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A super-volcano. Than he threatens to to humanity?

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A super-volcano. This the term emerged quite recently. Only in 2000 his first time used in one of scientifically-popular transmission. Until this in respect giant volcanic entities been used the term "megakaldera." However today already clear, that eruption will occur such a of volcanic monster, simply it today, became would highly dystopian event for human civilization.

Fortunately, on letopisnaya memory humanity such megaizverzheniy not was happening. However, in many letopisi Earth remained evidence events, previous on our planet destyaki, hundreds of thousands of and millions of years ago.

Their closest on time the eruption of, which on strength was comparable with the eruption of Tambora volcano eruption in 1815 in 1815 year, is types of volcanic eruption Lake Taupo, New Zealand in New Zealand. It happened roughly in 130 year our era. Then this volcano spewed in atmosphere more 100 cubic kilometers of volcanic substances. However, in the times go off without direct human victims, after all islands New Zealand still not were in the time implanted.

A new Zealand is on the interface two litosfernykh tectonics - seacoast and Australia's. These obyasnyaetsya yavysokaya volcanic activity in is district. So unsurprisingly, grandiose volcano Lake Taupo, New Zealand occurred several times. The next on distance from of our time was eruption will occur, what happened roughly 26 thousands of years ago. Civilians have calculates, then in atmosphere was pumped about 1,200 cubic kilometers of volcanic substances (on order more, than under there occurred Tambory in 1815 year). This number of facilitated would, that would cover territory Ukraine layer by layer,, measuring in 2 Dam.

But even more blood was eruption will occur supervulkana Toba, what happened roughly 72 thousands of years ago. This volcano, urge the on the island Sumatra in Indonesia, spewed in atmosphere about 3,000 cubic kilometers the ashes and another substances. This facilitated, that would in during next six years on planet plunged volcanic winter of.

In a result the average temperatures has fallen on 3-5 degrees. This it turned out enough, that would number Peskoff) then primeval people decreased until roughly 10 thousands of. All the more, that the next Thousand years after volcano was cold appears compared with past period time roughly on 1 degree.

On place of the volcanic caldera today is most major on Sumatra is similarly Lake, salient 1,300 square kilometers and depth above 500 meters. Now and not do you say, that here once slightly not By apocalypse humanity.

In more the distant past Toba has erupted several times. This occurred roughly 500, 800 thousands of and 1.2 million years ago.

And between these events volcano Lake Taupo, New Zealand, too, showed its strength roughly 250 thousands of years ago. In a result, on place caldera segodny formed Lake, salient more 600 square kilometers.

That same concerns the most the famous today supervulkana in Yelloustoune (especially after movie "2012"), then here the last eruption will occur happened roughly 620 thousands of years ago. Then in atmosphere was pumped about 1,000 cubic kilometers substances. And given the fact, that previously here already occurred volcano with periodicity roughly 600 thousands of years, unwittingly one starts rethink.

Just same for 17 million years since starters formation Yellow Stone cleanup here happened more 100 eruptions.

This simply nothing not proven hypothesis. A super-volcano Yellowstone - can wake up through few years, and can and through several thousands of. "Science this is unknown, science until not in rate." (With)

But here is what such eruption will occur will have for humanity catastrophic consequences, in this to doubt not account for. If anything, in history the United States America’s indeed will have put the point. The rest of the world await global cooling, like crop failures and as a consequence - hunger. After all the accumulated reserves food in world ????? roughly on two and a half month (if share their equally split). So that far not all survive such a volcanic winter.

Sourcewith multiple or the images.



And herethere is photo volcano with nevygovarivaemym entitled Eyja-fjala glacieras he looks with Sputnik’s. Here is and you're focused had to about different genuine Kabbalist, which we perceive as mountains, volcanoes, ocean and anything.




Interestingly also eiaiii shift forces of nature. Can all not so badly? :)

Photo volcano (there still many!) hence
Girl-volcano (, too, many fantasy motley) hence.




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