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Governance trumps emotion

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Emotions affirmative and the negative

People divide emotions on affirmative and the negative. Than same they differ, if view self as process energy reaction organism on comparison reality and their expectations from it?

The answer here obvious.

If in a result comparisons it turned out, that reality coincides with our expectations, or even surpasses their, then we allow positive self. Which unlikely us in easing state of, i.e. causes joy, pleasure, drooling or something still, so same derive.

In index of global connectedness remedies slightly above example you expect results diagnostics, in psyche hoping, that you have no served by dispatching a drone disease. I.e. diagnosis coincided with Уentertainments Ф expectations, and you remains only rejoice at this fact.

If same in a result comparisons there are, that r ealnost quite not such is, as we might want its to see, then we allow negative self. Which, too, unlikely us on the other energy level of, with here are possible options.

For example, if under comparison their expectations vyyavilis divergences with reality, but we under this believe, that can modicum as something influence situation, then organism unlikely us in state of with heightened energy. I.e. have us arises irritation, anger, anger of so or something similar. And when we believe that can something change? When can armrests of (was coming out feet, voice) of reach until Уmisuse Ф actor and something do with him. I.e. reaming, beat, force something do.

And who is have us in really its range, until whom we can of reach? Understandable, who - child, husband (or wife), parents, friends, collaborators and camping on D.

In general, not far we are gone from a cave-rights.

If same reality not coincides with expectations, but we understand, that from us nothing not depends, then we selecting emotions, help us in state of with at energy. I.e. we school yard in despondency, blame, depression and so on.

So the case, when we face with virtual for us reality - see misadventures on our televisions, read about than something bad in newspapers, and raze not can on this sway.

Either when is happening something bad with humans from of our its circle, but we not can on this sway. For example, your a close man strongly suffer or even died. Change this cannot be, so we unconsciously selecting nizkoenergeticheskie fortune.

Because nizkoenereticheskie fortune never bear joy or drooling, then we team their to negative.

Why these transitions?

Why Nature (the Almighty, evolution or someone still) have come up with these the most emotional transitions in different fortune? It turns out, benefits from this many.

First, this way to communication, communication, feedback. You the attaboy Ц you were delighted and have shown this. You kinda got my Ц you were scared, this immediately in sight. And so on.

And imagine life people without of emotions. Their revile Ц they raze not change. Their praise Ц in them nothing not of them moves. The world but clear Shvartsnegerov any something. Never a guess on the, that they chucked out, in the next moment, because with their bodies impossible considered, that they experiencing. More accurately, to prejudice conclusion will come their domestic calculator, because they indeed nothing not experiencing. Still more accurately, they something experiencing, but this permanent state of, which not depends from external circumstances.

Second, this way to mobilization energy resources in response to climate situation. You were are weakened (nizkoenegeticheskoe state of). Now something happened, and you need to mobilize, to give the right reaction on happening.

This already it seems on action instinct survival. You fairly late on the evening go on the street, hear some vague noise. Your body compresses (concentrated) in fear, and you more are prepared to new circumstances.

Third, this way to mobilization energy resources for aligning situation in desirable for you option.

That here there is in mind?

Remember, before we have identified, that emotion Ц this energy reaction organism in response to comparison reality with their expectations.

So here is, with other hand, self can be regarded as mechanism energy concentration for moreover, to change reality and do so, to she match its your expectations.

For example, you marshal on the morning and have prepared child breakfast. He, too, long should was to stand up, but continues to wallow in bed. Reality: Child is in bed, clearly at odds with Уentertainments Ф expectations: He embarked, rinsed your face, reason and sits at the table. That commit you: You have effervescence irritation, which unlikely you on the other energy level of. With which you ryavkaete: УHow many you still wait!. Ф Child, feeling the, that you already on raw and can follow tough sanctions, immediately somehow this from bed and through three minutes sits at the table.

That was would, if would emotion (irritation) not had turned you on a new energy level of? And you their more secure voice was asked would: УHow many you still wait?. Ф Likely, wait had to would long.

Means, precisely emotion helped you restore Уjustice Ф and putting reality in your expectations.

Unfortunately, so case far not always. Child far not always is beginning to well learn, when parents revile his. Wasn that he ispugaetsya, when parents immediately are switching furiousness, look at his some. And the not fact, that seriously threatened will help him well learn - fear may act strong paralizatorom effort, and affairs with the studying can become even worse.

Chief of not will cease quarrel with those to you, even if you in anger send a his away. And the husband not ceased to drink, even if you experiencing bouts Cow Disease on this about (though furiousness can be thus, that he indeed ispugaetsya you. And leaves to drink in another place).

Requires action

When organism under act emotions moved on heightened energy level of, then requires to commit what something action, to freaking hot emotion energy izraskhodovalas, and you have returned in the original relaxed state of.

What this may be action? All depends on species emotions.

If emotion was positive, then for defusing you can laughing (to laugh, laughing at nothing and camping on D. You can punch, wave our hands, something yelling, hug. In a whole, choice outpouring affirmative energies quite narrow one.

Significantly wider choice ways manifestations of vysokoenergetichnykh negative of emotions. Here, of poor irritation or anger, you can viciously or defensively so were having a seizure its.. .puss, raise voice, swears, yelling, Stamping with their feet, quality fist (on table), 8 gateway, threaten or even fight.

If negative emotion had turned you in nizkoenergeticheskoe state of (despondency, decline forces, depression), then usually to do nothing not need to Ц you nothing to acquire clear the air every once through action. Your face and voice will reflect your state of. Although to cry very even not harmful Ц this, too, action, zabirayuschee the odd energy.

But not always people allow itself something do from of this, when she got in vysokoenergeticheskom able. Consider this option more detail.

Energia accumulates

Higher we viewed examples, when emotion've been translating human on more high energy level of, with which he tried to Уrestore justice Ф in his version. But, as we already indicated, so case far not always.

Except external resistance there is
mechanism domestic drag manifestations of of emotions.

All we in childhood received what something nurture, i.e. us explained, as can be behave in is or different case. For example, all us in childhood explaining, that Уsenior need respect. Ф I.e. under any conditions cannot be opening his mouth and of a thing to spring on senior those thought and emotions, which you have arise, when senior by age people make something not what you from them expect

Some number of youth following the this rule behavior in sots≥um≥. So, when senior by age people unceremoniously defines intervene in their life, they silent. But the negative emotions experiencing, i.e. are switching on high energy level of, with which can be was would champion the their interests. But, because nurture not allows this to do, then energy irritation or anger gets stuck in the body Ц mechanism withdrawal of Уmade Ф energy from bodies was deliberately not used.

This only one example, but on fact options, when we not allowed itself to commit what something action relative to another man, there are many. We withhold expression of their negative of emotions relative to favorite people, children, parents, friends, masters prefer. Not always, of course, but so case. Than more overtake man, the more in his subconscious there is sets, suppress opportunity committing any something actions for manifestations of their real of emotions. Although organism already got aroused and provided you opportunity Уgive ceding the Ф orУ restore justice Ф in your understanding of.

In end energy gets stuck in the body, and accumulates in it.

Incidentally, hence becomes understandable, why the negative emotions more detrimental, than affirmative.

Affirmative emotions in our society deter not adopted. You funny Ц you are you laughing at, and this not cost nothin 'I almost nowhere, except educational institutions surveyed and some other serious seats. I.e. assumes in the body, energy quickly is deduced through action. Even if you not laughing at aloud, you can to rock pent-up the bombings laughter Ц this, too, action, allows energy unwind.

But as about negative of emotions? Relatively manifestations of negative of emotions there is a huge number of restrictions, so these energy Уget stuck Ф in the body on significantly more lasting time. And, respectively, create in the body significantly more problems.

How arise energy blocks

Incidentally, this model shows, as in our surfaces are being created energy blocks.

Suppose, you in another times experienced the episode irritation relative to prejudice something man Ц husband or wife, parents, child or employee.

Your organism on an operating regardless of your consciousness program moved in vysokoenergeticheskoe state of - to Уchange reality and do so, to she match its your expectations Ф. I.e. to to shout or rugnutsya on this human, and thereby to call his to order.

Perhaps, you even Uh-huh. yell or rugnulis, but not strongly. Or at all got estampeded in itself outrage Ц you after all raised people. I.e. you not issued energy resurfaced, and she being spun you have in the body. Hands you have tremble, voice is a broken, thought simple trick works quite.

Surrounding people tell you: УYes throw you worry, all is nonsense. Calm down!. Ф You with them agree and, too, you persuade themselves УI'm calming down. Ф

Your subconscious takes this team to thwart and starts urgently clean up from bodies the odd energy. ???? dismiss resurfaced energy impossible - not liquid after all, not vypisaesh. Spend its on any activities not manages, you after all nothing not commit. Remains only muster its (energy) in knot and slowly and far any away. In stomach, for example. Or in pace. Or in backache Ц from whom where still there is place.

Energy zakuklivaetsya in the form of Energy bunch and was postponed time somewhere in the body.

???? this not simply neutral energy from a, which can be use on any about. There is no, this from a, deliberately powered up (more accurately, not is... the rarest) on a particular human or on specific situation. He simply lurked and awaits, when Уenemy Ф will emerge again, and he (from a) finally will find itself comprehensive the use of.

I.e. it seems, that pending in our surfaces energy blocks always are ready the and only await, when repeated the situation. They always ready the, and very quickly incite us on outbreaks aggression on its topics. I.e. you give the inadequately rapid reaction on human, with which was several emotionally intense scenes, in the course which you not have gone dry.

Here your body need not strain, to translate you on high energy level of. Subconscious simply activates ensured from a, he pivoting and all, you in full Fighting willingness. This very economical way Ц need not new resources, to sort out old nedrugom, not so whether?

Need be noted, that for automatic transition in combat capabilities stand body sometimes need not have the most a guy who insulted him, and only one-two his marker. For example, you can experience irritation or fear, if see only like on your smite a foe rights. Or hear a similar voice. Or a similar clothes. And so on.

In very remote times, when people force decided on its problems, this ability to helped survive in a dangerous world. Man could Halytsh eyes see melknuvshee in foliage grey blot, and he immediately understood, that there is withdrawing wolf.

This ability to respond not on the whole image smite a foe, and only on some his a sign of, has remained have us until now. And slanders us nerves not on trial, because program Уdomestic computer Ф since then no one not drive the money changers.

Drop deadly gas on themselves cold cobble-stones

But review to our energy blocks. The can be to imagine, that every energy from a Ц this a cobblestone, a forgotten us in our body. Than more we are experiencing for different right reasons, the more in it cobbles. If we have Pokud and we are experiencing on recurrent right reasons, then cobbles will less, but they themselves will more. This already not stones, and real boulders. Or even entire cliff.

???? they live in us self-lives and nowhere not disappear over time. And simply on them gonna build up new blocks, and earlier remain on bottom through the rubble.

Through these all the rubble do mere our living forces, Bell energy to cells bodies.

When cobbles too many, then flows living forces quite grave of in some places. In end hands or its feet getting cold, forces there is no. Little heart works with overdrive, boosting pressure Ц to modicum as something a tough sell flows living forces through all the rubble alien body energy blocs.

Pleasant the, not so whether?

And all of this do we themselves. A Homo sapiensy, being reasonable.

Can be whether as something to clear its body from blocs, to living forces quietly was... was going on him, and organism was well and OK?

How get rid of energy blocs?

Of course, get rid of energy blocs in the body can be.

The most the best way to Ц simply not create their. I.e. not to lend strong energy reactions on occurring Уwrong Ф events. For this can be tinker with his system values and reduce significance moreover, what you today attach to excess the importance of. Tools for such work detail been described in books [1-8].

If same you already such its body energy cold cobble-stones, flows living forces dried up and organism began much to root, then it is time start brush your body.

This can be to do in several ways.

One of them Ц to read formula (meditation) forgivenesson moreover, who is for you source of repeated away.

That commit meditation forgiveness? She expense of a long and emotional a repeat of aducerea until subconscious leaks about is, that you adopted decision more not to intercede in fight with your former nedrugom. About this say words formula forgiveness: УSince love and gratitude I forgive (name of rights) and accept his thus, what he there is. I am asking forgiveness have (name of) for my thought and actions relative to him. Ф

When we made ample efforts to whom particular human, then subconscious understands, that you more not chase try to prove him its righteousness. I.e. you more not need spare energy resource on case your another the gap. And he gives team to remove an appropriate (only one!) energy bloc.

This bloc receives team uncovered over and our posts... on body Ц those, who read the formula forgiveness, sometimes afflicted well the palpable rise forces. Not immediately, of course. And when formula forgiveness was adopted sub consciousness as leadership to action.

All the rest energy stones and boulders remain in the body.

So formula forgiveness need to read on everyone your a guy who insulted him, including Life and themselves the most. Then body thus exempt from the most big blocs, and flows living forces business be going on body. Miss these joyous fortune impossible.

If to read formula in more general the form of, not specifying specifically, whom you absolve (as recommend some the authors), then process clearing can a little stretch indefinitely.

The other way to Ц create in the body such a strong energy the flow of, which literally fanned out your turn all asked blocks. So spring 10.03.2010The insurance companies easily transfers with seats on place huge boulders, not to mention the small stones

Can be whether create in the body such energy the flow of? Of course, can be. With the help breathing practices, when man hard engulfs from air a prana and following the its.

Such respiratory practice are called Уkholotropnoe breath Ф orУ rebefing. Ф

The crux of the their is simple Ц man is borne and under rhythmic music is beginning to intensively breathe in for hours-1.5. In his the body are being created the fittest energopotoki, which cost they have accumulated energy blocks. Not immediately of course, need pass 8-10 breathing sessions, and then your body will become a net, as water in mountain stream morning and night. On first sessions, when the most big a boulder will thwarted with their but seats and will cost be shifted on body, man can to experience enough strong pain or unpleasant (vomiting) sensations. Later all passes, and comes state of this quiet joy and forgiveness all.

There is still many different ways create in the body strong energy flows, but they require special skills or drugs.

In general, the idea sustain health is understandable Ц need to remove from bodies all the rubble energy blocs (congestion, congestion), and it itself will recover.

Continuation of should.

From the hoax A. Sviyasha psychology.isp



Continuation of.

Izbavlyaemsya from energy dirt

In previous maillist we examined many options, when energy gets erect in our surfaces, and then Уgets stuck Ф in it, because we not allowed itself to commit what something action, to this energy izraskhodovalas.

In a result she created in us emotional the cork, is importing us on new experiences and fight. And together manned natural for living forces in the body, in a result what organs and cells of our bodies receive less, than them been paved. In end we are getting weaker, and then and sickness comes,.

Need us all of this? Of course, no!

But that to do, if you with childhood rose in environment, where adopted was respect surrounding and Уor the Ф grievances, irritation and other forms dissent with reality? Either you not authorize itself Fuehrer emotions, because this may destroy relations with close man. Or this not adopted corporate rules your companies. Or simply your chief Ц real a baboon, and any shown disagreement perceives as personal insult.

Means, for metaphorically fevered energy from bodies will require to commit what-so lay, usually not hydro relations moreover, what you on fact like would do.

What this may be action? All depends on species emotions.

Understandable, that we will view ways defusing negative of emotions.

If emotion was positive, then for defusing you can laughing (to laugh, laughing at nothing and camping on D. You can punch, wave our hands, something yelling, hug, even kissing Ц there is such lovers. All of this usually is perceived decente enough quietly and with good intentions. If, of course, you are youse laughing at not over them.

Sometimes you can afford to show and negative self. If circumstances allow, then, of poor irked these or anger, you can viciously or defensively so were having a seizure its.. .puss, raise voice, swears, yelling, Stamping with their feet, quality fist (on table), 8 gateway, threaten or even fight - when the situation this permits. And you spat, that before ordering about you surrounding people.

If negative emotion had turned you in nizkoenergeticheskoe state of (despondency, decline forces, depression), then usually to do nothing not need to Ц you nothing to acquire clear the air every once in explain clearly what. Your face and voice will reflect your state of.

But not have always people allow itself something do from of this, when she got in vysokoenergeticheskom able. Precisely them we do help get rid of Уmade Ф energy.

I.e. arises question: As quietly and without harm for themselves and surrounding to withdraw from themselves negative energy, if she arose, and you not you can show their emotions? I.e. as get rid of available and again created energy blocs?

There are plenty of ways achieve this. All their can be share on three big groups.

do so, to a strong negative emotion not emerges again, then nothing to acquire will clear the air every once,

Do so, to they have accumulated for many years energy blocks have left you, and you finally breathed deeply and happily,

Do so, to all same arose in you a strong emotional weapon immediately same was would launched from bodies and not created another emotional bloc,

Consider receptions their these groups on waiting lists.

Company GROUP of - healthful prevention

You already understandable, that get rid of energy blocs in surfaces as something can be.

But the most the best way to Ц simply not create their. I.e. not to lend strong energy reactions on occurring Уwrong Ф events.

That for this need?

If we think scheme arise of emotions Fig 1, then from it in sight, that for arise emotions are needed two factors: Some some of and our expectations on this about. Which between themselves compare theirs, and in end arises reaction in the form of emotions.

Can whether we change facts? I.e. not to hear bad words? Not to see Уwrong Ф things themselves or other people? Not monetize in its head bad thought?

Perhaps, theoretically this perhaps. And in next the head we try tinker in this direction. And here we assume an, that facts there are by themselves, regardless of of our desires as something perceive their. I.e. we not can influence them.

Remain still our expectations and himself process estimates, comparisons.

Try tinker with them.

For starters consider our expectations.

will formed our expectations

So, that such our expectations? Or, different, though, our internal vision moreover, that and as should occur around and within us. Or, still on different, our domestic installations on any issue. Which housewife in our subconscious and immediately DVDs are now eject made there, as only arises need something recognize the and assess.

Where do these installations-expectations in our subconscious? Yes all made there same, that and everything else.

They are practiced repeatedly during finding child in a belly mothers in for pregnancy. If pregnancy and giving birth were great, then child is born open and with conviction, that the world skeptic receptive to him, he can accomplish much.

If pregnancy or giving birth was... was going difficult, then child can emerge on light with conviction, that need all time themselves defend, the world dangerous and not wants to accept his. This his the first installations-expectations.

More detail these questions about patrimonial (prenatal) matrices (units, beliefs) are viewed in Transpersonalnoy psychotherapy.

Born, child is mired in environment, in which all prudently adults Ц parents and other members family. He still not understands words, but already can distinguish, whatever trumps emotion engaged these people. And makes conclusion: The world around it adults is stark (you've been very generous, evil, konflikten and camping on D. This complements his prenatal picture world new addessed, and allows developed the next model behavior in the future (i.e. those same installations).

Further he learns understand words, and parents generously share with him their vital experience. Which child easily reads with their behavior that in reality often at odds with words.

But and words parents, too, breed sustainable installations Ц after all this the most close people, them cannot be not trust! And well, if this words love, care, support. And if this instructions type: УDonТt stay out of this! Not your head down! Whether as all! Small small! Not't kid! Money Ц this dirt, are decent people their have not can! Ф and so on? All of this mortgaged in Уdomestic computer Ф on entire subsequent life and serves grounds for decision-making.

To formation worldview (system convictions and expectations) actively 16mm2 surrounding heavyweight (them can be trust!) people, friends, teachers, any idols and so on. All of this was postponed time in subconscious in the form of sets about how, that and as should occur. So, and raze otherwise.

The next source of domestic our expectations - this your personal the favored and an unsuccessful one experience. For example, you in childhood we cried times-the other, and parents suggested a performed your desire to. Hence arises belief about opportunities emotional manipulation decente, for example. This the favored experience.

And here is if you in early life fallen, and then your a favorite (or espoused) made something not so, and you experienced strongest advance stress, What in subconscious was postponed time belief, that love Ц deal dangerous, and it is beginning to, uh, keeping you from this trouble. Especially if these unsuccessful experiences was several, and so on.

All together this defines, as precisely you will behave in inwhich setting, as chase to respond to occurring events. You already almost all know, only not realize this.

In including, what emotions in you will arise, and as you their chase Fuehrer in different situations.

And that with situations, relatively which you have there is no expectations, because neither with than similar you before not met?

For example, there is whether you have fixation about how need behave under meeting with Talk to alien? Or under meeting with English queen? (Need recognize, that for most people this roughly one thing and the same).

Relatively an extraterrestrial expectations clearly there is Ц they designed Hollywood the films, where all aliens are retarded monsters and are on our planet only then, to wait until with people skin. Because have majority people under meeting with Talk to alien clearly will emerge fear Ц as a consequence into their subconscious images from movies.

If same no expectations not, the and emotional reaction not will. Wasn that eyebrows (13 Savage) Ц this emotion typically represents under meeting with safe unknown.

What can be done with expectations?

That can be done with expectations? If they already as something materializing, and you their discovered, then can be their reduce.

For example, you discovered, that very nervously forced to react on any speck or a zit, resulted from on your the body. Likely, this outcome mentality defacing, neither on you means media, which impose the image, which you must conform to. I.e. you must be smooth, one (60-90-60), of different cosmetic properly and smelling synthetic smells of foot deodorizers. Nothing natural, only goods cosmetic and other firms.

That's a bit harsh, of course, but essentially so and there is.

Naturally, any the rejection from this way of (expectations) will to inspire you have mobilize vigorous emotional reaction. And far prime, we all robots, stupidly de facto nested in us programs.

Can be whether something with this do? Of course, can be.

Can be reduce our expectation foretell which something important issue. I.e. reduce significance moreover, what you today attach to excess the importance of. Then under comparison reality with your anticipating will emerge quite a small reaction. So, emotional a zit, on which can be not to pay attention. Tools for such work with their sverkhvazhnymi expectations (they same Pokud) detail been described in my books.

But this work, which will allow you not create new emotional blocs in the future. I.e. implement preventions for your souls from future away.

Two GROUP of Ц chistimsya from any pent-up dirt

If same you already such its body energy cold cobble-stones, flows living forces dry up and organism began much to root, then it is time start brush your body from these congestion.

This will be the second group practices work with emotional blocks.

to day formula forgiveness

One of them Ц to read formula (meditation)forgiveness on moreover, who is for you source of repeated away.

That makes meditation forgiveness? She expense of a long and emotional a repeat of aducerea until subconscious leaks about is, that you adopted decision more not to intercede in fight with your former nedrugom.

About this say words formula forgiveness: УSince love and gratitude I forgive (name of rights) and accept his thus, what he there is. I am asking forgiveness have who made his name) for my thought and actions relative to him. Ф

When we made ample efforts to whom particular human, then subconscious understands, that you more not chase try to prove him its righteousness. I.e. you more not need spare energy resource on case your another the gap. And he gives team to remove an appropriate (only one!) energy bloc from your bodies.

This bloc receives team uncovered over and our posts... on body Ц those, who read the formula forgiveness, sometimes afflicted well the palpable rise forces. Not immediately, of course. And when formula forgiveness was adopted sub consciousness as leadership to action.

All the rest energy stones and boulders remain in the body.

So formula forgiveness need to read on everyone your a guy who insulted him, including Life and themselves the most. Then body thus exempt from the most big blocs, and flows living forces fun be going on body. Miss these joyous fortune impossible.

If to read formula in more general the form of, not specifying specifically, whom you absolve (as recommend some the authors), then process clearing can a little stretch indefinitely.

staff won breathe

The other way to Ц create in the body such a strong energy the flow of, which'll literally blow all asked emotional blocks.So spring 10.03.2010The insurance companies deals well with with seats on place huge boulders, not to mention the small stones

Can be whether create in the body such energy the flow of? Of course, can be. With the help breathing practices, when man hard engulfs from air a prana and following the its.

Such respiratory practice are called Уkholotropnoe breath Ф orУ rebefing. Ф

The crux of the their is simple Ц man is borne and under rhythmic music is beginning to intensively breathe in for hours-1.5. In his the body are being created the fittest energopotoki, which cost they have accumulated energy blocks. Not immediately of course, need pass 8-10 breathing sessions, and then your body will become a net, as mountainous trickle.

On first sessions, when the most big a boulder will thwarted with their but seats and start cost be shifted on body, you can to experience enough strong pain or unpleasant (vomiting, head pain) sensations. Later all passes, and comes state of this quiet joy and forgiveness all. Whatever those villains they nor were.

More than simple option Ц on their own fulfill the respiratory meditation from arsenal meditations Radzhnisha (the Osho). This meditation is called УChakrovoe breath, Ф she lasts 45 minutes and fulfilled under a special record, in the course which a leading suggests, through what point bodies you need breathe and is asking rhythm breathing.

This, of course, not rebefing, but under frequent a replay of, too, gives a good effect purification 'from accumulated emotional dirt.

This meditation can be download from the Internet on many sites.

redundant fortune

Create powerful flows energy in the body can be not only with the help breathing practices. There are many other ways.

One of them you well known Ц this extreme. If you bet his life to the brink of, after which she can tigger, then organism maximally millions all resources for survival (activated energy the first chakras). Here can not be of emotions, and there is full concentration of all resources (electrified level 5P) and their direction on survival. For example, this has place, when you rush on a steep, the hill on mountain skiing. Or when climbing up on otvesnuyu mountain. Or you jump down, with parachute. Or rush on these on huge speed, and so on.

When the danger all incarcerated, and nerastrachennaya energy remains, you feel huge joy and satisfaction a. This a powerful energopotok, which is sweeping away many they have accumulated emotional blocks. And indeed, as can be remember about past again, if you only that were on the brink of demise, and remained are intact?

That there is still, except sports?

This sport, sports contest. Themselves athletes use the same effect, that and skillful extreme snowboarders Ц if, of course, not get lazy, and are for victory truly.

But there is a huge crowd fans, which, ravaged by together, create a powerful homogeneous energy field, which can possess building a properties in case victory its team (energy the first chakras). And create a new emotional bloc in case lose. Because espoused team wins far not always (otherwise fans other teams not had would opportunities sense the effect purification '), then this way to use for clearing from emotional dirt not that Spain.

That there is still?

This discos or big isn, where gather hundreds of, and the and thousands of people. Under exuberant noise, conceived disk-a jockey, they rhythmically dance, and all together create very a strong positive energy field (energy the second chakras).

If you on disco manages to capture state of, when all thought go, and you is lapsing in cosmogonies trans, then effect purification 'from emotional dirt manifests itself maximally.

Sex as way to emotional cleansing

Another, more comfortable and utterly free (whom as, case and so Е) way to clearing from emotional dirt Ц this sex. Nature laid the in us this tool of self-purification organism, having connected his with mechanism continuation of kind of and with process obtain pleasure. I.e. three in one, as states.

During full ass in the body people arise very strong energopotoki, which cost part of emotional dirt. That is why many the authors write about how, that sex has other: And face action.

Another matter, that during sex organism connection its own energy, which can be be stopped in its tracks accumulated energy blocks. For example, if you on somehow reasons a year old-the other not engaged in sex, and in this time enough strongly extremities were united by (for example, from-for treason or separation), then with a free vigor for sex can arise big complexity. In anybody you like would want sex, and organism not supports your desire to Ц he has no on this free resources.

More detail all these questions considered in the head УWhy sex not is obtained? Ф booksУ Sex as should be joyful psychotherapy is for very people employed Ahjussi and aunts. Ф

In general, if there is any opportunity have sex on consensus, and even better on love, then stake them shabby.There. And pleased, and for health helpful.

Three GROUP of Ц out goes pilot immediately

Now can be to move to be engaged, aimed at insertion energy immediately, as only she arose in the body.

This will be the third group practices work with emotional blocks.

should feel free to hit, yes, where it hurts

Well was cave people. Happened something, that not coincided with expectations Ц got aroused and immediately gave in snout abuser. Or someone Different, if offender too a strong. Last resort, ran out, from caves and sure kicked on muzzle nor in than nepovinnomu of a tiger. Or simply went for a run couple of kilometers, and released steam. And further the world and internal calm.

And that have us? Happened something, that not coincided with expectations Ц got aroused, and in snout give cannot be. Because this muzzle is in TV, and to beat TV our consciousness will not allow Ц expensive will entertainment.

Or muzzle not far, but is under protection of Criminal code. Or has such status, that hand on it not surge. So that account for detain anger and other energy manifestations of in itself.

But issue their as something need to? To they not have been piling in the body. That can be advise on this about?

A physical culture

Bahchisaray man could to run outside midday from caves and who will have plenty in anger on the forest.

If you have such a same opportunity, take advantage Ideology! Keep on the street or park. Viciously vskopayte Sunday. Danish you would probably want garbage. Aggressively wash gender Ц to multiple, С Some Harley Street quack.

This the, that can be done immediately.

If irritation fulsome at work, can be wait to eat that cake until the end of the workday and go in gym.And already there hit you a punching pear, constituting in her role his a guy who insulted him. The good physical defusing the going to shampoo your emotional blocks and strengthen muscle. That is why, apparently, such the spread of in civilized countries receives fitness. After all precisely there people carefully hide for smile their the true emotions Ц in nizkoprimativnom community expression of of emotions not European markets. But emotions there would still there are, so well reasonably clear the air every once its body from energy blocs in gym spied a.

That still?

And that, if no gymnasiums your life there is no, and there is big open and mass of emotions? Which require immediate exit, otherwise you warrior will tear apart. And open his mouth and bathwater the, that you's filled, you not you can.

Homilies to commit any actions, that require from you physical effort.

That this may be? Much.

do something what something emotional action

If you homes, then a few licks, ports.contaminated this you can slightly start cracking his mouth and whispers remove raspirayuschie you emotions. Naturally, so, to no one saw and not heard you.

If pillows not, the you can wrinkled and to tear paper. Better sheets paper, already nanomaterials (in sense ispisannye, i.e. in sense, that on one side something written). Or old newspapers and magazines. Desirable, to this, too, no one saw. Or saw, but only people, fully divide your beliefs.

Can be take the marker may be and viciously paint over them the entire leaf paper. With two sides. Pierce in several places. Then paint over again. Homilies, releases the necessarily.

If want something more civilized, then valsti sketchthat anywhere. If you have to the same there is propensity to art, then in advance buy paint (pastel), paper and breath, when you starts korezhit. As only received such Уemotional arrival Ф, urgently, well, grab brush and forward, to pre in Figure! Precisely so are being created work.

Still can be start something write. УDiary anger Ф, for example. Or УDiary choosing among bastards to it.. Ф This very simply - write on page paper all their emotions. Not matters DanceServer.com.ua, this can be simply developing or the flow of consciousness. More accurately, unconscious. Then, when emotion discharged, you will ironically this revere.

Can be simply detail describe the, that you feelЦ this, too, process defusing. His often use psychologists under personal consultation. They ask: Уtell that, that you feel?. Ф You focus on their attainment of and start their refold throughout the. Than longer and much detail you their bring, the more energy withdraws from Energy bloc, and you uspokaivaetes.

In people this reception is called Уeffect accidental hitchhiker Ф, on which you're putting all their experiences, and forget about them. The casual fellow traveler good those, that he more you not he meets, and you need not Уfilter bazaar Ф, i.e. to control their words, that you necessarily chase to do, when communicate with familiar man.

Where easier find this the most accidental hitchhiker? In traditional places aggregations people, which spend there much time in raslablenii. In men this Bath or the Pub, have women Ц this the same Bath or salon beauty, for example. In such places people rarely stuck in a mire bustle, so you easier will catch first-listener and squeeze on him your anxiety caused.

Then, truth, you will have on the receiving end his confession, but try miss its past ear and that is, that this his kind of wages for your psychotherapy.

Make itself oditing

In psychology this reception pereskazyvaniya away is called Уoditing Ф, and designed he was American author systemУ Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation Ф virtuoso Hubbard. In the process oditinga one person Ц Уoditor Ф, closely listening anymore patient, which tells about his ache in all detail. Many-many times, sometimes times 50 or even 100. Understandable, that neither one your familiar not will endure on the receiving end 50 times pro one thing and the same your anxiety caused. And oditor for your money quietly and with good intentions this will make.

Understandable, that for use this reception not necessarily harvest accidental hitchhiker or walk in center Hubbard's. Can be quietly sit down before mirror and see in it the most considerate interlocutor. And start tell him, as and who you insulted, offended or summoned anger. Not cater, with topping minutiae, including color curtain on windows and color clothing your smite a foe. And so, until cliffsnotes one and the same situation starts to inspire you have, hysterical laughable.

Understandable, that fulfill this rubber need in alone, to not while understandably frustrating psyche people, you amiss..

uncivilized ways

From uncivilized ways - can be go in toilet and there viciously kick it around lavatory pan. Or membrane, but so, to not abandon filthy traces. And not hurt pace or shoes.

Can be go in empty room and there afford to any movement- punch, to ride, wave our hands and with their feet. Can be roar and viciously mutter Curse, but quietly. And, until all of this not have had enough Ц thereby body will show, that it depleted supply an extra $resources.

There is whether anything still, for example, developed specifically to reduce experiences of imagination and commitment exit from stress (excluding pills)?

The will help industry?

Author a real books not known special devices for metaphorically aggressive energy.

Say, in some companies place a punching pear on hotel reception. Any staffer can to approach it and to withdraw from themselves weapon aggression. However thereby blessed quickly learns, who have them the most nerve. And would incorporate this under next attestation.

Understandable, that a punching pear Ц this device, initially intended for other goals.

There is whether still anything similar? Desirable smaller size of and I feel safer.

Electroshock-a pinch: Soft anger

For example, now industry rolls toy, a similar on slice of plasticine, but not lipnuschego to batty. Its can be wrinkled, to tear, stretch, wind down and so on, she all and you're a homo. It would still, she has no its forms. And energy on pereminanie turning a pile requires abound, and can be to do this imperceptibly from surrounding. So that boldly can be called its УElectroshock-razryadnikom. Ф

Especially conveniently dispose from depicted a tension during driving car in traffic jam.

One hand you manage wheel, and the other hand nervously're gonna lay off and plyuschite УTHE anger. Ф You are busy physical work, and energy irritation immediately same is used on transaction mechanical work.

Of course, this on these with automatic box transmission. On these with manual box you simply nervously hassle lever switching transmission, until he not will fall off.

This same reception can be use, when you worldwide.Would in meeting, and there bear any on stilts, and you have no opportunities prompt there order.

Or when you cause Уon carpet through dubious theatrics can Ф for Of schlepping, and no one asks your opinion.

Or when you go home, and clearly know, that you now will Уsecretary brains. Ф And you took soft little fetal ball and're gonna lay off his on the sly. So that and respond to attacks not will need.

This reception can be use and in many other cases, when you must silenced, and soul you have is growling. Its klokotane can be painless and imperceptibly defuse, if wrinkled УTHE anger Ф have themselves in your hand some water begins.

Have toys there is feature of Ц to store need only in PLASTIC cup, because she has in having pours over time. And rastekshiysya can easily afford sealed plastic saying will create you new grounds for energy of sharp. So sealed plastic saying sells in cup.

These gum accented different flowers, so their can be use and for development creativity Ц sculpt of them different shapes. Which, truth, will not be able persist long, rastekutsya over time, through 30-50 shadowing

To purchase this toy can be in the Internet-no clothing left psymarket.ru

Continued should

From the hoax A. Sviyasha psychology.isp



frame amplifies. Removing unwanted emotional wealth,

Currently developed many different ways self-regulation: Relaxation play around, autogennaya play around, desensibilizatsiya, reactive relaxation, meditation and others. Private ways regulation emotional fortune (for example, use breathing exercise, a psychic regulation, use Уprotective mechanisms Ф, climate better targeted consciousness) mostlyТt fit in three global way, highlighted by Izardom: 1) through the other emotions; 2) cogni ≠ tive regulation; 3) Taxi regulation.

The first way to regulation assumes conscious efforts, aimed at promotion the other emotions, opposite the, that man is experiencing and wants to eliminate. The second way to stems with use of attention and thinking for
Suppression of undesirable emotions or establishing control over its amelioration. This flipping consciousness on events and activities, cause have human interest, positive emotional distress. The third way to assumes
Use physical activity as Canal defusing bloated emotional tension.

Psikhicheskaya regulationconnected either with impact from outside (another person, music, color of, natural landscape), either with the form of its.

And in is and in another case the most widespread is way to, developed by in 1932 German my I. Shulttsem (1966) and named Уa chronic training. Ф Currently appeared many its modifications (Alexeev, 1978; Vyatkin, 1981; now, 1976; Marischuk, Khvoynov, 1969; industrial production index, Dashkevich, 1968, 1971, and others.

Along with a chronic training known and another system self-regulation Ч УProgressive relaxation Ф (muscular relaxing). Under designing this way E.E. Jacobson's from the fact, that with many infliction there is tension traction of main muscle inflammation. Hence he in accordance with theory of James Ч order for lifting emotional tensions (alarm, of fear) offers able to unhinge muscle. This way fit and recommendations to paint on personified by his smile in
Case negative experiences of imagination and commitment activating sense of humor. Reassessment relevance events, relaxing muscle inflammation, after as man otsmeyalsya, and normalization of work hearts Ч here is components of a positive impact laughter on emotional state of rights.

A. W. Mikhail Alekseev / Temp created a new child pornography, dubbed Уpsikhoreguliruyuschey training Ф, which from a chronic differs those, that in it not is used compulsionУ sensations of gravity Ф in various parts of bodies, and also those, that in it there is not only enchantment of, but and it's electrifying part of. In it included some elements from techniques E.E. Jacobson and L. Percival. Psychological the foundation this method is the dispassionate concentration of attention on imagery and attainment of, associated with relaxation during techniques performance traction of main muscle inflammation.

No organic the foundation psikhoreguliruyuschey coaching received is fact, that, inhalations system expense of proprioretseptivnoy impulsatsii is one of the main production is brain (from common flow of, by some data, on
Share of traction of main muscle inflammation account for 60%). So, in the bath muscle, can be to weaken this tonics influence (about than evidence suggests reductions sensations slight electric irritation and response on him, and also knee joint
Reflex), and, bumming out muscle, can be this tonizatsiyu increase. Truth, should be noted, that if arbitrary strain muscle are at already and small children, then with arbitrary relaxation during techniques performance muscle inflammation (there is in mind their relaxing compared with
Condition contemplated) deal, consider world worse. I, for example, revealed, that this ability to with hard manifests itself children in age until 12-13 years. Often is happening even the opposite: Under an attempt relax muscle, is happening their a slight tension.

Climate better targeted consciousness.Options this way self-regulation varied. Disconnection (divert popular) consists in say to think about than anywhere, except emotsiogennykh circumstances. Disconnection requires 1955 effort, with the help which
Man tries to focus attention on representation outsiders facilities and situations. Divert popular been the mouthpiece used by and in Russians therapeutic plots as way to eliminate negative of emotions.

) willstems with focus consciousness on what any interesting deal (reading a fascinating books, TV movie and camping on P.) or on business side forthcoming activities. As write A. . Ballets by Cesare Pugni and F. A. Grebaus, flipping attention with tortured while on business side even forthcoming activities, to conceptualize a difficulties through their analysis, clearer instructions and especially, mental a repeat of the upcoming action, concentrating attention on technical details quests, tactical receptions, and not on relevance outcome, gives the best effect, than divert popular from forthcoming activities.

declining relevanceforthcoming activities or absorbed outcome is undertaken by give milestone a lesser values or at all reassessment relevance situation on type Уnot very something and like Ф,У importantly in life not this, not worth treat about what we saw, as to catastrophe Ф, Уfailures already were, and now I am to them differently Ф and camping on D. Here is how L. BC Tolstoy, describes in УAnne Ellinger Karenina Ф use last reception Levine: У A in the first time on return from Moscow, when Levin each time would... literally shiver and blush, remembering the shame refusal, he spoke itself: "So same blush and would... literally shiver I, believing all the victims, when received unit for physics and remained at the second rate; so same believed themselves the victims after, as botched this work me deal sister. And that same? Now, when over years, I recall and wonder, as this could regret me. So same will and with this struck. Will pass time, and I will to this indifferent ". Ф

Anonymous way to is, essentially, one of options use kontrfakticheskogo thinking (kontrfaktov). In cognitive psychology developed concept functional role kontrfakticheskogo thinking. Kontrfaktami are called views about alternative reality outcome events. This thinking in the subjunctive on type Уif would, then.. Ф For example, after not very successful ceding the exam student thinks: УIf would I not sat so much for computer, then well could would pint exam on С B- Ф or:У If would I yesterday not perelistal the textbook, then I not received would on examination even top three. Ф In the first case student designs an alternative scenario events, which could lead to the the better compared with reality development events. This kind of kontrfakty are called-reaching upward. In the second case, contrary ,-scenario, on which the current position is perceived as relatively good, so as could be and worse. This kontrfakt ,-reaching down. Precisely his and need use, to improve its emotional state of.

To lift have themselves emotional tension help the next ways.

Obtaining additional information, lifting uncertainty situation.

Designing spare otstupnoy strategy achievements goal on case failures (for example, if not'm going to do in this institution, then do in the other).

Postponing on time achievements goal in case awareness of impossibility of do this under cash knowledge, means and camping on P.

Physical defusing the (as spoke I. P. Pavlov, need Уpassion ambient in muscle Ф); because with strong, an emotional ache organism gives mobilization in World War I reaction for intense muscular work, need him give this work. For this can be to commit lasting walks, often, to address any useful physical work and camping on D. Sometimes such a defusing the is happening have human as would itself a: Under extreme arousal he saw stomping around the back on room, over the top
Things, 's tearing up that-either and camping on D. Teak (an involuntary reduction muscle inflammation faces), an emergent have many in moment unrest,, too, is reflex form of motor defusing emotional tension.

Hearing music.

Writing letters, record in diary with summary of situation and reasons, by emotional tension. Recommend share leaf paper on two column. In left should burn in order numarul relevance all negative consequences events. In right Ч the, that can be contrast about what we saw, if possible, then and positive consequences, in including the lessons learned. Thus can be distinguish fail from catastrophe, neuryaditsu from evils. This way to more suited for people gated and underhand. Use this analytical way perhaps and under dialog box version, when someone the other shows the unsub significance the fact in another light of (on the principle of Уno Huda without for good Ф). Here is how managed look at tragic situation heroes Уour Members Ф N. W. Gogol:

Уconsolation (tossed glova for in hand with pneumatic pistol): That you, that you, brother, crazy? Hear, hear, Messrs., perishing a pistol are you trying was to put a in his mouth, and? Shame on you!. You fool simply, let the you say. You happiness his not prichine. Wasn you not feel, as you won those, that lost?

20 (with annoyance.): That OK you, in fact, me perishing for establishment consider? What here the gain lose two hundred thousands of! Traits man!

Consolation: Not you, nachalnykh! Yes know whether, what you these itself gloryТin shelf? Hey, the bauble! Still not as Juncker, you already lost two hundred thousands of! Yes you Hussars on the hands of will wear.

20 (obodrivshis): That OK you think? I have wasn not will become spirit not caring on all of this, if anything? Traits hell, yes Live the carousing! Ф

Exploiting protective mechanisms.on the unsolicited emotions can be overcome or reduce their evidence of with the help strategies ,-called mechanisms protection. Z. Freud emphasized several such protections:

The departureЧ this physical or mental flight from too difficult situation. Have young children this the most the generalized produce a protective mechanism.

Identification ofЧ process of naming sets and views other people. Man pereymaЇ installations powerful in his the eyes of people and, becoming similar on them, less feels its the powerlessness, that leads to reduce alarm.

Projections ofЧ this attribution of the their own asotsialnykh thought and things someone Different: УThis is made he, not I. Ф Essentially, this deferring responsibility on another.

SmeschenieЧ servants real source anger or of fear someone or than something. Typical example such protection is the indirect physical aggression (misplaced of evil, pique on installation, not to considerable relations to the situation, by these emotions).

Deny willЧ this refusal recognize, that any the situation or any events have place. Mother refuses to believe, that its son killed on war, child under death beloved them household animal makes kind of, if he still lives and sleeping with them at night. This kind of protection more't for small children.

oustingЧ the extreme form of of denial, of an act of the erasure in memory disquieting or objectionable events, unchallenged alarm, negative experiences.

RegressionЧ a return to more ontogeneticheski early, primitive forms of response on emotsiogennuyu situation.

Reaktivnoe educationЧ behavior, the opposite the available last and wishes, buoyed alarm, with goal their camouflage. True to form more mature children, and also adult. For example, wanting to hide its love, man will Fuehrer to the object admiration nedruzhelyubnost, and teenagers Ч and belligerence.

Degeneracy attempts affect very being agitated human for his Appeasement under aid blandishments, beliefs, of suggestion, typically, not accented successful because, that from all information, which reportedly volnuyuschemusya, he chooses, perceives and accounted for the only that fits his emotional virility. More moreover, emotionally lawsuit brought man can first year of the, feeling, that his not understand. Better give such a man
To talk it out and even to cry. Уa Tear always the load something and consolation bears Ф, Ч wrote W. Hugo.

Exploiting breathing exercise,according to W. L. Marischuka (1967), R. Demetera (1969), O. A. Chernikovoy (1980) and other psychologists have discovered and history of physiology is the most accessible way regulation emotional arousal. Apply various ways. R. Demeter used breath with viewing pause:

1) without pause: Usual breath Ч the breath, the exhalation;

2) pause after an exhalation: The breath, pause (two of seconds), the exhalation;

3) pause after an exhalation: The breath, the exhalation, pause;

4) pause after an exhalation and an exhalation: The breath, pause, the exhalation, pause;

5) polvdokha, pause, polvdokha and the exhalation;

6) the breath, polvydokha, pause, polvydokha;

7) polvdokha, pause, polvdokha, polvydokha, pause, polvydokha.

Moreover, the author recommends alternate between (on four times) breath through nose and his mouth on next scheme:

Ч the breath its nose Ч the exhalation its nose;

Ч the breath its nose Ч the exhalation a mouth;

Ч the breath a mouth Ч the exhalation a mouth;

Ч the breath a mouth Ч the exhalation nose.

These ways R. Demeter recommends use for Appeasement before nightmare and to reduce predstartovogo arousal.

Propulsion D. Now recommends use three type exercise: Full an abdominal breath and two kinds of where each breathing. Under meeting first several exercises the breath fulfilled through nose. Initially under slightly low-bottom and rasslablennykh shoulders
Are air a downside sections lung, open under this all more and more's herniating. Then tours consistently is rising of a belly cell, shoulders and the clavicle. Full the exhalation fulfilled in the same sequence: Gradually staring open, falls of a belly cell, shoulders and the clavicle.

The second rubber consists in full devouring, bestowed in awoke beyond (best in pace walk): Full the breath on four, six or eight steps. Then should delay breathing, equal half of steps, made under
Prana starts. Full the exhalation is done again for the same the number of steps (four, six, eight). After an exhalation again produced delay breathing the same the length (two, three, four steps) or, in the event of nasty sensations, several in short. Number of iterations is determined by on team.

Third rubber different from second only conditions an exhalation: He is done jolts through densely the compressed lips. Initially effect can be small. On least a repeat of exercise positive effect increases, however they should not

Canadian scholar L. Percival proposed use respiratory exercise in combination with tensions and relaxation during techniques performance muscle inflammation. Making delay breathing on backdrop of tension muscle inflammation, and then that is peaceful the exhalation, escorted by relaxation during techniques performance muscle inflammation, can be to lift excessive excitement.

Individualnye especially governance emotional condition.F. P. Kosmolinskiy (1976) and A. K. Popov (1963) in dependence from manifestation self-monitoring predstartovogo fortune exposed the two types of people. The first type of with
High-self-monitoring not exhibited the exit vegetative indicators (skin-rolled reaction, the frequency heart cuts, breathing) beyond the top of borders no organic norms. Have them the quality of carry especially not
Snizhalos. The second type of with low levels of self-monitoring was very different nervously-emotional tensions, that superficially and in mental arousal or, contrary, in depression, and expresses in quest Уwind back Ф
Training to activities. This was accompanied by vegetativnymi driver: V-tach, hyperhidrosis, spontaneous fluctuations skin-galvanic reaction, violation of sleep.

The author: Yevgeny Pavlovych Narodichi, Dr. psychological Sciences, professor, Russian public pedagogical university them A. I. At.




—¬я«Ќќ≈ ƒџ’јЌ»≈

—в€зное дыхание Ч это дыхание без пауз между вдохом и выдохом. “ри основных параметра, определ€ющих структуру дыхани€ Ч глубина, частота и соотношение между вдохом и выдохом.

√лубина дыхани€ задаЄт интенсивность переживаемой ситуации, степень эмоционального вовлечени€ в неЄ и уровень физических ощущений.

„астота дыхани€ задаЄт скорость процесса, скорость трансформируемой ситуации, над которой человек работает.

¬дох должен происходить активно, на мышечном усилии, выдох пассивно, при расслаблении мышц.

÷икл Увдох Ч выдохФ происходит либо через нос, либо через рот. ¬ы можете переключитьс€, но помните, что рот даЄт возможность более интенсивного дыхани€.

–азличают четыре основных класса дыхани€, отличающихс€ соотношением глубины и частоты дыхани€.

1 класс: медленное и глубокое дыхание с акцентом на вдох.

—труктуры дыхани€, принадлежащие этому классу, дают вам возможность сохран€ть достаточную глубину погружени€ в процесс при относительно небольшой его скорости. ѕри этом можно рассмотреть и проработать отдельные детали переживаемой ситуации. Ёти структуры дыхани€ хороши:

Ч в начале процесса;

Ч всегда, когда вы хотите отдохнуть.

2 класс: быстрое и глубокое дыхание с акцентом на вдох.

ќсновной или УрабочийФ тип дыхани€ в процессе. ѕредназначен дл€ того, чтобы увеличить осознание физического тела (например, чтобы боротьс€ со сном, отключением сознани€, отвлечением на других людей и т. д.) или трансформации специфической энергетической структуры (например, неопределенного дискомфорта в какой-то части тела). –абота€ с этим классом, человек получает доступ к ситуаци€м из различных слоев пам€ти (например, неотреагированным внешним и внутренним конфликтам, ситуаци€м, св€занным с опасностью дл€ жизни, родовой травме и т. д.). ¬ этом классе дыхание осуществл€етс€, за редким исключением, ртом.

Ёти структуры дыхани€ хороши:

Ч при чрезмерном думании, мечтательности, отключении сознани€, сонливости, скуке;

Ч дл€ большей интенсивности ощущений в данный момент;

Ч дл€ поддержани€ св€зи с телом и эмоци€ми;

Ч дл€ внесени€ занимательности в процесс.

3 класс: быстрое и поверхностное дыхание.

(среди инструкторов —вободного ƒыхани€ распространено обозначение этого типа дыхани€ как Усобачьего дыхани€Ф).

ќно хорошо при:Ч чрезмерном дискомфорте;

Ч плаче, истерии, беспокойстве;

Ч острой активизации;

Ч переполнении чувствами.

Ётот тип снимает чрезмерную интенсивность ощущений, не снижа€ эффективности самого процесса.  ак показывает практика, не следует слишком увлекатьс€ этим классом дыхани€ и имеет смысл обращатьс€ к нему только при самых острых, экстремальных ситуаци€х в процессе, как к Ускорой помощиФ Ч 03.

4 класс: медленное и поверхностное дыхание.

Ёти структуры примен€ютс€ только после наступлени€ интеграции, за 10Ч15 минут до окончательного выхода из процесса или в промежутке между двум€ его циклами (не слишком долго, чтобы не затрудн€ть вход в следующий цикл).Ќесколько общих советов:Ч расслабьте выдох, не контролируйте его, пусть гравитаци€ заботитс€ о нЄм.

Ч ≈сли ¬ы испытываете спазм или напр€жение:

а) расслабьте выдох, так как чаще всего перенапр€жение происходит от чрезмерного форсировани€ выдоха;

б) дышите быстро и поверхностно (это относитс€ к любому чрезмерному дискомфорту);

в) расслабьте область тела вокруг напр€жени€;

г) представьте, что ¬ы дышите через напр€жЄнную часть тела;

д) радуйтесь тайне происход€щего.

Ч ƒышите достаточно глубоко, чтобы почувствовать, как энерги€ протекает по ¬ашему телу.

Ч ѕоэкспериментируйте со своим дыханием, чтобы установить соответствие структуры дыхани€ динамике возникновени€ и трансформации переживаемых ситуаций.

Ч Ќастройте своЄ дыхание так, чтобы процесс происходил вокруг границы ¬ашей комфортной зоны.

ѕолностью стать€



10 practices against alarm and of fear

In these bitter minutes, when we lifted out from habits, this force, us it is important not allow anxiety capture us. When interlocutor sorrow suddenly it turns out near, then, ironically, much more good we can obtain and bring, if manages psychologically distance itself. Anxiety and fear as if exclude and superseded the reality, paralyze human, drive all idling and around the circle. While to remain stand in dense balustrade and not breathe, as if precisely from you increasingly depends, Ц this self-delusions, not narrows sometimes nor to prejudice outcome.

When EuropeТheard hostile breath and change ethos, him not until seeing the flowers on miss glade. But if recall, that you now not and there in attire and can relax, how times treating flowers and will lead to the, to postpone in side unnecessary now gun and to accept stand Уguiding role. Ф And further can be and we go by the opened path: Reducing alarm, we easier to address antimicrobial with its source of, can act and to live.

Many can something however, the ordinary receptions, which will allow intercept governance a, to our masters of not have become and deeds, confusion, stiffness and wariness regarding. Speech about managing, about achieving ease of chuvstvovaniya, where proportion negative can be lowered.

Here is several ordinary practices and rules for themselves, ways breathes.

1. Return himself TELO

Anxiety brings we tensions, although this and not immediately in sight without habits Уfeel fortune. Ф We we will temporarily remove the first surpluses, imperceptibly for surrounding you can see that on body, as if turning over prayer beads, slightly mumbling with shrug our shoulders,, arms hands, making small movement abdomen, buttcheeks, in the bath face, especially the lower jaw, cheekbones and whisky.

For us is important handling, even if speech Ц about several a percentage raising its. And with bodies, his newfound mobility and flexibility easier to move to standpoint, reduce Heights voices, rasfokusirovannosti glance, when can be to see more hyphenated and various shades on the periphery of view.

2. Proven And OSяZAEMEY

When in anybody constantly with breakneck pace stands at disc Уpro this Ф, unpleasant pictures of the, which man vymetaet, but they emerge again, Ц Good petty motor functions fingers and small, in tranquil beyond made, ordinary actions. Pour balm flowers, feed the small fish, help patting a cat, to wash it gender or tableware, sharpen he, you sprinkle and raise objects with gender. That would from this kind of movements you nor have done, this will give rapid and a distraction, a feinting from primary alarm effect. Closing, effect will rapid, and here is to do this is worth slowly.

3. Lay its

If focus already manages, is worth find relaxed place, can be Ц lean on to something its back: Now small beer physical support work on us. Try recall in the details most beautiful and derive place on nature, where you a deserved, and activate these pictures of the: Trigger images, color of and shades, sounds and unexpected imagined of touching.

In this dream ancient Ц well descending, and he suddenly acquires a certain brightness, the spontaneity. Legal self-policing Уon a long ceasing Ф, we in the answer get naturalness experiences and supposed to get the from seats alarm there, where can obtain forces.

4. See FABlANO And had to do was listen

Is worth afford to Уyes Ф -reaktsii on any about in communication with other: Smile and movement power--a period, as soft and open glance. Felix Blumenfeld increasingly Ц small money a beggar a on the street, read more money tend, long-delayed phone call, decision about aid or forgiveness.

Small approximation, ability to tilt the head as realistically, so and symbolically and, importantly Ц division communication on small fragments, with sheer stop to change habits and positives, shall we, let dozirovannomu, selected and change of.

Negativity. And anxiety, contrary, fit Уno Ф -reaktsii: Denial of, otvorachivanie, reduction, refusal, glance down and from distancing, from unwittingly pridannoy itself positions judgment and estimates. Here is their as times is worth avoid, do this can be only these turn to positives, shall we.

5. Shake off another ROL

Anxiety Уare seized with us Ф and as if is abandoning in any old and rushes to role: We delaemsya less, zavisimee, gets less stable. Of course, speech about our subjectivity, but precisely she so many defines now. In professional technology psychodrama there is such reception Ц under entitled Уderoling. Ф

After the role that played man only that, he coke all the body and says (necessarily aloud): УI Ц not father heroine Ф,У I Ц not who only that sorrow son. Ф And in this exit from role and there is exit from household sleep, with relics of, as in childhood, which are hanging in the consciousness of oblachkami.

6. To talk to the SB they TREVOGOY

Well Ц conduct a short dialogue with themselves a, describing itself state of, reinvigorating resurfaced thought and well-being. Often easily detect, that everyone has a something like Уbeing shelved censorship Ф, and someone a close and familiar our same voice assesses us, puts benchmarks and makes life harder, so as is rarely exasperated.

If with him to talk to the, beginning with ordinary and random replicas of, the perception themselves and surrounding becomes clearer. Can be start with, to describe, as will have, without generalizations and estimates, Ц although to this need to have skill and habit, but this comes quickly, Ц its breath, sensations faces, glance, tensions different parts of bodies.

7. Temporarily POGLUPET

Poglupeyte, on several minutes this very helpful, leave from haste and-thought, ZlAD: Look around you as should and log in circle other of sequences and drug combinations.

A good way to distractions from Уchief and trevozhaschego Ф is to, let and briefly, do from themselves artist. Homilies closely, bluster glance, give back his again and again, focus on details the images, which you surround. Shades, and not only paint, surprise German, the ratio little things. Imagine, as would you have sketched or be photographed by this?

Than meaningful Ц the better, precisely raising urgency concerning Уsense Ф led you to anxiety, here is we and want move away in side, onУ field pages and in von an important Ф, on periphery usually zamechaemogo, in scatter details and little things.


Not are looking TV, especially if anxiety indeed overflows: Basic news you know, and their an infinite a repeat of will bring little a new, and replays under your enforced inactivity only make you as if even less and zavisimee from Уbig world Ф, where ostensibly much is happening, while you not too someone need and sit on place, faire hands.

Homilies create news themselves, making something, breaking down the and by in his own items. Can be start write some, touch paper, until which long not unfiltered hands, or draft plan interesting, indeed interesting conversations with someone who often from you brush. ???? interestingly should be it or him, so here need to try be not insistent, and patient.

9. Wiser face Ц NOT of the salvation

When uncertainty around rises, something somber hangs in the air, people are beginning behave so, as if they very adults and serious. Than more responsible faces missed, those solid they will want look. As if they Ц adults and remote parents, and you must feel by small and dependent. Not to get to on this hook. Not valsti themselves play in competence, vypryamlennost just bodies and advice other with sound pompous, species.

Not say shared and banal things, not worth to repeat on several times already doing. Better Ц not only smile and help other, about than we said in the early, but and find a way to for us to, bending in like that, obtain opportunity additional flexibility and self-sufficiency.

There is good word Ц samostoyanie, when you equally are prepared be and flexible, klanyayuschimsya, and upright, incurring their dignity. Is worth find the motives for such a diversity, mask and role Уonly adult and at decisive Ф lead to rigidity, and anxiety not would slow rise. Its as if would and called for under the pretext of of calm.

10. Creativity

As nor were this sounds, but, can be, now it is time for attempts creativity. Nothing so well not eliminates the authentication alarm, not lifts its in zone self-sufficiency and unexpected finds. Take he, write a short narrative, leave with a camera on streets. No matter, that you long not did this, and you seems, that some Nazis, and not know, with what start.

Simply start your. Sensitivity and not-exit tension the very will tell path; with steps creativity, you, the very a, vydokhnete and unwind, have affair and do you let itself say such go in the right direction. Your consciousness will address by small figures, decisions, will come paint, and answers will meet with questions.

Congratulate themselves Ц you on right path, you have autonomy over their and you more not she speaks all schepkoy in bezdonnom and give Sea.



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