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During destined in region faced with highly curious kazusom. It turned out, that nowhere in Russian laws not written, that the documents must compose on paper, and not on any other external relations materials. Here is and laugh much the entire city over conflict some entrepreneur with bank. That precisely they not him have divided, personally I not listen to it. Talked about any something unfair commission payments, about some fare care accounts. But this matter subtler and legal. Credibly same known here is that.

When entrepreneur (forth - P) turned for resolution of the conflict in Bank,, snide workers bank said: "Write claim, we its let us 60 days view and then would still and we'll reject it." To has left from office, IRC to prevent what she called: "Themselves having."

Bankers not modelers get it, that P is monolithic in fact supplies tesanogo stone for monuments, foundations and other things. Here is P and fielded bank the required claim. Quieton the evening on a precarious was claim've sm uggled a on city. Nears locked up office bank claim was carefully vygruzhena two heavy cranes and established on front of the entrance. And on the morning it turned out, that claim get back a little prevents workers bank fall into office. Although at all something claim was highly modest. Strict stove stove of Gray granite, host any something 12 tons. On oven across form was punched out grievance against bank. With all details of, including worded P for answer.

Of course, Bank not left deal so. Remaining without office workers bank summoned militia. Closely having studied claim, militiamen explained, that here there is no crimes, and is manifest civil-legal relations. After what have advised bank to decide question with P in court a common jurisdiction abandoning their economy and leaving the treasure of. And claim has remained. Bank tried to on their own to remove claim. Alas, P proved the only happy owner mnogoosnogo trailer and appropriate technology. And, without trailer take out claim not i?aanoaaeyeinu possible. Bankers summoned a tractor and gathered hooking off claim a ripcord and push although would with - on streets. Pretenzionnuyu work stopped incidentally proezzhavshie militiamen, poyasnivshie, that zakhlamlyat road part of encroachment cannot be. Poor workers bank had to penetrate on workplace through windows. Customers bank politely refused and preferred go in other banks.

On next day judge above the court, remains a complaint bank, refused in order obespechitelnoy measures demand from P abrogate claim. Moreover, it turned out, that the bank not has rights spurn claim on motives use nebumazhnykh materials, and should shift its in archive and to consider in accordance with own order. In a result on the third day were investigated bank brigade workers with bump hammers all-??? cusa out claim until carried by sizes. And in the same day P telephoned in Bank and politely asked his assistant results consideration claims. Having heard promise P in case balances field a new claim, already on three pages, Bank preferred not reproduces until this and urgently abolished for P all Commission. So that pretrial settlement - very effective measure!