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Svyatochnye divination 2010

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Kisa wrote:

The subject - his attitude me?

1-What partner thinks about kverente - map Eros- he thinks about you perfectly, you him like and sexually are attractive.

2-What feels to kverentu - map Phoenix- in sentiments all not be easy, he feels desire to destroy all old and start anew, ready for renewal. However process this for him painful process and grossly.

3-“ Laissez-faire intends to themselves to wage relative to kverentu - map Clash of- behave can several highlights and with challenge. Will not cave you nor in than, will assert their positions until the end of.

4-by goal partner in relations with kverentom - map Bind- he would seek to keep their positions any price. This map still is called Greed, so compose side relations for him very is important. Here either he, afraid of losing its and will he is careful, either will try to obtain love for money.

5-What good these relations can give kverentu - map The False a halo- for you these relations will is mixed: The all feerichno and perfectly, and the a bummer on all accounts.

6-Which negative can bring these relations kverentu - map Golden cell- for you these relations can become "golden cell" - money will, freedom there is no, dependence and subduing partner, jealously and suspicion with his hand.

7-“ Laissez-faire themselves to wage kverentu to preserve and strengthen these relations - map Actor- behave better consciously and several frivolously, is worth play along the him and in than something submit to.

8-“ Laissez-faire themselves to wage kverentu to not to remain in damage in these relations - map Don Quixote- active actions here not need, need to lot more watch. Not worth to tear relations or undertaking any other impulsive and rash actions. Detect, that will follow from him and only then 2415 something themselves.

Not on all your questions I answered, but here need a blown consultation and flip the link in dialogue. Successes!



Morozz wrote:

How will solidify relations I have with my a man in the coming 6 months? With Merry Christmas, Liuda!

And you with holiday!
Irina, that Nakamury the Nakamury.
Near future - Widow - in your relations expected the negative events on not beyond from you reasons. Influence this very difficult. An onerous a sense of losses, heaviest parting. Wanted visit in alone with their feelings.
However this not says about final a rupture, camping on K. Then comes the map articulation of - and this recovery relations, one of partners will lighten up and just titillation another, remove from Wailing starts) fortune.
And all goes to map Golden women of - when balance and harmony will repaired, all description to everyone Puppet: And oio and heart.



Here is has found in networks an interesting KiNovskiy alignment. Can who to get inspired.

closely connected to Zvezda


1 - what negative quality needs to change in coming year?
2 - what positive quality needs develop in coming year?
3 - what new energy (efforts) needs introduce (attach the) in coming year?
4 - that should I figure in coming year?
5 - what vision should I incarnate in life in coming year?



Ludmila side C Merry Christmas you!
If can be, Pomogi deal :dontknow:
The situation: My relations with girlfriend already few years frozen, however I all raze not can sweep its from heads (once were deemed best friends) - constantly return and'm debating with itself. - Why not, in than the reason (I itself cut the top of relations, having felt some my insincerity with its hand), but goes time.
Question. - Why not the situation not pitnu me, what I cannot "see", recognize and what will advice.
Restore relations or not - this I likely gather additionally in any way we learnt with question "and why."

Ludmila, understand. That perhaps "not so" asked,. Bend, please.
RS: Very hope, that Christmas divination - purported time!
Thank you! :flag:

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Люда, у меня тоже вопрос:что ждет меня на моем нынешнем месте работы в этом году? как себя вести в отношениях с руководством и может стоит уже новую работу подыскивать?



Lyuda and I have question: In what sphere life in 2010 I have hints significant changes? And that then in this sphere to do, and what should not?



Lud_mila wrote:

And you with holiday!
Irina, that Nakamury the Nakamury.

Thank you Lyudochka! :love:
Have us now and truth highly strange period. Like together, and apart. Consider, as further develops a :)



Инна wrote:

What me expects in this year and in work out how to beat?

Inna, question very Appassionata, within Forum has pulled you 2 maps:
1 the most striking event year - map Strategist- your life will fleshed it out and clearly designed, likely, not worth expect any something feericheskikh events, all will on plan, predictably.
2 in which direction move - map Quantum leap- need to seek to to a new. It is time decisive change, not worry about and let it in new in his life. This as advice, over than work.



Ludmila, thank you large!

Lud_mila wrote:

Don’t on all your questions I answered, but here need a blown consultation and flip the link in dialogue. Successes!

Feedback - I gladly, if you this interestingly. If want, otpishu in lichku as this alignment plank with my concepts of reality?



Kisa wrote:

powers. Ah want, otpishu in lichku as this alignment plank with my concepts of reality?

Of course, me interestingly!



Me take :flag:
Ludmila with Christmas!
I have continuation of past year - as develops a my unsteady activities in year Tiger? And can be still specific question - pro a certain event, directly associated with health?



Таис wrote:

Dobryi day! Thank you, Ludmila, for fighting opportunity! Question the next: What are potential opportunities my careers on the coming 6 months? Is worth whether remain on retailing place work or seek a new? On than need to focus their attention in professional terms of?

What are potential opportunities my careers on the coming 6 months - map Warrior creature- opportunity start new, evolve and explore new horizons, activity, focus, but there is no sustainability, stability,, it is difficult keep their positions, actions're impulsive and little hybridization of.

That will if to remain on the former work - map Tool- you're addicted, and must submit to certain rules, freedom little, but money you will have. Forced to play by cause rules.

That will if you will seek new place - Master and Pupil- will have learn, osvoivat new, start almost with zero and get onto on stairs a scale, anew. Lapni a new experience, knowledge, skill.

On than need to focus their attention in professional terms of? - map Bind- need to keep in mind material side life, accumulate and maintain, not grasp at for something dragged (see Map Warrior creature higher), without base not will stability.



Мечта wrote:

Is the whether I have opportunity show here themselves as the as personality?

Your question implies the answer "Yes / there is no." I his several pereformulirovala:
What opportunities you have will at this place work - map Two faces Eva- you will mooted before somehow choice, you will need try to to combine two role. Likely, in your case this expression of themselves and as official and as creative personality. Will not simply, but

2 map Erossuggests, that you will find compromise and chase receive emotional satisfaction from of his work at this place.



Tania T wrote:

If can be, Pomogi deal

Chose alignment Directors / spat
1- position partner in this situation - farms life- likely, your girlfriend was busy whatever something routine affairs, decided family problems, has moved in them with head.
2- position voproschayuschego in this situation - Pestryy pied piper- and you went on about have situation, not particularly vklyuchayas in it and without understanding of, that happening.
3- the reason squabbles\ gap - Two faces Eva- this important map, here either was even one woman, which teetered between you and has become cause of contretemps, either this your girlfriend was forced fully switch on its family and engage only it.
Maps 4 and 5 will reveal opportunity convergence and reconciliation
4 - opportunity convergence from partner - the Family- she is ready to convergence, will only is happy, if you make up, hm.
5- opportunity convergence from voproschayuschego - haben und somit genau wissen= you, too, is ready go on meeting, for you this will be holiday and relish.
15- outcome, perhaps whether reconciliation - Golden cell- the outcome will be, but I think, signing relations not vosstanovyatsya. Will dependence and continuously in rubbing shoulders. Can whose something a man will against and will become hinder.
Maps 7 and 8 - advice for voproschayuschego
7 your the next step on the way reconciliation - - The Oracle- listen its hunches and Emotilize this alignment skin that whether. Listen its heart of.
8- lesson, which voproschayuschiy should learned from situation - fear- map not simple, you need to learn to not to run away from dangers, from something, that unpleasantly and not want in this crawl. Other their fears create in face!



Ludmilla, thank you huge, for aid! On current work - the situation now in accuracy as you and described.

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Таис wrote:

Ludmila, thank you huge, for aid!

If that figure out, post. I looking for their predicted. :writing:



Ludmila, will be whether I have in this year LOVE?



Lud_mila wrote:

If that figure out, post. I looking for their predicted. :writing:

Necessarily, Ludmila!



Римма wrote:

Ludmilla, will be whether I have in this year LOVE?

Rimma, gladly would answered: Yes!, but not show my maps such questions. Can watch prospects on a love front. Look?



Ludmilla, and possibly whether shift settings, or. As would this call.?
Deal in is, that alignment, which you me described perishing very clearly is borne on another rights. T. E. Asked I about one, but passed time, and perhaps when you did alignment I have on the agendaon mind was the other. Can such be?

P.S. In lichku I you hit me back. By the, that was asking

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