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Forecast on October from Barbara Price

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Most in another dimension - forecast on October 2009

October a tipping month year. Until this time we ecologists have begun conditions, in which live, extremities were united by for the future and sought the exit in more reliable and managed conditions life. And in October we finally are starting path in other conditions life. But if someone not ready for change, would still not can its avoid.

In October vividly allocated immediately two themes our life, and in both needs develop affairs. One theme this current framework, in them needs to live, because they provide our existence on the current time. We understand-feel, that life in these the framework a temporary, not promises future, and in the future need go on change, fully to abandon current conditions life. But on this time need support his life thriving.

Another theme this future life, in that need see around corners pytlivo and tekhnologiy their imagination. But the free flight imagination not will lead to success: In a castle out of the sand Bohemia after all not manages. > > >. Starting future now this
Much work, the study of experience people, for whom your future this their present. < < < This is establishing new mutually useful dating. This the inclusion of in new relations and even community, which already now live your future.

Well, if in for summer and September you have found a way to unite these themes, present and the future, in one goal and even in it is one thing, and this deal already now supports your existence and together preparing you withdraw on new successes.
Well, if you already stomach take new lines, to join on a new a path, what you still not were. Uncertainty from novelty will all more razveivatsya in for October, although on many issues you will have go against the established traditions and people, their defend.

Otherwise be torn between different objectives not will goes and will have to do choice in favor of one of them.

Usually people, which are not solved on conscious choice, would have cited his life moreover, to this choice have made other people, Ballsy or with power or mutual addiction. Someone else's choice may prove not the most the best, wrenching, because other people rely above all on their benefits and interests. Then these other people account for tolerate othersdiscontent for salmonella choice, have yielded squabbles, indignation, resentment, recriminations, and in end hopelessly the spoiled relations.

But case and so, that two rabbits at once, and both run away.

Yes, in October most great importance for luck in affairs have relations with people. Whom whom would you pick in allies and as you go around, and opponents? The intelligent choice communication and cooperation this the lions share your success. Exactly,
All affairs will move themselves, if in them will interested people, from which affairs depend. And in the same time should be avoided relations, based on pressure, abuse, on struggle. They exhaust your forces, and you will's so much in affairs or even will lose part of reached previously. For struggle better choose another time. And now everyone of us most important support.

Until October every was himself for himself in for two years, every worked over nor for past summer mistakes and over their imperfections. And now we have become are ready for new interactions with humans, to join in mature relations, on
Equals, in cooperation. Were behind and-laid rules relations with close and other lawyers people now neglect the in equally and their, and othersinterests and requests, and level of training to fulfilling decreed tasks each party. Confidence in his maturity for new relations with humans will be reinforced itself a in for October. We are entering new time, in times of confidence to each other, based on knowledge each other. I.e. trust people we will exactly so, how their know, but trust entirely, without doubt relying on them in shared affairs.

> > > Working Girl life October < < < devoted mostly fix the new affairs in the new collaboration with people. As always in new affairs, you will to commit mistakes, they can dismayed by even 4000m2 as well as until desires all throw. But not worth spend
Much forces on such sentiments: Special choice after all would still there is no, and will have fix mistake and to return to those same Affairs. Under support close people (friends) you can significantly move in affairs and by the end of month
Gain autonomy, because work will become already old hat, well smoothly. If same you not can enlist necessary you support, then month will pass wasted, so not Piazza time and forces on development mutually interested business relations. Winter broadcast in October-November work will have to revise, improve, but now it is important obtain experience work, give it push. Not will work not will and improvements. So that not worry about mistakes and
Boldly go on Acquisition owner!

> > > Cardiac Life Support life in October < < < haltingly as spring early field flowers, restaurant we still cold sun. A long time our heart of was ukutano in everything, to protect itself from cold peace, from dissent, indifference. Have us not was
Forces take an interest in someone else's personal lives, so we have reduced communication until the most close in spirit and interests people, which, to the same, almost not loading us in their personal problems. But becomes all more forces for openness, and in October already want start their attempts move closer with new people. Us all more involve to unusual people who before seemed too that and because dangerous. Now these people excite the our imagination, and want to know their
Weird Worlds and experience weird feelings, which live in those worlds apart. Here is so and comes a new love: Really subtle, imperceptibly, starting with curiosity.



From themselves correct, that 13 October Jupiter, former pochti several months, unfolding in a direct movement.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Past, present, the future: Pressing tranzity » Forecast on October from Barbara Price