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Just the Revolutionary!

Christian parable

Once God, has entrusted to his, who am a minister work. He showed him enormous stumbling before his home and said, that inspection process was failing human would push this stumbling struggling forces. And man did this day for a day to from identity sun until of call, many years. His shoulders been touched to this cold made, which not hooked up with seats, when man was pushing his in for many years. Every day man returned tired, iznemozhyonnym, with a sense of, as if day past wasted.

Great Satan observed, that man this shows truly relax, and decided to contribute its adds. He sowed the in mind human negative thought: “You already so long're pushing this stumbling, and he at all not began to crack with seats. Why you so themselves're killing? You never you move your his with seats. ” Thus, he has inspired man, that his is an impossible task and that he kazhetsya. These thought beat back have human desire to continue to specialists, him God work. “Why so go to the trouble, — thought man, — I worked on wear, and outcome not in sight, better not d to overdo it, d push on the sly. ”

And so man planned to do, but once decided to to pray and to tell to the Supreme about their conscious. He said:

— God my, I long and working hard served you, I concert all their efforts, to fulfill task, which you me gave. Until now, although passed so much time, I not moved this stumbling even on half millimeters. That I do not so? Why I have not is obtained?

Then his God responded with understanding and, a sympathy face:

— My each. When I asked you, to you me served, you agreed. I said, to you was pushing stumbling struggling forces — and you this did. I never spoke, that expect from you moreover, to you moved his with seats. And you now come me... emasculated, thinking, that you have failed me. But indeed whether this is so? Other on themselves. Your shoulders have become strong and trained, your the better and hands have become robust, and your its feet have become more between these and their brawny. Thanks to permanent efforts you became stronger, and your opportunities today, much exceed those that have you were before, as you began work. Yes, you indeed not touched this stumbling with seats, but in a major I expected from you obedience, faith and hope on me. And you this did. And I now will move it this stumbling with seats.

Own. Ru



Lived-was the young man with bad character. Father gave him full bag nails and telling slaughter one nail in gates day-care services each time, when the will lose patience or porugaetsya with whom nor whether. In first day the young man rang 37 nails in gates day-care services. In subsequent weeks tried to themselves to control, and number of downtrodden nails, thrashed about his struggle days in day.
Understood, that easier keep themselves in Sefirot are renewed, than slaughter like a nail. Finally, came the that day, when the young man not rang nor one the copy of in gates day-care services. Then he came to father and told him this news. Then father said:, you remove one nail from at the Gate, each time when he not will lose patience. Finally came the that day, when the young man was able say father, that dragged her up all like a nail. Father felt son to the adjoining the net: “the Son, you perfectly themselves led, but other, how many of holes remained on porches ” Never they already not will such as before. When you with someone lashing and speak him not nice things, you, you leave him wounds as those that on porches. Can ???????????? in human box and then extricate his, but always will remain sore of. And will not it is important how many times you you ask for forgiveness. Sore of will remain.




Lena, a cool parable! :cool: In my imagination sometimes so good of the arise paintings these "energy" wounds, especially when me their inflict.



Татьяна wrote:

especially when me their inflict.

In-in! Likewise.



``Our envy

Working Girl parable from Tadao Yamaguchi

Teacher said:

— Yesterday we not ended conversation about the problems. That for you is the most damning problem, associated with sales of?

Students thought, finally, one of them said:

— I know, Teacher. Me simply pisses me off the situation, when I'm negotiating an with someone about meeting, come, and his there is no at all or he forces me wait.

The other disciple said:

— A me more just irks, when anyone promises me something, and then not makes.

The third disciple complained to:

— I simply hate, when man not gives particular answer. No matter, propose a whether I him product or ask, as he intends to conduct weekend.

More pupils in that day not was. Teacher asked first Student:

— Tell, you modicum times was running late somewhere?

— I not remember such cases, can be, only in childhood. I constantly'm on clock and'm in a hurry.

Second Student Teacher asked:

— You always mission their promises?

— Yes, — responded disciple, — what would me this nor cost!

Third pupil Teacher asked question:

— You himself always specific back in their utterance?

— Absolutely! — has exclaimed the third disciple.

— A now imagine, — said Teacher, — that you need not nowhere to rush, utterly not necessarily held accountable for their words and can be to speak common words, virtually nor about fix.

Each of pupils thought about his, and, look at, as all three edges throw up their heads, Teacher continued:

— Us more just irks in other what we themselves not can afford. We think, that this — problems, but much more often this — our envy.

Modern psychologists argue that more just people's their own mistakes, when they characterize other people. Us seems, that view Teacher, too, has the right on existence.

Source: Yamaguchi Tadao. Path trade.




the Parable of from appears Shirochkinoy

As something in one thing settlement came and remained to live the old wise people. He liked children and pursued a with them much time. Even he liked to do them gifts, but presented only fragile things. As try children be careful, their new toys often World. Children get upset and bitterly cried. The backdrop while,, sage again presented them toys, but even more fragile.
Once parents not weathered and came to him:
— You enlightened enough and do our children only for good. But why you one takes them such gifts? They strive to, as can, but toys increasingly would still of the needle, and children crying. And after all toys so sugar, that not play with them impossible.
— ? ? Passes quite a bit years, — smiled he not, — and someone Oxygene them its heart of. Can be, this would teach their treat these invaluable a gift modicum a bit, be careful now?




Tell, that once one person died and fell in surprising place, where Everyone his desires instantaneously were complied with. About than would he nor thought, all instantaneously no before him. All, about than he that was, immediately came true. "Here is I and in Paradise" - thought he.

Passed while,, and him the beginning of this priedatsya. He has tried imagine itself all more and more sophisticated and neveroyatnveschi - his desires would still immediately will be executed.

And once he not was able imagine itself nothing new. And he began feel within any hollowness. He Made a desperate plea: "My God, share me Earth, on which I before lived."

And he immediately saw land, inhabited by the billion people, each of which was mutiny their desires and nothing not mince for moreover, to they were fulfilled.

"What same they happy" - said itself he - and sensed themselves full an idiot. "Did same desires roads people only because, that their it is difficult fulfilled?" - and suddenly with the inexorable clarity recognized, that ahead have him a whole eternity, packed abject boredom.

In desperate he thought: "My God, then share me Al!". And central quietly asked: "But as you thinking - where you now one?"




The latter parable me more just liked! :cool:



VSE horribly NOT THAT is what, AS NAM think

Two traveling angel decided air freshner in House the rich family. Family it turned out blunt and refused’s refusal to allow angels in room for guests. Instead angels was provided small place in old the basement. Angels had to make a seating area out itself on no-nonsense gender. Senior an angel, look at hole in wall basement, he's fathered his. When young an angel asked, why the so made, senior an angel responded, "Sometimes all on fact quite not so, as us seems."

On next night, stalled in House very poor, but very welcoming people - farmer and his wife. After a small meal, that staged a angels, masters have provided them its bed, place, where they could well for a holiday. On the next morning at dawn, saw farmer and his wife in tears. Their the only cows, whose milk was their the only-income, lay in the dead on the field. Young an angel was in disarray, he asked senior angel, as you could allow this? The first man had all, and you still and helped him. The second family had a bit, but were hungry for share with us all, and you know, you're letting their cow die. "Sometimes all on fact quite not so, as us seems," responded senior an angel. "When we remained in the basement mansion, I observed, that in hole in wall is golden storage facility. So as is a master was so mutiny greed and unwillingness share state of, which he had, I he's fathered wall, to he never nothing not found. "" This at night, when we slept in bed farmers, an angel death despaired to his wife. Instead wife I gave him consider the cow. Sometimes all on fact quite not so, as us seems. Especially this is happening then, when all goes, not those by, somehow we think it must undergo. "

http://community.livejournal.com/pritch … tml#cutid1



Два ручья

Мальчик лет пяти - шести, гуляя с родителями по лесу, увидел чистый ручей. Он напился свежей воды, а потом - ради забавы - взял в руки веточку и принялся мутить воду в ручье. Дно ручья было землянистым, и потому на поверхность тотчас поднялся песок, опавшие листья и разный мусор. Некогда прозрачная вода стала непригодна для питья. Малышу быстро разонравилось смотреться в грязную воду ручейка. Он кинул туда веточку и побежал к маме.

А где-то высоко в горах другой мальчик так же забавлялся с горным ручейком. Он тоже хотел помутить воду веточкой. Но дно ручейка было каменистым, и он сломал веточку и побежал дальше, ничего не добившись. Поток был чист как и прежде.

Подобно сему некоторые люди внешне кажутся добрыми и отзывчивыми, как чистый ручей. Но попробуй хоть нечаянно обидеть такого человека и увидишь, как со дна души всплывут самомнение, мелочность и гордыня и старые обиды, подобно тине и мусору в ручье лесном. Когда же человек постоянно поучается в Слове божьем и о горнем помышляет, то постепенно пример смирения Христова, закаляет добродетельного человека смирением и крепким терпением, об которые, как тростинки об камень, ломаются всякая человеческая злоба и неприязнь.

http://community.livejournal.com/pritch … tml#cutid1



Love and's crazy.

Say, that once gathered in one every corner of the land together all human feelings and quality.

When bored yawned already vtretiy times, madness offered: “A let us play in peak-a-boo!? ” scheming half-arched her stench of:“ Hide and Seek? That this for game?? ” And madness explain the, that one of them, for example, it, leads -zakryvaet eyes and believes until million, while the rest lurk. The, who will found the latest, will become to drive in next time and so on. Enthusiasm tap-danced with euphoria, RADOST so've been jumping, that persuaded doubt, here is only apathy, that never nothing not gal, refused to participate in game. Truth has chosen not to duck, because in late all its always find. Pride told, that this utterly course not game (its nothing except themselves the most not worried). And of cowardice very not like to risk.

- Because, two, three … - the beginning of expense madness. The first found decisional laziness, she ended up taking refuge for the near stumbling on the road, FAlTH... climbed on heaven, and envy found in the shadows triumph, which own forces Isaev climb on tip of the highest tree of. The nobility very long could not hide, so as every place, which it found seemed ideal for his friends: Crystal the clean Lake — for KRASOTY. Malformation tree of — so, this for the fear. Wing butterflies — for SLADOSTRASTIЯ. Whiff breeze — after all this for freedom! And it zamaskirovalos in luchike sun. Egoism, contrary, found only for themselves warm and a cosy place. Lies found on conceals ocean (on fact she ended up taking refuge in Rainbowville going my way?), and these and NEEDS're laying low in the hole volcano. Forgetfulness, even not remember where she found, yes this and not it is important. When madness doschitalo until if resources, LOVE still was looking, where would it hide, but all already was busy. But suddenly she saw would otherwise remain hidden pink shrub and decided shelter itself among his flowers.

- Million in, — soschitalo madness and prinyalos seek. The first it, of course same, has found decisional laziness. Then heard its master's, as FAlTH... dispute with God, but about STRASTI and desire it has learned by how shivers volcano. Then madness saw envy and dogadalos where is withdrawing Triumph.
Egoism and seek was need not, because place, where he was hiding proved hive bees’immune systems, which decided nudge to backseat drive guest. In search of madness is now over get drunk to the creek and saw the beauty. Doubt yes, under have reinstate, deciding, with what same hand him hide. So all were found: Talent — in fresh and juicy the grass, sadness — in dark a cave, FALSEHOOD — in a rainbow (if honestly, it have on bottom ocean). Here is only LOVE find could not …

Madness hardest for every tree, in every stream morning and night, on top each mountains and, finally, it decided watch in pink Oximetholone pills, and when razdvigalo line, heard its master's the cry. Thorny thorns of roses've hurt LOVE eyes. Madness not Korean that and to do, prinyalos to apologize, cried for, molilo, has solicited forgiveness and in redemption its guilt has pledged LOVE become its guide dog.
And here is since then, when first time on earth played in peak-a-boo, LOVE is blind and madness leads its for hand …




Impressive a suit

Modern parable

Some a man went to to when his tailor asks him, to order have him a suit. When Made to Order was ready, a man red line of being able to mirror test, as sits a new naryad. In first same second he observed, that rightist sleeve jacket too short, and in sight wrist.

— Rukav too short. Could not would you to expand them his?

— Rukav not short, — responded the transport. — This is your hand too the Long. Haul its a bit, and themselves see, that sleeve perfect.

A man a bit dragged hand, and sleeve concealed wrist.

But this movement led in mess upper part of jacket.

— Now the collar not on place, — I protested he.

— Since-up collar increasingly in order, — insisted on his the transport. — This is your neck is located too low. Stretch your its a bit, and jacket will sit as need.

The customer coaxing it out a neck, how could, and might be certain, that collar lies, as him been paved.

However emerged the third problem: Zadralis floors jacket.

— Now looks out my back part of! — complained to a man.

— This is easily correct, — respond the transport. — Just pull. pull muscle, and jacket its impudence will disguise.

Finally, a man carried out all instructions, after what his body it turned out in highly an awkward position. But the transport assured his, that the problem in really delivery explain, not in suit.

So, a man has paid for work and released on streets in the most an awkward pose, trying to keep all parts of costume on their places.

On path him met two women ,-reaching on opposite side the streets. Given past, one woman turned to girlfriend who and have observed:

— Poor a man, as mutilated was his disease!

— In fact, — agreed to another. — But a suit have him damaging!




Have one women grew daughter. Once began a strong the storm, and the baby's not was homes - she escaped play on streets. All other children already long returned home, but girls increasingly not was and not was. Electric storm meanwhile continued guitar` dazzle. Mother went seek churches and has found its in field: Literature been running around and ever motorboated under rain. The entire waterlogged, but happy she've been jumping and dancing to. And each time, when in the sky get hit by zipper, girl tried lifting its face to the sky and smiled at. Mother was very surprised by.
- What you one takes? - asked she. - Is you not you are afraid thunderstorms?
- with, see, I play! - fun answered girl, - A God me photographed! (With)




". And Man sat in our resistance, ExWeb contributor Andrey Verkhovod in despondency. And beasts gathered around him and said: "Not want to see you in sadness. Webb studied jazz guita us, about than like it or - and’ll find this. " And said Man: "Want, to I have was keen vision check." Of bow responded: "Have you will my." Man said: "Want be strong." Jaguar responded: "You then become strong, as I." Then Man said: "Want cognize all mystery land." Snakes responded: "I'll show you their." And all beasts agreed help him. And when Man received from them all gifts, he is gone. And then Owl told other animals: "Now Man knows much and capable on much. Me suddenly became frightening. " Deer responded: "Have Rights there is all, that him need. He not will more '. " But answered Owl: "There is no. I saw hole within rights. A deep as hunger, which him not satisfy some. That is why he sad and so much wants. He will borrow and take, until once Mir not will tell him: "Me more there is no and me nothing to acquire give you."

Parable Indians Maya

Brought hence



Man whispered to: "Central - talk with me!"
And meadow grass sang.
But man not felt!

Man cried: "Central - talk with me!"
And a bolt from with lightning swept through the sky,
But man not listened to!

Man sudden Truckdriver pulled my sleeve loop and said then:
"Central, let the me see you!"
And stars vividly beamed.
But man not saw.

Man cried again,
"God - share me vision!"
And a new life was just spring …
But man this not observed!

Man has begun to cry in despair:
"Touch it for a second until me, central,
And let-me know, that you here! "

Central gone down and touched until human!
But man wiped away with leverage at a butterfly and is gone occupies. "

(The author poems unknown, read more with currently under development. Vladimir Sevostyanova)



Legend posed was, that highly in the mountains valley below a gloomy for a radical ledge lives the old Troll, so the old, that from people no one not mind about how, when same appeared the first rumors about him. Fathers shared about trolle their children, and so narratives about him relics it from generation in generation.

No one never saw his homes. Mighty force directed, that once Troll simply licked to proud forbidding sorrow and just force his of a toxic words portraits here in its bosom cave.

People from of the village avoided approached only to sorrow close. It was thought, that she brutally suffers from its destruction and, not in forces cope with its the mafia ", 's getting revenge on that any, who to it approaching.

Once young a Hunter, pursuing chimate eico, in passion of chase went far in mountains. Opomnivshis, he alighted and looked around. Around gromozdilis gray dusty stones, among which was it is difficult to guess a path ago.

Hunter flustered and went at random, however soon understood, that quite gets lost in neprivetlivykh cold the rocks. Until the most the evening wandering a Hunter, trying to down down, but mountains as if bullied over him, not by letting go its sacrifice. The sun went and, in opting, that go on are still more dangerous, a Hunter alighted house were incredibly friendly.

Wrapped in its cloak, he farewells squarely on thorny stones, trying to keep warm and fall asleep, as suddenly heard a soft-spoken rambling. Voice:
- It's been a while not saw I here human … What led you in this all-but-forgotten place, perishing not me whether you are looking for an?
- I was hunting for a goat, wanted to acquiring the a bit food for family, until not being ripe crops, - cautious responded a Hunter, - sought in vain trying to see in darkness, with whom same he says. – A who you such and why would I could seek yours society?
- It time, when people treated me in clock needs …
- or did 786, - osmelev, complained a Hunter. – But what aid can I seek have you? I hear on voice, that you already not is young, so hardly you can you help me to capture chimate eico. You, perhaps, barely can feed here himself, after all on these stones impossible something and grow …

The old voice profoundly sad she, but not responded …
- my, - said he, - I dam you something more, than food for yours young bodies.

Curiosity overcame my fear, and a Hunter went there, where denial voice stranger. Go had to long, in full darkness and on are. Suddenly a Hunter stay in huge a cave, in conceals which have burned - An obscure one the fire.
Even to a caves, he saw, that they collected not stone, and from mysterious building blocks.

- What does this? – nedoumenno asked a Hunter.
- This is books. All books, written man since the, as he guessed, that thought can be perpetuate in the subject. Here even to convene the entire wisdom, all hope and electorate of, all doubts and glimmers of genius, all questions and attempts answers on them …

- But what from them the benefits, - disappointedly held out a Hunter. The mysterious and also terrifies image Troll little bit off color in his imagination. It turns out, this is only harmless an old man from fairy tales, which sits in dark a cave and's having fun with with odd blocks, which were good would barely only on the, to silencing small holes in the roof yes melt stove again.
- I sobi you the, as become with them friends, I sobi you to read.

- Why me this, - stand said a Hunter. – I learned to hunt, to ride on Again, build house. I well conversation about its family and nor in than not I need … That if would you told me, far Rus is the kind mountain goat, which I has dogged …
- I to read to you a bit, - U.S. his an old man, - and began narrative: About distant countries, about mysterious humans, about laws deeps of universe and about savvy accounting devices, which izobretalis nevedomymi Godly …

Initially a Hunter only and thought about how would to dispose escape from the the bizarre owner, but then became to listen to in the, that spoke he not and was taken aback … It's a long, I've been sitting a Hunter in a cave, all listening and listening personality, and under the end of the himself took one of books and with awe and amazement stroked its pages.

- I want learn to to read, - firmly said he. – What like it or you for something, to I could decide here, listen to your strange history and learn very there is food words of these vmestilisch wisdom?

- “I don’t nothing from you not need to, - again it is unclear what she he not. – Only not tell me about it no one autobiography (and about how, that you here's sounding and read.

Pensive, uh returned on next day a Hunter to its family. On-a new watched he on its house, on its be one-sided, on surrounding his people. First time, looking on the evening on twilight of sun, he developed an question, and that there further – for horizon, what live there people, what have them joy and woes of. First time his starters enrage cheerful carelessness and two-story concern for keeping families, endless talk about a pod, harvest and reserves on winter.

They never saw and not knew nothing better and were happy those, that have.

With these since every day a Hunter became walk in cave to the troll toll. Gradually he learned to read himself and sometimes for hours pursued a under light of candles, bent over another a creation what something of reason.

“Why we live? - asked he themselves, likewise the forest and not exist razbegayuscheysya game. – Why every morning I of walking on witch, and my wife she's milking those cows? Why we're having a baby and, and we raise children, which in accuracy repeat our path? ”

Seeking to free themselves from these thought, he vskidyval head … and is new question:
“What there is Earth and the Sun? Something great and the only or sand around in than something else more great? That there is God and there is whether he at all? ”

These and hundreds of other issues, which never before not came him in head, long confronted and about his all brain cells, and he feverishly read and read books, one for the other, painfully seeking to find the answer, Truth in Class something of strangers nutshell and reasoning.

Host turned attention, that he became pensive, uh and drew the, prolonged the heII have you been on hunting, but almost not yielded game. His stopped interest affairs on pasture and in House. Often he was becoming similar on caught up in cell of an animal and with longing and the despair of kept looking out around, as if his something been struggling with. But no one, except old-mothers, not linked the these change special meaning. The entire species was very different guaranteeing health and longevity, and that still need to man, if he well, he has roof over head, family, and bins of the post-are full food?

However the old woman-mother suspected the admins suspicious and starters up and start asking questions, where same deaf its son, when ostensibly churchgoers to hunt.

- Tell, mother, - cloudy asked a Hunter, not responding on its question. – A you someday was fast approaching, seen seats, where lives many people in high or homes, which us and not (releases, seen whether mysterious animals that differ from those, that graze have us on meadow?
- No, son, not was and not seen.
- A know whether you, why comes and drive the sun, and change times year?
- No, son, not know. Yes and why me this? Importantly, to children were healthier and number, and to was whom in the latest path me conduct. Even if d I know, that the Sun today stand here is for this reason and rural-urban divide on the other – me something important, to it warmth in land the entire day, means, have us was a good crops … But why you ask such strange questions?

But a Hunter again not responded.
- A tell, mother, after all you the oldest from of our kind of … What you know about trolle, which lives in the rocks? Why people fear his, committed whether he any an act of evil?
- I listened, that once he, too, was simple man, no one knows, that became with him, and why he transformed in Troll. He shows people what they should not or are not prepared to see – this all, that I listened, - told the old woman, closely looking on son. – They say that, he kidnapped by soul and poselyaet in it the everlasting confusion.
Silently received this a Hunter, he withdrew and, all hunched up, edges'd you towards mountains.
In this day sense's read slipped away from him, after several futile efforts, he postponed book and has called the Troll.

- People say, that have you there is something, that you can show …
- Yes, - povremeniv, responded Troll. – But ready whether you to this? Your life never will the former after …
- And that same this? The, that described by in books?
- I'll show you bezgranichnost positions of … Close eyes and go to sleep.
Hunter meek shut down eyes and … pre his domestic was have become appear to flash countries and and roads, billions of people with their thoughts remains ready, the fates and internal large powers with stakes, the extraordinary animals from So! Forests and nautical the depths, bustle planets and galaxies, black chasm space …
Hunter sharply has awakened, his just was febrile, and eyes success were eager. In his anybody hovered millions of, billions of issues, he wanted to know increasingly: About each small plurdled gabbleblotchits on a on Earth, about each a Grain of Sand on bottom supremacy on, about each planet, pronosyascheysya in celestial s, about each thought, ever against gathering have human … He sits up and grabbed for books …

* * *

The old woman-mother closely stared back on smiling The Deer Hunter, spuskavshegosya to it with mountains. She long not seen his thus jovial and happy.
- Nu that, learned, why goes the Sun? – asked she.
- No, - has laughed he, chanting while embracing its for shoulders, - but I shot down savage eico, and this is much more important.
- And you not found Troll?
- Why? He'm miserable, he brims with knowledge about useless for him things, he conducts time in search of answers on questions, which nothing for him not mean …
- But say, he enlightened enough, - objected that the old woman, closely peering in son.
- Just only wield knowledge not there is wisdom, - said a Hunter. – positions of by themselves – this random a pile dusty trash, if you know not, where and as their to apply.
- give Borovets Ski me, you became wiser, son, - told the old woman, calming down.
- That is why I more and not Troll, - Sotto voce, to she not listened, whispered a Hunter, and they went to home.

* * *

And highly in the mountains in conceals grim caves trembled of music candles and which has been held the crinkling of perelistyvaemykh pages … Days and nights spent, rushing weeks and month, has been going years. Young a Hunter handled favorite affair, lived happily and without an extra $concerns, only hasn't with derision remembering when izlishgikh knowledge from otorykh once safely cured. He growing up, doesn't appear to age and in one preersnyy day once died.

And vospryanuv with Ceausescus box - begun to see clearly. Things and the world proved quite not such, whatever he their voprinimal in last life. "Ah, so here is how this, consider world on fact!. Here is that me khotpl to tell wise he not, which I believed troll! ", - wanted to proclaim he in his Prozrenii. But instead. Zableyal. Mae-e-uhhhh.

Turkestan, you my, sweetheart., - heard he still not neglected, familiar voice personality, - Books something from starters until the end of to read need to, as would nor was this it is difficult, and then - sorrowful and notorious. There, in late libraries written, that life - this path from birth to death and point their meeting you with themselves a. That you can, that part hot-wire in end this race within vicious circuit life until meeting, then for you and of all. Regulation blithely neglected as a bird tweet, with line on branch punch - vorobyshkom then become. Regulation as they on people to throw - then become a wolf, A if entire zhikhgbza the antilope Caribbean regulation - in goat after death you're gonna turn into.

Contemplated and isklyuchenie this, shoo, goat boy. And live modicum this life so, to in next life become man, not in history are! Live we all together, and're dying every alone. Koemuzhdo on faith his. Memento mori



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