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Ah THAT, citizens, PEREZhILI WE ZIMU? With spring!

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All with new prospects, about and hope for the best in our best from worlds :)



Yes, hope precisely for the best sometimes and Spring brings, although for window its still not in sight.
But would still - URA! :flag:



Ah type – I congratulate!
Ah type – very glad!
Love, Spring and schastya
Wish all consecutive!
You was nice – will smile
Canvassed patrol guard maintained
Predstavitstsa and will tell
Chic a compliment
Shtop mOzgi you not hovering
Beloved, husbands
Shtop coffee and bouquets
Carried the you with poopie call
Shtop sovereign his slippers on not he shit on himself
Nor cat your, nor it is a watchdog
And postman ukratkoy
You read more has brought
Shtop good neighbors
Not again that the your house
And he shtop was the document
And schastem and warmer
Asshole shtop was the document
Wine Khmelnym glass
And liver not first:
- Stomach's, I'm sick of!
Shtop were in refrigerator
And beer, and food
And shtop in the bucket not had run out of
Nor a rag, nor water
Iron let not lomaetstsa,
Sucking on your cock let vacuum
And with easily the jury
Any sick question!
And vacation on beach
And to not dissapointed
When shall comply beloved
And beer and glasses!
And shtop been lacking denyuzhkov
On renounce all stuff …
And children shtop not ate
All brains on the vine
Let paint not does end
You have on hair
And shtop fly not falling down
Shabby.There in the Sky
Fly – canvassed on cloud
(Not touch in street corner
Nor the mortar bystrokhodnuyu
Nor easiest broom)
Asshole wish, milyya
Nor of mourning, nor concerns
And fulfilled, umovamі zagadano
Under the tree in New A year.
I poor and an illiterate
As was able – the so wrote
Anyways – be exceedingly glad
After all entot day it is a timely!



Girls, with holiday! :idea: Ionou spring mood not leave more us and will bring with a renewal life, feelings and helping fortune. All wish to with segodyanshenego days your life was resembles on a path among miraculous of roses as on this photo.

Love and caveat recourses: CPU!




'm gonna join you! With holiday! :flag: I wish all women universe butterflies in his soul, sparks in the eyes of, consent with themselves and whether smoking, views today year! And stars let point out all us the right path ;)



I, too, 'm gonna join you to the cheers for!
And if you, girls, still not propeli serenade under window - the consider although would this. Understand, that replacing neravnotsennaya, but hope, that she you entertains!




Otter Westerners, I congratulate all you with song spring Festival!
Wish heat sentiments the entire year, harmony in personal sphere and money!


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Thank you :)


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Have samovara » Ah THAT, citizens, PEREZhILI WE ZIMU? With spring!