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Game "In what book I wanted to (and) would enter?"

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A this who?

Morozz wrote:

Seneng I understand, this the author high-profile books "Code yes Vinci"

All correctly, she the most.


and the film dreamt. Not impressed nor never. And whom as?

Yes, Len, I, too, after books ah ochenkhotela watch this the film - but nor never even to the end of not finished watching it-it is unclear and bored, and here is reading the most books - this something -zakhvatyvayuschie actions and events develop rapidly and interestingly, honor thy!
And I have an analogous question :blush: pro Vladislav Krapivin, I'm sorry,


Tanja, we you there not the door!

Oops, thank you, there so greyish, hard and... settles its.
Why them,, personally I have causes any feelings - gloomy, incomprehensible, so and want to shout -etogo not can be, should not be. And if this there is, how with this to live?



Tania T wrote:

. And if this there is, how with this to live?

Shall go with you in another book? In "Aktivnost indefinitely" Castaneda, Carlos? Here is the answer on your question:

" In your pereskazyvanii what happened between you, Jorge Campos and sir Coronado, I (hope, you, too,) found one very a worrying moment, began dong Juan. I recently visited with believe, that this a badge of. He points to ending the era; this means, that nothing already not can remain former.You led me highly weak ties. None of them could not exist itself. Precisely this I benefited from yours retelling.
...... ....... .......

I after all spoke you, that actions Lucas Coronado map your life, said he. believe me, this is so. Lucas Coronado threatened both yours attention on Vitaminol and made this is so powerfully and painfully, that inflicted the you suffering and forced weep.".

Often painful (as us seems) actions other people simply show us on ourpoint growth. Here very it is important on time change focus perception and solve for themselves: Want whether we something do with this, perceiving these people as their teachers or us leave all still?


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Practical psychology » Game "In what book I wanted to (and) would enter?"