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, when the moon changes 2010

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- By whom he turns?
- By God, to God …

The film “Whites clothing ”

Next have us vygode 14 February, which coincides with Day lovers. Will mark it in 5 hours 51 minuteon Moscow time in 26 • have. Symbol of Sabian here... This degrees holds: “El Mecanico is checking accumulator car ” or“ art of screwing others to apply knowledge natural laws to usual Affairs. ”

Key wordsastrological vibrations this month: Immersion, dissolving the, dreams about the future. Precisely such “coloring ” novoluniyu gives compound with famous Neptune Fountain -. For active activities and both in the traditional understanding of time not the most appropriate. Vygode not makes Umstanden aspects of to other planets, it in “free care ” and, likely, month in sobytiynom terms of will an ineffective. To the same blood regardless, when the moon changes – Uranus, too, neaspektirovan, so in legislations world it is difficult expect any something breakthroughs. And still offers moment. For active and deyatelnykh people this month will the most difficult, so as Mars still is in in movement, and, became be, on backdrop of such, when the moon changes achievements and causes, and also implementation expectations can and not be quite. To mind comparison this month with the most dark time night before tracing dawn, because in next month Mars already unfold in a direct movement and achieved will become easier.

And that same us to do the entire this month? – ask me for reader. And will rights in his curiosity. Higher already stated, that time for activity timing in the traditional understanding of. And here is if take unconventional, then can be for themselves open many new and unusual. Review to launched sabianskogo symbol of a: “The ability to apply knowledge natural laws to usual Affairs. ” And that, if us try stop, turn to to his domestic world and population new, more subtle string, urafa the hundreds, to God, to psyche? And watch that will occur in sobytiynom stream? Willing orientiruyu on detailed description of the runes ma?r, that associate with structure Neptune. In oblegchennom, “laytovskom ” version can be to do easier: Dissolve in music, dances, to develop autotrening, meditation, to address charity.

All the more, that this promotes and compound Venus and organic in merciful and sostradatelnom signs Pisces. And for lovers this aspect of promises a long beautiful minutes mutual understanding and dissolving of the in partner. Retrogradnyy Mars in question finally formed a sekstil with Saturn in Libra, that promises reliability and responsibility male than half in relations. And can be, foreign passivity this month and skill more likely emphasis with goal on process (this one of characteristics this the runes) will help to return to nevyuchennym lessons of in relations with ulyublenimi (quincunx Venus – organic to Mars -Saturnu) and on the new level find reliance and confidence.




Vygode will mark 16 Marchin 00 hours 01 minuteon Moscow time in 26 • Pisces.degree Sabian here... Symbolically describes this degree so: "'re lovers and an old man look on young month"or "Common Market momentum, prelomlyayuschiysya in individual character action."

Zodiakalnyy a badge of Pisces itself seems interested those, that his energy affects depth and mystery souls until ?? ? ? programs. Compounds, when the moon changes with Uranus gives chance renewal and transformation these programs, and also deep, prochuvstvovannogo submersion in their dreams. Conscious actions (the Sun), work souls (Long), progovarivanie (Mercury) makes this time saturated sense and understanding deep causality could investigative ties and, most importantly, a novelty and derznovennymi attempts to their embodiment (Uranus). And semisextile this compounds to Grocer eclipse Neptune sextile promises affirmative changes. Sekstil Mars and of Saturn also can a leg up like this right resources. Actions will accurate and will help lay the foundation active both in harmonious encounters with the decente.

What can be wait in sobytiynom stream from this, when the moon changes:
- of surprises
- destruction, which without telling something new
- departure from traditional approach to views on life
- participation friends
- new programs
- can suddenly verbalizovatsya the, that long saves on generates level, but could not oblechsya in words.



I have vygode --something in 11 house.
And interesting events occurred on the evening on the eve, when the moon changes. :)
In general, I met with madam-the astrologer from its cities (I perishing and not hoped find astrologers in his frontier :rolleyes:). Met I with it at the county Forum utterly suddenly. That interestingly, L proved sunny a Pisces :)



Morozz wrote:

What interestingly, L proved sunny a Pisces

Here is such coincidentally yes, very interesting since. I, too,. Even, that pressing tranzity attract to us people zodiakalnogo psikhotipa.
I have, too, in category: Of st of House, in opposition to Uranus in 5 forge the



Makes me want to offer you and his vision of, when the moon changes.:writing:

New Moon 16 March not only restarts in public life already-turned-us casualty expectations reforming power structures, but and already everywhere dimly palpable desire for change. All what the await - who official announcement of’s demise crisis, who real steps in reforming MVD, who results struggle with corruption, and who the even decided to send Internet production premier resign.
But until, all our expectations concrete results breakup is premature.Despite on the, that vygode and happened on connecting with Uranus and v, in a broad trigone with form is just the speed and force vami. And all by the, that have us the main have operated face - a strong Saturn, deterrent reformiruyuschee action Pluto existing public by building. All like would and want change, but people, it seems, stability more expensive, yes and Protestantism, violate law - punish severely. And our presidents no one from their, mebers and in head not comes. Like, as would and vyzreli change and importantly face is prepared their voice (vygode as it there is), but after all all of this in Pisces, yes and in broad opposition to Saturn devouring his children, or in a loop to him, whom as like. Despite all of this vygode in trigone to Mars, which and himself already a long time in shall to Saturn devouring his children. Of course, this may a leg up like this right resources. But, likely, and deterred aktivno- demonstration actions oppozitsii- people known and favorite in people, within of law.
Blood regardless, when the moon changes Neptune in polusekstile to him, of course same, promises affirmative changes for the better, but, unfortunately, this may so and to remain only promise. Although want greater, the more that with number of 19 on 26 March and will come in some the least a small even the upcoming us in near future change. Mercury and the Sun go on those can do in Ovne, of which in mid-June Jupiter with Uranus and will deal us tau! - squaring with the participation Pluto and Saturn, and the Sun finishes building all of this until Krestovoy situation.

That then, perhaps, we and comes change, or, likely in this time will: One the necessary conditions for their implementation.

That same pozhivem- will see?

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Nikolai, thank you for surveillance! :flag:



Report to Genady pro vygode.
In Monday, 15 March on the eve, when the moon changes in office included light and breathed explosion. Not frightened! :) This is detonated one of lamps in light fixture. Nothing terrible, but one phase gotten knocked out. Long snapping and the, included. Thank God, all normal.

16 March homes me're hammered current. Not d tell insipid history, why have us the door and luminaire yen) 220 W. But Uranus (done its deal! Ploughshares I loudly and had not immediately.
The original of the here.



Ah, and I 15 withdrew ??? in staff (after a long hiatus) and You fucked your way until Astrodoma :flag: what, sky-is happy :jumping:

Lud_mila wrote:

me're hammered current.

"Ah, nathin 'itself" told I itself, having yesterday s history. And blacked out (fell asleep. Apparently I as something especially connected with it with your short novel, so as me "'re hammered" current in dream :hobo:



Lud_mila wrote:

report to Genady pro vygode.

I, too, "distinguished by gains": All waited, and that same will, I have 14 March the Sun with 0 • with Uranus.
14 putting write home about, but 15, kettle I have is worth on komforke, which I not'm using, somehow, this burner got hot lighted up (Khaled el stove stove) and foundation have my was became rasplavlyatsya, when I understood this, instead of, to suggested a start pressing hard on sensor, to high more not it warmed up, I simply decided shift the his with this on others. Komforku.
Forth, cord from was, too, fell on this komforku and immediately :surprise:,
Here breathed explosion, he blanked light and everything else, thank God, that WordPad :flag: I have attached through UPS



Lero4ka wrote:

apparently I as something especially connected with it with your short novel, so as me "'re hammered" current in dream

She, and with famous Neptune Fountain - aspects not was?

I have vygode stand in an exact opposition to Uranus in 5 st from 11 th homes. So (fortunately) with leave the computer on all in order, electricity, too, not was exploding. But utterly suddenly for me "were set" relations with two close friends. With one more-less all uregulirovalos, some compromise there is at least, with the other - there is no. Frankly, not expected and highly saddened by. Although, perhaps, all, that neither is done, all for the better.



Радуга wrote:

she, and with famous Neptune Fountain - aspects not was?

Nope :dontknow: Wu me this vygode again nothing not a fact. In 7d, without aspects of.

Радуга wrote:

utterly suddenly for me "were set" relations with two close friends.

Ah recognized a classic example of have.

Радуга wrote:

Although, perhaps, all, that neither is done, all for the better.

Perhaps requires renewal :glasses:



Lero4ka wrote:

perhaps requires renewal

Laura in characterizes opposition as the end of one and the beginning of another cycle. And this as something encouraging :)



From the hoax Valentina Kudryashovoy "Astrology in Chelyabinsk":

Period with 27 March on 3 April 2010.

In signs Shield.

Silence of – gold.

Yes, I remember, that every http urge many-many communicate, because we all in http particularly’s be frank.

And the most clear represent, that want.

Of course, a badge of Shield – this a badge of interaction and, ah-yes, ah-yes, vzaimorazgovorov.


This week is part of special the lunar The.

And so I advise entire week – not simply silenced, and silenced, closely listening.


Lunar family – this 4 of the lunar phase, ??? between themselves on distance in 9 months and associated equal position moon on zodiakalnom range.

In late September, 2008 was vygode, Long and the Sun were both in 7 throes mark Shield. Issuance the hoax here.

Through nine months struck the first quarter-moon, in late June 2009, and Long was in 8 throes a sign Shield.

Now, 30 March, in http, Long in 10 gruduse mark Shield.

Through 9 months, in late December 2010, will the latter quarter-moon, in 7 throes mark Shield.

Updates for all four dates between themselves linked.

As shows practice, and events these periods between themselves linked.

The reason, why precisely in this http need take symbolic pledged silencein is, that us already now need to to know, from any relations we channel were through 9 months.

And still, that more important, who abandons us, from interaction with us.

Silence in for weeks us will help hear, that await from us in partnership expensive us people.

And so same, that receive from us in partnership those who us a gift not need, but have stuck.

Such a truth we can to identify the every http, but through 9 months, when the latter quarter-moon would call on us brush your our ranks, eradicate from excess – this will be not simply eve New Year, and week between the two blackouts under control, between Node of the blackout, the 21 December 2010 and simplicity the blackout, the 4 January 2011.

This is will time not simply separation, and time discontinuity relations.

Highly nasty, and for someone and very painful.

Hope, I persuaded, that in period with 27 March on 3 April, silence will the most valuable gold. And canard– the most important body feelings.

especially Euroskepticism this issuance will for those, from whom day the birth of is mired in periods:

26 June - 2 July

27 March - 3 April

25 December - 1 January

26 September - 2 October any year,

Reveal them this issuance. Theme this issuing for them will is important.



And from themselves want add, that with tomorrow begins Good week, and because prevents different the temptation have place be.



Yes, Good week began tragedy.



Yes :( here is it, vygode on Uranus. An overactive in full force.




Another meeting luminaries will mark 14 Aprilin 15 hours 28 minuteson Moscow time in 25 throes Aries. Degree Sabian here... So describes his: "it's unfamiliar prospect pugayusche with two sides"or "being mind internal and external opportunities".

April in astrology is under influence a sign Aries. Him traditionally attribute such meaning as: Start, momentum, jump, autonomy, drive to leadership, egocentrism, openness, bluntness, this principles. Aries is sign forces, struggle, might, energy, and also self-sacrifice. Levin: "The beginning of - 0 degrees of aries - the first momentum manifestations of, he the most vivid and active. This momentum, which arises in seed, when it is beginning to quickly recruit energy for subsequent growth. Biologists know, that if throw the seed in water or to deposit in moist land, where enough heat, then some time it will recruit energy. The cumulative warmly environment or energy, that will redial the seed, Crosses a critical frontier, and in this moment arises a strong electromagnetic momentum. On the chart can be see a sharp leap, which lasts only a few seconds. After this the seed is beginning to actively nabiat momentum, and with this moment begins his growth. "

There is well-known opinion about how, that about their plans not need to no one tell. If view this assertion with astrological perspective, it well logical: Any phase design must takes time in darkness (work seed no one sees). So and in case of our, when the moon changes, this time the most suited for bearing the and active training future beginnings. Indeed do can be said, that beginnings already are realized, but until this no one sees. Harmonious aspect of, when the moon changes with Neptune tells us about inspiration, mental the twists and turns and deep psikhologizme domestic processes. Fire engin-of the air element this aspects makes us lungs, on rise, here not requires to surmount inertia and decisional laziness water and the earth the elements. Neptune in Vodolee: Can be plan future, turn for psychological support to friends or need themselves unemployed in the reference.

In favor of foreign passivity this time says and about the, that blood regardless, when the moon changes Mars again remained without aspects of and (is gathering pace after coming in a direct movement in question. Both want. Samoproyavleniya. And at all activity, but or not is obtained, or is obtained as something jerkily, spontaneously, not in own manner and appropriate or not.

Yes and hard aspect of opposition of Saturn and Uranus in map, when the moon changes suggests, that not will all smooth. About this dimension I already wrote here, but closing.

What us bears this aspect of? Above all, keen standoff order, legitimacy, restrictions and freedom across latitude its outpouring. Aspect of bears subject struggle old with new. Expression of Uranus in Pisces can be accompanied by heated emotional vypleskami (Fish - Water a badge of). Opposes this dry, conservative and down-to-earth Saturn in the Virgin, so personality in its individual displaying the can feel depressed order and a clear distribution responsibilities in collective, and also place in the system social hierarchy (should we expect. Status). Because Saturn slightly stronger Uranus, then can be to say, that a path a new will shut down well a and conservative, trying to preserve the existing order and not give progressive a path.

Will have to choose between friendship and career, this, too, one of outpouring this aspects. Friendship will lack the reliability and stability, and in career - independence from leadership. Also let us Be careful what you post, rises the likelihood accidents and ruptures broken bones.

Ah, exactly, on this all. Wish all successful and harmonious month :flag:


M. B. Levin. Lecture on astrology. 1 course. 4 semester. - M.: Dealt with by CAI, 1993.

Phases solechno-lunar cycle April:

21 th - the first quarter-( growing squaring) in 2 throes Leo
28 th - http in 9 throes of the Virgin of the
6 on May - the latter quarter-( the falling squaring) in 16 throes have.



was participated

Vygode on May is expected 14 number ofin 4 hours 5 minuteson Moscow time in 24 • Taurus. Degree Sabian here... So his describes: "lndian proudly it is stunning human scalp hunter,"or “from Changing to national feelings as instinct self-preservation. ”

Perishing not know one can have whether us store scalps, but at all a badge of Taurus, in which will vygode on May, to this unobtrusively render community. After all traditionally is considered, that this a badge of Zodiacs replies for peace material culture, finances, actively capital accumulation, and also desire to stability, sustainability, create and retaining any forms. A new moon puts task figure out with their yet remain devout needs: Physical (food, sex, a cosy honeymoon hideaways) and emotional (calm, the world in psyche, love in heart of).

Key wordsthose, with whom we can face in May: Shape, stabilize, accumulate, satisfy needs, materializovyvat, compaction, eat, consume, yield income, fill in, buy, finance, create.

And that same we see in map, when the moon changes on this about? And nothing write home about not will happen. Despite harmonious aspects of, which makes compound luminaries to Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn devouring his children, no breakthroughs in this direction not envisioned. Why? But because Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus (quietly and peacefully gather scaling in other signs, especially Uranus (, which one foot already in Ovne. So themes, affected a new moon, will differ past. Simply put, decisional laziness us will wriggle. Yes, theoretically can be will find new sources of enrichment, good and Jupiter a strong, in Pisces. Yes, and traditional ways investment not if it's bleeding. But … not as relevant as something, not one senses a real needs. Not ripe enough. Yes and blood regardless, when the moon changesVenus in the Twins in US ? dimension to Jupiter tells us about efforts to calculating, an informed relations to investment, but, alas and Oh, all of this will it seems on an unthinking Inernational Ballet or shop.

However, almost undetectable semisextile between a new moon and his a head of tend all same leave hope, that energy this month will used constructively and intelligent.

In any case all successful EMU month!


Bukovets, Veliko Tarnovo Province A. B. Course practical astrology. - M., 2005
Volzhina G. Planet in critical degrees. - M., 2006
Salikova E. Astrology for primer: As to read birth map. - SPb., 2004

phase cycle:

20 on May in 30 • Leo - growing squaring
27 on May in 7 • of Sagittarius - http
4 June in 15 • Pisces - the falling squaring



vygode of 1915

Iyunskoe a new moon expect 12 Junein 15 hours 14 minuteson Moscow time. Compound luminaries will in 22 • prodavat. Degree Sabian here... So describes his: "Dancing couples on Alpine spree ”or“ Health relations, based on natural more than instinct. ”

June is under governance prodavat. Traditionally is considered, that this zodiakalnyy a badge of replies for communication, contacts, information and its reprocessing of, nedalnie trip.

In map, when the moon changes compound the Sun-Long not make aspects of. So all themes June develop unpredictably, foretell which something scenario, which it is difficult to predict and engineer a. Say, on pattern not respond why something, badly information somewhere disappears and emerges in the most surprise moment, Hauptstrasse suddenly change its timetable and camping on D. Through a few days symbolic vygode “stumbles ” kvadraturoy on Saturn in the Virgin, and the entire information-communicative theme rigidly faces constraints, grazing and inhibition, interlinked with rules, the guidelines and picky superiors who cling to location--near train station and for forested forests not see.

Under this emerging obstacles and difficulties to decide would still need to. blood regardless, when the moon changes Mercuryin the Twins (from merkurianskikh those not get out of it, we will endowed they in full set) in kvikonse to Pluto. Mercury highlights all quality prodavat. He gives ease expression, mobility mind, breadth of interests and circle communication. Quincunx – aspect of U.S.A lessons, and types is asking subject inevitability and vychistki from just of an unnecessary. So theme June – to do its deal, and under this life would spare from just excess and-prioritize all on their jobs.

A specific feature of this month is that http(phase, on which theme manifests itself maximally) account for on a lunar eclipse. About eclipse will written separately. I shall note one only nuance: In map eclipse the Sun and Mercury virtually in connecting (precise compound will come 28 June). So have us will a good chance awareness of events and situations. Not discarded, that origins their will be in district 28 April (recall that then happened) on the early sunny-merkurianskogo cycle. On our Forum we discussed this subject. Now can be to return to it and analyze that and as happened.

I wish all successful EMU month!

Phases sunny-lunar cycle:

19 June – 1 quarter-in 28 • Virgin of
26 June – http (it same and a lunar eclipse) in 5 • Capricorn
4 July – 4 quarter-in 13 • Aries



Very not be easy in this month will have people, which have Pluto is in 22 • Virgin of (this generation roughly of the late 1966 th year until the early 1968 th). A new moon makes kvadraturu to this planet. It seems, that will have rigidly recognize the need to deep changes in the sphere, which manages Pluto in map every rights.


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