Personally I would changed the would article in "The Taming Of The beautiful baby", but in the original, the she is called precisely so:

They say, that once one woman, glorious name Scheherazade, left all daughters a and wives our planet Master-19 seduction of tsars and turning their in their devoted husbands.

The Master-19 was called "" Fairytale 1,000 and one night and is available was each retain the, Ltd) way capture the heart not simple husband, and strong world stingy. On modern nareche-called oligarch price.

Unfortunately, as often the case that, that openly the eye as you becomes encrypted message, and "Fairytale 1,000 and 1 night became of a textbook seduction in ordinary stories.

And once came me at night soul like The and asked to tell wise women, as was able she melt heart of czar Shakhriyara and become him not only mother his children, but and love the entire his life.

"I will talk you its history, gracious and the Right Honourable Mark, and you allocate its other. To each woman could understand, in than needs a strong man, when soul his seems brutal and unrequited , asked me Scheherazade.

"Same environment and I obey, about great Mrs.! - responded I it.

Listen to same, expensive BBSes and wife true history premudroy like The about how, why its vision worked.

Scheherazade was daughter minister czar Shakhriyara and its Pope-minister was so smart, that married on very wise woman, which and has given birth to him two daughters: Shakherezadu and Dunyazadu.

Mother taught daughters the, as need to behave with a man, to to pay his anger on the mercy of and be not simply favourite him, and necessary.

When Shakherezade that was 14 years and she realized, that has become a, asked its mother in Apartments, where not was of strangers ear and told it such words:

"Allah big and have mercy on and yes will help he you learned times and forever 4 rules, which must abide by woman, if wants enjoying with happiness wife and welfare.

were First,daughter my: Game on those rules, that you offers a man. Otherwise will go down he in anger and send the he on you force its. Isklyuchenie, when on you looming hard, as if launched box, force, become softly butter, to not inflicted the he you no harm. Particularly mild the firm hurt not can. When a man offers you its game, offer him its game so, to he believed, that this his game.

That you memorized the, girl my?

- To receive the contestant game, that me offers man and be soft in this game so, to the most start with him its game.

", Bia my. Now their own were &: Always voodushevlyay ?? on continuation of game. Isklyuchenie, until game continues, he will need in you and will regard, that likes you.

Tell us, as you realized this rule?

- I realized mother, that until I play with a man, I him interesting, and he will me love.

", more honored Allah over you, daughter my. Your wisdom makes me a quiet for s fate. Now Third were, which you need to be remembered: Somehow would brutal and wrathful not came to you your a man, shine that light him so, to he under rays hours of sunshine in your heart of melted and relaxed a, as lion after abundant food.

Men seek resistance, to feel stronger. Not let-to his a man see in you force, otherwise have him goes cloudy all brain cells and he deems, that you a man. And then will battle. The sun in your heart of and as soft your souls faster would win yours lion, than all army, with whom he ready battle.

That you realized, about my a wise girl?

- I realized, that when a man comes me, need to love his all the heart and accept the his mood, to in heart of his returned rest and mind his calmed down.

"Until what same you he, Scheherazade. Yes following: "With you the mercy of Allah , told mother like The and exploration likely continued, -" Now the Fourth were, girl my: When your a man meets go on their Affairs let go his with such faith in themselves, as if you release his in neighboring room. Never the tremor part for what he will find better you. Isklyuchenie: Checkers - play with men on light of so little, that recalculate their ????? fingers one hands.

Women not believe in themselves, because consider, that men interested in only female body, which only is aging and slathered artificial yes ultraviolet. And each look better is capable their the body attract its husband.

Can be, Scheherazade, the Young and can attract ??, but keep not can. For deters men only game in riddle. When you release ??, confident and mysterious, then a host day, until he in affairs, he is asking itself question, that still I pro it not know? Why she such a confident? Should I its understand and decipher!

So, as you don the Fourth were, Scheherazade?

- I'm letting go his ?? on fulfilment his affairs, believing in themselves so, that, I'm forcing his to flee me and beat my mystery of.

"About, now I am sure pretty daughter, that nothing in world not can you hurt. Allah saves you!

Passed a bit time and mother like The died, and later three years Admiral Mike Mullen black times.

Tsar Shahryar (disambiguation), faced about treason its wife, every night accelerated in their Apartments virgin, please its need for in it, and next morning has killed. So lasted three years and people fled from the country, fearing for life their daughters.

And in one day tsar ordered to his to Sherif (father like The) lead him, on headscarves worn, girl, and minister released and became seek, but not has found nor one environment that encourages insurers for of marital life girls and went to in its home,, Margrave of Meissen and is suppressed by, fearing for themselves of evil from czar.

And Scheherazade cheer: Zaklinayu you distinction, about Nicolas, roar man, me for this czar, and then I eitherm gonna stay to live, either d redemption for daughters Muslims and'll save their from czar. Zaklinayu you distinction, has exclaimed minister, not haulage industry.Sorry. themselves such dangers! But Scheherazade told: This is inevitably should be!

And then father has equipped unique Shakherezadu and took to the Tsar Shakhriyaru.

Mindful the, about than taught its mother, Scheherazade was brushing up on my its ve heard old sister and told it: When I will assume to the Tsar, I I shall send for you, and you, when'd be coming and witnessed, that tsar hawk its within striking distance me, tell: Oh sister-in-law, talk with us and tell us us that any, to reduce sleepless night , and I will talk you something, in than will, with soizvoleniya Allah, our liberation.

And here is minister, father like The, led its to the Tsar, and tsar, see those crime his, been happy about and asked: Delivering whether you the, that I need? And minister said: Yes! And Shahryar (disambiguation) diary take Shakherezadu, but she started to cry; and then he asked its: What with you?

Scheherazade told: Oh tsar, I have there is a small sister, and I want with it drop. And tsar sent then for Dunyazadoy, and she came to the sister, hugged its and sela on gender near box.

And then Shahryar (disambiguation) is carrying Shakherezadoy, and then they have become communicating; and molodsha sister told Shakherezade: Zaklinayu you distinction, sister-in-law, tell us us that any, to reduce sleepless clock night.

So Scheherazade fulfilled First were, which have taught its mother.

Since love and hunt, if will resolve me unimpeachable tsar , answered Scheherazade, becoming so uchtivoy and soft, that tsar, muchavshiysya an insomniac, having heard these words, been happy about, that'll listen to narrative, and allowed.

So Scheherazade fulfilled & were,which have taught its mother.

And Scheherazade starters tell the Tsar fairy tale, that you can find in Eastern European folk tales "1,000 and one night . And until she office-, she loved Shakhriyara all the heart, accepting his mood, to in heart of czar returned rest and mind his calmed down.

So Scheherazade fulfilled Third were, which have taught its mother.

Scheherazade office-stories, until its not caught some of morning, and she Nepalese permissible speech. And sister its cheer: Oh sister-in-law, as your narrative by the, good, and however, and is sweet!

But Scheherazade, mindful about Fourth Rule, which she received from his mother told: From / To fields this before, about than I will talk you in next night, if d to live and tsar will only spare me! And tsar then pro themselves thought: I swear to distinction, I not'll kill its, until not would hear the end of the its confirming stories with!

Then tsar went to render Court, and has judged, and appointed and so was until the evening. And minister anxiously waited, when tsar will order to put will decapitate his daughter, but so and not well cared for by, because Shahryar (disambiguation) has left in their Apartments, to enjoying continuation of confirming stories with like The.

As you know, Scheherazade office-masterpiece stories three years and for this time has given birth to from czar three children male a gender. And when she through 1,000 and one night has tell him the latest narrative, she climbed back on its feet and, when I kissed land, told: Oh tsar time, a flat in centuries and centuries, I your a slave, and here is already Thousand nights and one night, as I bring the you tales of above former humans and an exemplary measure ancient. There is whether I have the right before with your majesty, to I could wish from you desire to?

And tsar said it: Wish, atoning, about Scheherazade. And then she clicked on babysitters and eunuchs and told them: Sacrifice my children. And they tthe brought their, and was their three sons, one of whom walking, the other crawled, and a third was sucking on thumping.

And when their brought, Scheherazade took their and has put before tsar and, when I kissed land, told: Oh tsar time, this your sons, and I wish from you, to you grapes me from of Slaughter sake of these children. If you me you gonna kill, these children will remain without mothers and not will find women, which well their will raise!

And here tsar has begun to cry, and pressed up, you children to breast, and said: Oh Scheherazade, swear to distinction, I pardoned you above, than appeared these children, so as I saw, that you virtuous, clean, is noble and bogoboyaznenna. Yes Allaah Allah you, yours father, s mother, your the root of the and s branch. Urge Allah in bystanders, that I grapes you from all, that can you hurt.

And Scheherazade kissed masterpiece hands and its feet, and tiny corner great joy, and cheer: Yes will prolong Allah s life, and yes will increase yours dignity and greatness of the.

And had spread in Palace czar joy, and galloped she on city, and was this night, that not consider in including nights life, and color its was swifter faces days. And next morning has tsar was am glad and is filled with the for good, and he sent for all fighters, and when they contributing, decorated American his minister, father like The, refurnished and excellent clothes and told him: Yes would protect you Allah for what you married me on your the noble daughters, which was reason, that I have repented in killing of strangers daughters. I saw, that she is noble, clean, virtuous and is chaste, and Allah empowered me from it three sons. Yes will same praise Allah for this great good deed would.

And then he decorated American pochyotnymi its clothes all Vizier-i-Azam, emirs and grandees rule and ordered ornamentar city in for thirty days, not forcing no one from inhabitants spending that any from money, contrary, all spending and dissaving charging from treasury czar. And city grace brilliant decoration of, such a which before not was, and beat drums, and zasvisteli flutes, and show off the all igretsy, and tsar empowered their gifts and presents, and were renouncing was alms beggar and poor, and has grasped its generosity all subjects and inhabitants realm.

And he lived together with their courtiers in happiness, joy, and a, and fitness, until not came to him The destroyer hedonism and Razluchitelnitsa of assembly.

Here is so, expensive my women, you can like wise Shakherezade placate mind strong men and imperceptibly become him not simply favorite, and necessary. If you, of course, want be wife the oligarch, President, Minister, or on thin the end of the, Marshal.

And if to speak seriously, then Four EU like The this your 4 fortune, never AGAIN women.

First were allows you to exert its state of Girls and start otherwise.

& were arouses in you state of mistresses and rouses ?? on continuation of already your Games.

Third were shows your state of Khozyayki and fills exhausted ?? vigorbefore, as you enable the Fourth rule, which change roils your state of of Queen and you can to float your ?? on Affairs, on witch for trophies, which he will bring to your yet, to again try to decipher your secrecy, but on fact play in your otherwise.

Author and source: Mark Ifraimov "Appliance Manufacturers speed transformation personality"

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