazy be quite not prikolno. The most chief tool hysterical – accuse other -..., sovkovskikh, short-sighted and neromanticheskikh. In general something, last, possessing why more close to center, constantly skitter on the periphery on oblyubovannoy they the Frost subway. This their are fascinated with a form. But and calculate their well realistically, so as they always significantly overplaying their hands alternativschikov all combined in is tranche, where are.


Using this metaphor, the crux of the work psychiatrist, in particular diagnostics, boils down to, to say, on what station man is in this moment time and somehow transport he here having, and so same needs whether he in sending home and where his house. Essentially, a good psychiatrist can “calculate ” alternativschika even on station“ Okhotnyy a series of. ” However, “calculation about this ” not means immediate treatment in most cases. If man churchgoers here, and society his accepts, then exactly no problems here and there is no. Although, for example sick schizophrenia sufferers in force its disease can is simultaneously and on station “Okhotnyy a series of ” and in Ryazan.

Distinctions kitchen diagnostics

For to the disposition chief set diagnostic thresholds a sign of – distance from station “Okhotnyy a series of. ” His utterly not worries, who and as there fell, importantly, that this far and severely not it seems on the most to the disposition and scares his. If we, for example, consider euphoria, then this state of (this the station) can be achieved in several ways. This may be mutual love, 2 of marijuana and prevents the the frontal share of. As a philistine will to think about this able, depends on his experience. If he nor has never been in love, but have him was grandfather with the consequences stroke in the frontal share of, then euphoria for him will mean King prevents the and joyous man, will them ottorgatsya. But if euphoria still as something is understandable in society, and at all joyous people are taken positively, i.e. some fortune, which are taken by Philistines with brief and kleymyatsya, as madness. Most a terrible, this the, that someone not wants byvat on territory within roundabout lines (not so says, not so actuality, wears not the contestant pratik, has not those sexual ties and camping on D. And camping on P. This fact shows, that he “someone else's ” and masses need something with him to do – or force it to drag on station“ Okhotnyy a series of ” and the only to more railings. Or plant in Electric Train in side Ryazan. Under this in their quest citizens display miracles ingenuity of all. Swing citizens their roiling, they need to or with all or in Electric Train. Understandable, that all is done only from good Lukoil. And case so on good are clicking on on neformala, that the prefers ??? sit down in Electric Train, only would only society assaults violence.

Here with psychiatrists have “well-wishers ” often arises conflict first kind of. A philistine many levels to this loads for them eyes and reports: “you know Dr., and my son specialist“ Altufyevo (Moscow Metro) ” ….. ” Dr. in the answer claims, that millions of people live in “Altufyevo (Moscow Metro) ” and nothing, many even famous for. But there is a term need to to someone made his son s although would “Timiryazevskaya Line ”, under this by any ways. And if this not perhaps, then sent would his by regional in Ryazan.

Conflict second kind of arises, when on station “Okhotnyy a series of ” emerge those who simultaneously are still somewhere. Society their with one hand not mocks, however the second place tenure (Ryazan), such a pleasant thing, that most often's poaching rights. There is no-there is no, yes's going to blow people in List of Princes of Ryazan tour. However trip in Ryazan not for all are clear, so, when man is mired in hospital and psychiatrists are beginning to speak, that the ill, surrounding are beginning AD52 and to be intimidated. As same this man with us in our circle and suddenly … This is any mistake, whose something ogovor or Campaign will. Most a sad, that until a philistine's so confused and claims it about the angry will, time goes and with each trip in Ryazan ,-all harder to and harder to to return in masses. On awoke stage, when he already indeed not can this do, “civil ” themselves already his send in“ List of Princes of Ryazan journey ” ” at every opportunity case. On first stage ailing actually being ripped out out of the hands “murderers in white lab ”, at the second already are beginning doctors pursue, to denying his an estranged cousin with words“ ah, here is know, something he again, some not such. ” When man “not such ”? Virtually constantly. All his body language there become a sign, that with him something not so. Even s a cup, which some healthy lifts in “timeout ”, for to the disposition becomes sign, that sick again“ intends to in Ryazan. ” And on the first and on the second stage the young not agree with opinion doctors, so as in first Dr. insist on treatment, and then already say, that ailing not need to carrying in hospital and demand hospitalization from-for each fragmented brand a cup of.

In general, is obtained, that society rarely when according to with opinion psychiatry. So as in principle several various notions about is, that considered the norm. And so same where this norm. For psychiatrist rate, essentially, very is extensive, but on its space there are many wealth, that have psychiatric name, but not which are thriller symptom of disease (as in case with euphoria). Terms describe virtually all fortune. Even for normal wealth, there is their name on “a secure psychiatric. ” For example, finer mood is called “normotimiey. ” Pathology begins there, where one ceases to cope with interacted and starts hinder to live himself and others. For "pathology begins there, where meets the first a meaningful distinction with their domestic miroponimaniem. ????, this, typically, more is spreading on surrounding, than on themselves the most. So perishing man works, that believes precisely themselves normal, a reference point. So for to the disposition rate much already, but in what it such a a small blame psychiatrists. This they have come up with name curiously symptoms, to more people do the madmen. Although on fact, not terms make battle disease or rejection, rather this society lifts from its circle other people.