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Why astrologu maps TARO?

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Man, which only has touched to astrology, perhaps, are surprised topic today’s the hoax. Astrology for Goals his existence has amassed enough techniques for decisions huge spectrum issues: Relationship, analysis problems, forecast on the future, medicine, answers on questions “yes\ no ” and camping on D. So why same astrologu maps Taro, oracles, the runes? Let us try find response to this question on the vastness of global web and in books known astrologers.

Astrolog and tarolog Hayo Bantskhafin his book Mystery character. Man in the mirror four the elements, astrology and Taro ” tells, as he uses in his practice maps Taro and astrology.

“Guessing is on maps, as not that different, can give misconception about situation, and in including about prospects on the future. If same I want understand any rights and his character, then horoscope appears me the most the best instrument.

Truth, accented cases, under which impossible draft horoscope – on the most different reasons. Then, as shows practice, maps very well describe personality rights. However me seems, that in them more “'worth of scratch pictures ”, which amply portray current situation, unlike horoscope, which, as known, detail does freeze on basic trends development. In this sense I, perhaps, regard Taro as prophesy, which indicates, what us lack, as Essential Guide in dark and incomprehensible times change. ”

The founder of policy psychology Karl Gustav services, too, had its glance on astrology, Taro, And-colours you wear. He viewed read as form of meditation, introspection.

Constantine Daraganin his book Astrology transformation personality ” told about mechanism work predskazatelnykh wide. He notes, that mantika, as and astrology, is based on principle, one badly Hermes Trismegist in “the shimmering tablets ”:“ What ranks at – that and the bottom, what outside – just, that within. ” Using the or another reception readings, though, we are making moreover, that hidden, neoformlennyy momentum from the collective unconscious passes through our individual subconscious and taking evinced form of in the consciousness of. The answer finds itself path through our “I ” in requires strong space symbol of a so same, as water finds itself path in the rocks.

On site Public Vsevolod Urumiyskiydescribes opportunities use of telling places so:

“Mantika allows reflect the most active on this moment archetypes-Dominants. Being pravopolusharnym and irrational art, mantika allows overcome restrictions logic and common sense. Under addressed scenario and easily described issue can be traced dynamic domestic forces and figures, razygryvayuschikhsya in domestic world human, which, very often, will reflect and his foreign life. ”

Kenneth Meadowsin book “Magic rune ” so defines function divination:

“Guessing is on runes — this way to ties with internal forces, formiruyuschimi future in accordance with elections and decisions, inclusions as in the past. It allows understand, as are formed flows energy, cause changes in the outside world, and predict consequences these changes. ” K. Meadows sees in runnom scenario “taking a snapshot ” energy fields, to prevailing in dynamics Time for inwhich setting. He highlights, that process predictions not fatalen.

The runes show not what should happen, and direction certain action and their potential consequences. Thus, the future not is determined. Changing way to perception situation or its reaction on it, man can change the course of events in second-best direction.

Curious glance on manticheskie system content of the Varvara Pricein his article “the circle of divination, or as conduct an act of psychotherapy over themselves a. ”

"Some gadatelnye system contain not body of banal answers, but represent philosophical system dawn, describing phase and stages of development any process. We are posing itself question and accidentally selecting from this system any symbol, which symbolizes some fist in development of our affairs. So this symbol of gives not simply the answer, and deployed the answer. He replies immediately on a large number of issues.

He says and about which task faces gadayuschim (in sketched, of course), and about objective hurdle, which need to overcome on this stage decisions his tasks, and about right direction his action, and about possible mistakes and their consequences of, and about what should expect further. And all of this – in one only of Avetisyan.

These are, for example, And-Jin, maps Taro, Runa directly. "

The author notes, that in the process divination we legacy in special state of consciousness close to meditation. This state of allows us to understand themselves and find exit from quagmire, to answer itself on the most different questions: “Why? Why? As? That tickles? That happened? ”

We are talking itself, that more not can trust their a logical postroeniyam, chain which us inevitably shed until they are taken somewhere in side from decisions live problem, making task as would intractable. Or offering too complex decisions.

Task in a large extent the jury even not so much thanks to received under divination answers, how many owing to what man is beginning to all more and more clearly to realize, that him on fact need – camping on E. To what him should seek to and with any domestic positions should assess what happened and happening. So, stigmatizing itself question for question and responding on him very itself after reading answer (“coincided ” -“ not coincided ” - “roughly so and there is ”, man and comes to gradual understanding situation and themselves in it.

A similar opinion on process divinatsii-divination (from of Latin “Divinus ” - divine, bozheskiy, God’s) voiced Alexey Narodichiin his article“ Psychology rune. ”

Being arkhetipami collective unconscious, the runes, as and planet in astropsychological, point out as on psychological needs personality, and also on appropriate Archetypal it`s quality character.

The author defines advantages use rune in as a additional method tests client. And also notes, that they not only show, than's been suffering or than am puzzled the or another people. The runes also, neither the optimal option psychotherapeutic strategy. The runes, once client, as would say about how, far spirit of human wants to go and what archetypes in it really unwilling to obtain development. They as agreements poles,, meadows effort you not risk drowning in unfamiliar terrain.

Under this the runes are not proektsionnym test, so as man chooses “a in bag. ” This manticheskiy test converted to the most active on data moment sitting forces unconscious. The runes say about how, in which direction Higher I human wants evolve, reflects samodovleyuschie archetypes unconscious.

Seems interested another aspect of use manticheskikh systems in work consultant, crafted Alexei documentary. After all communication C-consultant, whether this astrology, psychological, tarologicheskaya and any other consultation – process bilateral. Each of participants consultation decides their tasks.

Consultant, first, can turn to any of mantic technology in order to gain the answer from own unconscious about necessary strategy psychotherapy and test this information directly on meeting.

Second, consultant, fishing the runes or making alignment on Taro, can to know, on what own osoznavaemye or not problems he draws to itself their customers. In any case, the most Harry Flemming Fleece point to his own vytesnennyy nevroticheskiy an archetype.

On the last Orgeat, that many familiar me Astrologers, tarologi note this striking a near certainty: Customers go waves. In some point this niei?u business problems, and then all suddenly got their wires twisted on amorous relations. And oftentimes the such client fluctuations are linked with rhythms personal horoscope consultant. Of course, can be see this buoyed by terms or bounds (technicians, but mantika, Bozali symbols of, turns directly to collective the unconscious.

In the course of a multi-year work with clients, I have observed that sometimes easier and clearer explain situation on maps, so as archetypes, zobrazhen³ in imagery, faster become so by some people. Submit, that this stems with those, that have some people C?eoaeuiue Canal perception information maintained better, than audialnyy (hearing aid).

When we operate of images, communication goes already not between individuals, and between piece collective unconscious. serviceswrites about this so: “He, who says arkhetipami, a spokesman for as would 1,000. Votes. He raises system them from world edinokratnogo and prekhodyaschego in fate everlasting, under this and their personal fate vozvyshaya until a universal. ”

So, I introduced live debate you with some views astrologers on mantiku. Hope, that after this articles you will treat fortune-telling with a lesser share irony, and can try some on practice confirm or rebut someone else's experience. If so, the in next piece (this article prepared for the hoax The Art Abused life. Vyp.62) I will talk, as choose workable for you manticheskuyu system. And in this us already will help astrology. Until new meetings!
With respect, Ludmila Smirnova.


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3. Vsevolod Urumiyskiy. “Maps Taro in psychological consulting. ”

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Gadatelnye system (Taro, Runa directly, Obi and vast) are good those, that they far less "rabotoyomki", camping on E. Essentially this national ?????
Although in detalnosti analysis and accuracy under forecasts, of course same, lag astrology


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