A doctor want postpone a scalpel in the midst of operations, teacher take a quiet walk classes, a Banker forget, that such finances The, when professional suddenly discovers: The, that yesterday still it was important do well, today became unenthusiastic and even repulsive expression, psychologists call syndrome emotional burnout.

Eka, give it not a big deal! Yes whom modicum times like not go on work! - you say you. In is something and the crux of the, that deal goes not about one-unwillingness, but about a systematic, when similar sense of arises again and again. You think, syndrome emotional burnout is overcome losers, people failed? As nor paradoxically, in primarily he afflicts successful. On peak of interest to work suddenly arises strange desire to all throw and leave.

Importantly omens syndrome chronic fatigue, fall efficiency, 's lackadaisical and even aggressively-an annoyed attitude to trial, which doing right, and to colleagues. Man, megalomaniacal from burnout , constantly feels its the failure and overselling help him demands.

Sometimes this syndrome afflicts not only soul, but and flesh, in direct sense. Man physically feels poorly, for example, aching head or stomach, with only on weekdays, in weekend well-being in normalcy.

Please: Overload!

Precisely she serves hardly not the first cause of, entailing's flaming out. ???? often we themselves attribute on themselves crippling cargo. Is happening paradoxical the situation: Than istoschennee we themselves feel, the more affairs seek pick up. Why? Yes because, that feel themselves guilty for what stopped to experience enthusiasm to work, and try compensate for this by increasing burden. And are developing the pace, until not persevere critical limit. And most insidious initially this state of not is perceived as nekomfortnoe. In other words, when work batches of the drug, man, as and to any incorrigible drug addict, nothing another not remains, as constantly increase dose.

Yet another reason burnout such fine, on first glance, quality, as restraint. When man forced keep themselves in the hands of, strictly control, considered, that he not has rights on mistake, when he should serve example for colleagues risk not fail substantially increases.

Trebuem change!

The first thought, which comes in head, - need to all to change, with radically. However term, replacing sphere of activities or even having changed a work, we many risk: Career, in that have invested mass of effort, tangible welfare, social status. Yes and where guarantee of, that on the new place not awaits the same?

Syndrome burnout not the danger, and, rather, warning, which sending our I. Thus it tries to EU until us, to inform about the problems. Need to fathom how he in this message and try to find balance between minds also and sense of.

The first and chief step on the way recreation. Pandering opportunity translate spirit. Take although would week vacation and dedicate time only itself. People creative occupations (their work connected with a huge emotional women empowered) so and trickled in. For example, writer-satirist Mikhail Zadornov proceeds in of cards in the forest wilderness under Riga and with entire fucking life makes shapes from tree of; the director Galina Volcheck we're dealing with lurks on dacha in Moscow region, where churchgoers on berries-mushrooms. And you parosols those, that on psyche. Well and usefully time without, you can understand, that same precisely so undermined your forces. Can, you wowed not from the most work, and from long route, on which account for on it get? Or you understood, that number of officials commitments, which became on themselves, can be reallocate or to hand someone from chthonic?

Another a virtuous way to cope with vygoraniem a temporary change instruction. Very helps studies. As you think, why our stars showbiz with so gusto participate in projects, where account for explore new for themselves craft largest, dancer, nurses? Because that any studies allows feel, that the world big and is not confined to narrow workers squeezed. Homilies to address than something less extreme, than jumping on Ice, for example, studying the languages or mastering the new skill - yes modicum mylovareniem in household conditions. Moreover, stance Student allows satisfy natural human desire to receive, and not only give.

Perhaps, only DEAF today not heard about Yoga. Meanwhile yoga useful not only for bodies, but and souls. Meditating, overlooking the its internal I , can be learn to manage trumps emotion without damage for health. Yoga philosophy, which allows reconsider views and on themselves, and on the world.

In one word, emotional's flaming out not verdict, and only phase growth identity and professional. People, which turned sour, , and not one times, a long. But this not means, that from them remained only just get the coals, all reconstructed. If worrying signs of caught up with you and on the new stage, means, you ripe enough for growth, for development. Or in your life is not sitting well change.

The author: Olga Nakonechna