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Yurochka, Since happy OF BIRTH!

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On retro-just-what-can-only-be memory its very gained its holes :rain: for that and ask apology. :hobo:

We you heart congratulations to Since happy OF BIRTHand want just-just the most bountiful and of a brighter! Whether well, been happy and mentally sure-footed. Money lot more, in family to was the world and rest, at work all trouble in my marriage, poems and appropriate, and friendship strengthened!

You embarked today nor light nor dawn,
You a host day congratulate friends,
You close a wedge of flowers,
You to this was quite not ready.

You a host day are smiling at everyone eating people,
Bear ugoschenya, delicious treats for everyone on platter,
And you as the, under full parade,
A stray of music and smile in retrospect.

Yes all very simply, ago many years,
You, each our gracious, was born on light.
Came we today you congratulate,
Gifts give, hug, kiss.

Native, friends, all you, without doubt,
Today congratulate hurry with day Wireless HSIA!
You’re three times in consecutive,
Whether been happy, luck, well and rich!

The author: Alena Kachurina




I congratulate!


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'll second that in the the cheers for! :flag: :flag: :flag:
Yura, wish you enforcement all desires! :jumping: :love: :cool:



THANK YOU native!
Will try in New year see around corners shabby.There.
And in lasting gratitude sonetik (of the last Sonnin).

Oh word.

You never me words not go,
And never in me not they answer to
Vast unseen happiness, through the brink,
The harmonics, moving from saucers.

But if, sotvoryaya heaven,
Desire initially word was,
Not impudence will disguise, surpassing even the oak tree vsporovshaya, grave
-sounding from hearts voices.

A shimmering merriments, the depths!
Aspiration stack it up halves,
In me Where space you.

Harmony their planetary spheres of:
"Desires not are forever, Lucifer!", -
Silently gives a infinity told.



Yura, I congratulate with day birth!
I wish health, creative subconscious clues to kick in, formalizing the and publications your the writings (verses).
Nu and Astrodome not forget.



Thanks, Nikolai!, right, I'll try to.



Yura consider and from me greetings :rolleyes: Ionou another day in everything life will festive, still times your face need to brighten smile and on heart of will become warmly. Wish, to this occurred every day!

I wish happiness many-many,
Of smiles joyful bouquet,
Friends, healthy and of lively,
Luck in life, long years,
And to ills all out of
Zhilosya, lyubilos and good!


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Automatic sleep stage scoring zachotnye :cool:


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Have samovara » Yurochka, Since happy OF BIRTH!