Another a new moon us expects 18 October2009 in 22 hours 44 minuteson Moscow time in 26 throes Virgin of. degree Sabian here...: "A boy with a pulpit waits upon pope have altar" or "Spasobnost find inspiration in modest daily service."
A new moon is mired strictly on opposition Saturn - Uranus. On the significance of the this aspects we already talked in topic "Actual tranzity", but let us still times think that us bears this aspect of:

Above all, keen standoff order, legitimacy, restrictions and freedom across latitude its outpouring. Aspect of bears subject struggle old with new. Expression of Uranus in Pisces can be accompanied by heated emotional vypleskami (Fish - Water a badge of). Opposes this dry, conservative and down-to-earth Saturn in The Maiden, so personality in its individual displaying the can feel depressed order and a clear distribution responsibilities in collective, and also place in the system social hierarchy (should we expect. Status). Because Saturn slightly stronger Uranus, then can be to say, that a path a new will shut down well a and conservative, trying to preserve the existing order and not give progressive a path.

Will have to choose between friendship and career, this, too, one of outpouring this aspects. Friendship will lack the reliability and stability, and in career - independence from leadership. Also let us Be careful what you post, rises the likelihood accidents and ruptures broken bones. To point, when the moon changes aspect of Saturn-Uranus already will heading Our Advertisers, however, we know, that Saturn likes yield events" on Tail. "

Should still be noted, that vygode is moving to s ambitious with a head of eclipse - v, which still retrogradnyy. So in borbe old with new, individualism and svoyu can be wait information confusion and drag in sphere contacts and expenditure.

Phases sunny-lunar cycle:

1-comes the quarter-- 26 September in 4 Capricorn
Http - 4 October in 12 Aries
4-comes the quarter-- 11 October in 19 Rakha