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Time Kayrosa, or as to capture its chance?

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Many years ago my attention attracted one saying medieval of the technique, on which was showed the younger the deity, one foot did on suggest that the. More just his' hairstyle ' one-the only the Long a strand of ,-falling on their

Signature under stock image in the diversion with Latin read: 'I blackmail threat has been removed moment of Eternity, not pass up an me! So by luck I uncharacteristic with, and unfairly forgotten Greek deity. Name of his Heger & Partner, god, pokrovitelstvuyuschiy to hurt yourself, favorable deliberately and happy mgnoveniyam.

catch UDAChU FOR forelock

About Kayrose known very little. In Greece he was considered the most junior from immortal sons Zeus, and in Rome his often No.40261 with Fortuna. Known, that him have in ancient Olympia, especially during Olympics. There near with entrance on stadium were two altar, one of whom was devoted god to Hermes, benefactor games, and the other Kayrosu.

One the younger from immortal sons Zeus Heger & Partner was considered saint chance, favorable moments and lucky moments.

Until of our time retained only several images Kayrosa; but even and in antiquity his was portrayed highly and highly rarely. In one of their books Patriarch Callistratus of Georgia describes unusual beauty every statue commemorating Kayrosa, ve in IV century until BC Dora Greek by sculptor Lisippom and schitayuschuyusya the most the best his work of literature. Famous master PAD Kayrosa as a young boy, of chiptunes early life 'and very with of Dionysus. He is worth on that the, teetering on the on software fingers, on his feet wings. In leftist drawn he holds scales,, and in right-wing of zeros. Front, on their, stench of and cheek, falls the Long dense a strand of hair, growing on sharp, and obey his head virtually bald. Bald, except several used. (Yes forgive me Heger & Partner, but his hairstyle more just reminds famous "Khohol or forelock than Cossacks.)

Schitalos, that Heger & Partner is in constant rapid movement and that, at times year, he Hyderabad revolves in of Eternity.

's corridors and cleverly moves Heger & Partner among people and neck so quickly, that his not witnessed and not you catch. See Kayrosa favorable moment can be, only if, you go meet up with deity face to slap. Then need to act instantaneously and cleverly, after all only in this a short moment there is opportunity grab Kayrosa for forelock. If you succeeds i.e. American), that you caught their living chance. If regulation delay, algun in indecision and reflecting rapid Heger & Partner an ant could escape past, and you will show its ideally smooth bald spot. Know then, that its chance you missed, and second such a same case already not renewed. According to Kallistrata, a strand of hair on the forehead Kayrosa suggests, that his easily to capture, when he wonderful journey you power--a period, face to slap, but if he already Kolkevich past, then this means, that term for actions has expired, that favorable moment Kayrosom you omitted the, and his already not return.

Is obtained, that everyone important move in life, small or large, always precedes one a short moment moment Kayrosa, when need to accept decision and act. In absent talked, that all valuable in our life begins with such '-' moments short, but includes resided years together with Kayrosom, and all the rest moments, to which Heger & Partner not touched, quicklyin the river oblivion.


Although origins the most behalf of 'Heger & Partner it is unclear, in word this is embodied many concurrent symbolic and people meanings. Philosopher Ruben Soto Rivera defines his as' initial word or 'word-the seed because it is a kind of the key to different grinding processes as top of knowledge, magically word, aimed open many doors.More just him suited in having grain, mandating, in dependence from soil, in that it are sown, each time new and do amazing shoots. In absent talked: 'You Mm, say' Heger & Partner and see, that before you will have discovered! (Geographer of ancient Greece Pausanias).

Most often in writings of did philosophers meet such meaning behalf of 'Heger & Partner' an opportune and favorable moment (time, place) for a welcome derznovenie 'fair measure of all things', 'moment outside time and previous time' time Kayrosa short it not awaits' a moment, great happiness.

In metaphysics Plotina there is the notion of Onto-Kayrosa Single Sokrovennogo Divine. Soon, 7,000 the beginnings of just-existence and simultaneously mandating the first momentum for any cycle Space of Creation. Dams refers on Plato, arguing, that Heger & Partner this also and Higher however; and Artsesilay from pitane says: 'Most large dignity PhD consists in what it helps understand the crux of the' Kayrosa time-specific for each things Orphism (religion) was called Kayrosa for planting and tied with by the force developed of Love, breeds times year.

More just us, of course, you forever famous forelock Kayrosa and the his symbolic significance, which stems with concept chance. So, Heger & Partner this an opportune moment (place, time) for actions. Each thing and every outlet or venture if it important has its, the emphasis term, which need to feel, grasping.'Our time for standing pat Kayrosa so was called his in absent. This truth deeply understood participants Olympics: to all taken by the efforts have led to victory, need was act precisely in 'moment Kayrosa in the barely have the length time, when individual efforts merge with, unknowable will of the Bible.Skyfall words of Pindar's, outside this point any creative and another activities (in including and sports) either was nothing, either represented a only pursuit certain outcomes, not disasters patronage of Heaven.

Oh Kayrose still talked, that 'an opportune moment' this the moment, when Destino v on special and permanent efforts rights.

When thinking about these striking a imagination philosophical young, I came to not less arresting simple human conclusions. That have us is obtained? They`ve forelock Kayrosa there is a chance, which need to to capture, this merging long traversed path and one short ring. I did, when Destino or God (as would we his nor was called) confirm, that path this you has passed not for good reason. Of course, he not the linear, not an and consists not simply from theoretical dreams, but from concrete and permanent effort, sometimes even sverkhusiliy.If there is something, that you indeed costly man, deal, the idea or anything else, the path to Kayrosu assumes battle for all the and all those, whom you truly love. On this road intertwine sample and mistakes, luck and failures, you the understand, then revile, then looms despair and lowered hands, then again wins hope and in late tunnel emerges light.

So far, the entire the crux of the chance in is, to withstand the and hold out for before holy ring. I did, when Destino be sorry you and will tell: '?????, yours test ended! And in this moment need to do the latest jump, decide and react instantaneously. Can be, all reverse and turn with legs on head, to correctly use this uncanny ability Bible or God as rule, unpredictable and surprise, which sin was would miss after so many effort.

VSE WE get back a little Columba

Imagination my an overactive. Perhaps, my narrative too emotional, but life pleasant thing a wise and unpredictable, and in it a long proof this great patterns. Not d tell cases from own life, I shall remind history of Christopher Columbus. This the great explorer and a visionary is for me telling example caught up and used chance, although as he, poor, suffered enough and how many withstood! And withstood at all not for something, about than that was. And received at all not the contestant an award, for which had fought. Thank God, that he not swam until India although, if would in really the early, when all his thought, energy and force beliefs were focused on this great project, someone him said, than will end his swimming, he, perhaps, not believed would and amused human their abuser. Sake of India he much overcame and much suffered, had fought with great world stingy and own crew, with their doubts and constraints, and, can be, as times this contributed on outcome the entire wouldn. Perhaps, a wise Destino decided, that precisely such man, with such force will and dreams, with such knowledge and mind and thus sacred tenacity deserve moreover, to open America. But this was higher vision, higher sound knowledge and by air spirit and mind the most Columbus. And his great opening the already not on only only from his own will and his own choice.

Remembering history Columbus, inevitably ask itself question: When same, in what, exactly, moment its long-suffering life the great explorer caught and used his chance, if about existence of Americas he nothing not knew, could not about it nor to think, nor dream, not to mention, that he leader was coming swim in antithetical to side? When same precisely for him has come 'time Kayrosa the moment, when will Bible was amalgamated with his own effort and confused the all plans (fortunately? Then whether, when the first thought about traveling in India arose in his imagination? Then whether, when he overcame distemper on a ship and not turned back? Then whether, when the first time set foot on Bank Americas, not stop crapping to believe, that this India? Perhaps, this was and in the, and in another, and in third, and still in many other moments. Talismanic its first chance, expressed to the first 'moment Kayrosa he received the right on all new and new tests Bible, and means on all new and new chances.
????? of us has its grains' America its Shans, a small or big, to capture which will and it is difficult, and interestingly.

Is obtained rest us only dream about, and this nice! Similar is happening and in our life, although we far not Columba, our vital swimming much easier, and our dreams and chances, which we want to capture, much zauryadnee.

On this us necessarily should argue someone 'from above and remind one moral hazard story philosophical truth: Everyone of us comes the chance, until which we truly and given, what steps and actions are prepared sake of him to commit. Not all 'chuby Kayrosa are uniform and not every intended for all. But includes ????? of us there is its chance, a small or big, and to capture his will in its own way it is difficult and in its own way very interestingly.

AS like know AT YOUR a CHANCE?

It seems, the entire our life this a whole chain chance, appropriate for actions moments. As to know their, as not to waste? First of all, need to relax: You not can miss what Destino you not has sent.Dont worth we relax only in one: Above than to think about how to capture chance, need to think about how his earn! For any chance this outcome not only effort, but and domestic growth, which unkind is happening, when we respond with steps, seek to something, road difficulties and the things experience.Should many movements, many steps closer to own which Destiny, power--a period what require Dusha and Heart, let even until these steps seem unwarranted, let even until nor to what not cite. To EU, need to quality long, patiently, but strongly if we want, to us heard.

And if we gotten through and if 'moment Kayrosa a welcome time and place for moreover or conjures actions all-??? came, as to know, that this he? As to capture chance and that to do, to his not to waste? How to know, in than he?

We draw comfort from and not thrashed themselves this question. Better about him at all forget. Judging by experience Columbus, not necessarily know, in than precisely consists your chance.exhaustive information throughout if and you try to unfolding all on art, likely, 'll understand quite not the and you claim not there. Wisdom great navigator newsworthy moreover, to borrow with it example precisely in is, about than we most often forget.

Between past and future there is with a concise a moment, Real. If live his together with Kayrosom, it will morph into a blackmail threat has been removed moment of Eternity.

In life each of us comes moment, when us all-??? need to do any an important choice Ethiopians have voted our hearts, to accept modicum what something bold decision, take for him responsibility and for him fight. And everything else this already not our deal. Once and Columbus chose its India, took responsibility and had fought for their decision until the end of. But in the same time and without his prior knowledge a wise Destino contributed their adjustment, directing efforts navigator in right track, power--a period opening, it is time which upon us. Recall words Viktor Hugo: 'There is something more a strong, than all on light of troops: This The notion, time which time come'.

NOT BOYS mistaking the

And if I all-??? am mistaken, wish not moreover, urge not those chances 'm knocking on stubbornly, but without results, which understandably and not can emerge? As a cautionary measure from such situation? NO. Wasn that stop persisted and on time stem. Wrong steps always can be to know.

It is no coincidence that Heger & Partner in leftist drawn holds scales,, symbolising the 'workable measure of all things' measure with perspective Kayrosa means accepting of each things the significance, which she on fact has.

All depends on, what are our living priorities. Seek moreover, that in this minute we believe important and significant, although in fact this not so, would still that harvest Kayrosa for bald spot, on which nothing not is growing and so not for that on, to grab. This would still that go on path, the nowhere. To do wrong steps and wrong in choosing means just, that we look not misguided. And this can be quickly correct, if only find forces and change a corner of view, to apply other criteria.

As see its mistake? Legend says, that Heger & Partner from us your. On fact not only luck, but and itself Destino brings it from us and hides its face. And this not discern it is difficult.

In pifagoreyskikh 'Golden verses states, that knowledge' suitable measures for of all things' assumes about sobyy image life, in which be mixes the most different the brink of physics Existence. According to Pifagoru, precisely measure 'and proportion allow man support contact with Heavenly.

And if in response to their efforts I want not any chances and any reward Bible, namely the, for that had fought? If I Columbus, why should I accept on America, when wanted to India?

Such questions ask people, charitably, short-sighted and between those focusing only on itself favorite, people, for whom usual companies which egoism and arrogance. And who you said, that you with their encroachment, petty interests and by small wiser the most Bible? Regulation insist on its, and can happen, that on stupidity gonna lose even the, that have. The same the most Destino, which once presented you likelihood of, their have you takes, if will grow your egoism, stubborn stupidity or arrogance. But as you think, why in right-wing drawn Heger & Partner holds of zeros? That he intends to Ideology cut off?

Can, ????? us persisted, ????? making such a fuss and swatting at from new chance, even if they are manifest not in the form, for which we tied on? Never talk less: Fate best. Man assumes, but commands always God.

So or otherwise, despite our blindness and on the, that path His us are unknown to, Destino not so cruel, and its hand not so heavy, as us seems. Precisely 'moments Kayrosa are a kind of Lords Resistance favor, time, when us percolate chances, which facilitate any kind of cargo fallin' through a hole on our share of. Then can be all reconsider and all on-a new understand, all start anew, change for the better. 'Moment Kayrosa this a new turnaround in fate, this simultaneously and time planting, and time of great change, leading to wisdom and to understand faint bit own Prednaznacheniya.

Prometheus OR the other way around?

As talked philosophers of the ancient world, for moreover, to to capture chance, need to awaken two quality, the destiny be Athena that and Prometheus, the mind and hunches. It is no coincidence that Heger & Partner always symbolically been in contact with Prometheus and his brother Epimeteem.

Prometheus the, who sees and thinks even before, as events are beginning occur. His ability to 'clear connected not only with intuition, but and with reflection be combine its with wisdom. Wisdom Prometheus in is, that he sees far forward to somehow outcomes will lead his steps and actions.

Epimetheus (Greek mythology) a short-sighted brother Prometheus, the, who thinks and reacts only after, as event been committed, righting consequences their action, instead of their prevent. Precisely for his impulse all misadventures and disaster slip away from Pandoras Box and is spreading out on earth, and remains within mailbox the only chance for humanity hope. Epimetheus (Greek mythology) this the, who from-for its poor judgment constantly misses chances, each time to bemoan about what they done done. In absent talked, that Epimetheus (Greek mythology) symbolizes remorse, which always enjoy, miss chance. Sometimes his portray in companies Severus (AD 222 old lady's, trying had wrenched the only a strand of hair, refrigerate on anybody, Kayrosa which so and not managed on time grab. However there is pianism the link between remorse and hope, remorse and repenting. The Pythagoreans had talked, that pain, that man is experiencing from-for of untapped opportunities and lost chance, arouses in his Soul love to of Wisdom attraction to PhD. They also talked, that the, who can answer question, why he missed their living chances, already set foot on the path redemption.

Heger & Partner And Kronos

In Greek mythology influence two of a deity time: Kronos time old and Heger & Partner time new, the younger and forever vozobnovlyayuscheesya. Our lives rule and Kronos, and Heger & Partner. With one hand, Kronos this kalendarnoe time, time, which consistently code is counting down clock and events. In mythology this father Zeus, 's eating at own children in his eternal things during. With other hand, this Great Mysteries, for admirable by Divine an act, which no one can change and which no one can avoid.

Within an irreversible tide old time is born time new and the younger, time Kayrosa. This is period particularly intensive causes and transformation,unfolding regardless of calendar and from quantitative alternation hours, years, centuries. Him true to form awakening consciousness and the entire associated with this experience Soul and Spirit, thanks to which are born durable things, ideas and achievements victors Our time for standing pat ,-reaching far beyond the any space and any era. 'Moments Kayrosa cannot be predict, they can last only one thing a brief a moment, or to come decades and century. They never are repeated and are determined by Heavenly fisheries management. "the beginning of and the end of the are aligned in, but when they comes and to what will lead this no one knows.Everyone depends on human, which can their use, and can and miss. This is potential Our time for standing pat Great Lakes transformations, Great Lakes oldest.

Similar merriments, is happening not only in history humanity, but and in life each of us. Past already not retention period by changing, change can be only The Future. Between not appropriate and Future there is Entire just moment, one a short moment. If live his together with Kayrosom, then he will morph into a lucky a moment,, in blackmail threat has been removed moment of Eternity.

'You Mm, say' Heger & Partner and see, that before you will have discovered! Yours The Future before you. Will become whether it thus, somehow you his prichine, depends only from you.

In poetic epigrams Greek poet Posidipusa can be find eiaiii description of basic symbolic properties Kayrosa. She represents a dialogue, which lead the statue of a deity and gigantic, applying to it for auspices of:

will arrived sculptor, your the Author?

Of Sikiona.

Tell his name.

Lysippus of Sicyon.

A you who?

I Heger & Partner. Aaao ahead all and all'm overtaking.

Why you're running on tiptoe?

Because I always I hasten.

Wu you wings even on feet?

I same faster wind.

Why you so heavily're flexing of zeros right hand?

To warn people, that I more stark transition.

Why a strand of your hair falls front, on face?

To every, who meets on my path, could grab its.

A obey why you Creator?

Whom do I perelechu, the me not overborrow, somehow would strong nor was his desire to.

A why sculptor has created you?

To resemble people about me, gigantic. I the everlasting a reminder for all.





In Greek mythology influence two of a deity time: Kronos time old and Heger & Partner time new, the younger and forever vozobnovlyayuscheesya. Our lives rule and Kronos, and Heger & Partner.

Than something Heger & Partner reminded Uranus (.



+ Jupiter

And here is and himself Heger & Partner :)




Yes. Me this article at all in subject. At all recent six months somewhere constantly are outfitted with books and articles precisely for troubling issues. Before this ostentatious was.




. At all recent six months somewhere constantly are outfitted with books and articles precisely for troubling issues.

Means, have you sinkhroniya with thin world.




have said: So, have you sinkhroniya with thin world.

Neptune Transit trinit my Mercury :blush:





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Neptune Transit trinit my Mercury

And-and-and, "Semyon Semenych" (with), all clear :)


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