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The vague relations

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Very interesting for engineering theme in blog by Ilia Starodubtseva here. As relevant for those who Stuck in the Net confusing plethora of worthy relations, where there is no clarity and certainty.

A manuai.

Select, what relations you want keep. Relations inadequate any. Only would with man full clarity you have not was, and desire to clarify - was.

Imagine this rights. Write, who this, that you have for relations. And fill 4-5 issues, which you would very wanted him\ it ask, to clarify your relations.

That do next, describe in one of next posts.

N.B. Their questions it is important burn, before as move further, otherwise because will be impossible fulfill second part of quests.



Lena, ah and further something that? :surprise:



And further periodically walk on exile and look not uploaded whether is a master tweets the next instructions :) Illy waiting for when they will appear in this topic. I, too, await the :surprise:



In topic appeared continuation of (source of - made there same):

In matters we often project our on another person something its, not exist this. Often this - own activity in relations, the lack of its position, offensive, other feelings, quality and needs. And this the workshop been charged help find, that precisely we project our and in what form. Often in matters lurks below the indictment another person in encouraged (especially often implicit the indictment is withdrawing in matters, begin with words "why"). Then understandable, that clarify such issues nothing not gets the, - man is beginning to in the answer defend oneself and becomes impossible simply to talk to the and hear each other. What we not hear each other, and what we not can understand its position from-for their protective mechanisms (most often from-for mergers and projection of) and creates ambiguity in relations. As only gets the itself return slice of themselves, assigning the, that is projected on partner, number of of Serenity in relations (and above all in his anybody) increases.

Often recognize, that is projected in matters and regain its themselves not so simply: This too painfully and / or defensive mechanisms too resilient.

Now pro second part of.

In ochnom vorkshope we forth share on couples. So is worth find itself human, with which can be will pass this second part (and better, if this will be not the man, with whom Neyasnye relations).

Forth in paired people exchange resulting, pre explaining to the each other, that this for man, with which Neyasnye relations.

And to understand, that is projected, ’ regulation: # 1 should answer their same own questions, as if would they were asked him his Fussy partner.

In as a this partner is used # 2. Of course, # 2 changes a bit question, to on him could to answer # 1 (changes he on she and camping on P.) Sometimes a bit of a poser becomes very creative, because question very just my long-winded. Sometimes his simply impossible away with twisting, perishing too actual, nelichnostnym he it turns out (type "why you from me resigned?").

Respond is worth looking in eyes partner with its own # 2, as if he - An obscure one partner. And also is worth to pay attention on what is happening with the body in the process this, and what feelings you experiencing. Then can be discuss, that proetsirovalos. And in really late - to formulate new questions Neyasnomu partner with its own with topping between experience their answers on their questions.A sometimes questions 1 series of become well clear exiles’- the internet Neyasnomu partner with its own, which capable shift the relations with left for dead point.

P.S. The availability of live partner # 2 - desirable, because under this is intensifying effect.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Practical psychology » The vague relations